Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What a Cheapskate!

Predictions with George Noory

So second-rate Art Bell wannabe George Noory is doing a predictions show on pay-per-view. Good luck. More power to you. Don't let the anti-Christ hit you in the ass on the way out.

Anyhoo, they're having a little cross-promotional contest. Guess the closing number on the Dow for 1/17 and you win $5k. Sweet.

One little problem. The damn thing is rigged so they have just about a zero chance of giving away the money.

They're not going to put all the entries in a database, pull out all of the ones that hit the number (or come equally close) and then choose one winner. Nope. They're going to choose one finalist first. If that person hits it dead on then we have a winner. If they don't then whoever it is that is sponsoring Noory's contest keeps the dough.

Now, I could buy that if they were giving away $100 million, but for $5K? Geez... If you can't afford to have a REAL contest then don't bother.

PS: I actually like Noory well enough. He's no Art Bell but he does okay. I just don't like the lame-ass contest rules.

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