Sunday, April 30, 2006

Drudge Takes Us Down Memory Lane... And Puts Things In Perspective

Copied rather than linked since Drudge's "Flashes" come and go:

Sun Apr 30 2006 17:15:30 ET

Palm Beach County prosecutors rejected an overture in 2004 from Rush Limbaugh's attorneys that would have allowed the nation's top talkshow host to enter drug rehabilitation, rather than face criminal charges for prescription drug abuse.

Prosecutors, at the time, claimed they had evidence that Limbaugh committed at least 10 felonies!

It now appears James Martz, the prosecutor who headed the investigation into Limbaugh's prescription drug use, was bluffing when he said that medical records "indicate evidence that would support in excess of 10 felony counts for violations."

Prosecutors said Limbaugh, in any deal, would have to plead guilty to doctor shopping, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

[Prosecutors also suggested at the time that Limbaugh may have been involved in illegal money laundering.]

In an anticlimactic Florida finish, Limbaugh today will respond that he is "not guilty" of a single charge of fraud for concealing information to obtain a prescription -- and in 18 months the charge will be dropped and the record expunged.

The case of the vanishing evidence...

Contrary to what you'll read on the Leftie wank blogs, this was a total victory for Rush. Total. Yet another case of Lefties using the courts to try to get what they can't get in the marketplace of ideas. This time they lost.

I Give You The Jury of the Damned!

Debunking Christianity

* DagoodS
* Dan Barker
* Derek Sansone
* Edward T. Babinski
* exbeliever
* Farrell Till
* Former Fundy
* Jason Long
* Joe E. Holman
* John W. Loftus
* Matthew J. Green
* S. Daniel Morgan (Bro. Danny)

Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity to quote Ned Flanders cum Satan.

Taking the Dr. Laura Test

Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish

I used to periodically subject myself to something I called the "Dr. Laura Test." I would flip to her show as I was starting my car and see how far I got before I was so incensed that I had to turn the station. Usually it wasn't much more than a tenth of a mile.

Well, the web version is the One Note Andy Test. I haven't said much about One Note in quite awhile. I have repeatedly sworn not to visit his site anymore and, for once, I've largely kept to that pledge. Today, however, I decided to subject myself to him to see if Andrew Sullivan had come back to earth. He hasn't. Big shocker.

You know. There was a time when I would swear that One Note Andy was a semi-conservative and even verged on being a sort of wishy-washy Republican. Then he started thinking with his pecker, got into a hissy because he finally figured out that the Republican Party isn't going to endorse and legitimize his particular brand of perversion and decided to go full-bore in the opposite direction. So, instead of penetrating analysis from One Note, we get name-calling ("Richard Milhous Cheney Watch" and "Christianist") and gay rights. Every now and then he still stumbles back toward reason, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Anyway, the One Note Andy Test lasted about fifteen seconds. Oh well...

Like a Slender Pillar of Flame

Once again, the lovely Miss Natalie Portman. A touch of blogporn to brighten your Sunday.

Teach Me! Teach Me!

Just for the record... Anytime Julie Bowen wants to teach me how to kiss I am ready to learn

Saturday, April 29, 2006

We Always Knew That We Liked Hannah

"(Sarah) Drew's real-life father is a pastor, and her husband is a divinity student at Yale. As a committed Christian, she doesn't fit the usual profile of a budding Hollywood actress."

Christianity Today - 3/2/04

White House Correspondents Dinner - Take 2

Was that Cloris Leachman with her tits handing out?

Geez, I think I may go blind now!

It's Like Oscar Night For News Junkies

So I'm watching the arrivals at the White House Correspondents Dinner and I'm struck by a few things:

1. A lot of women chew gum with the same style and grace as a cow munching the cud. Loose lips sink ships, ladies. Chew with your mouths closed.

2. This year's Winter Olympics medals look stupid. Some speed skater was there wearing his medal. Now, number one, I question the taste of wearing that sort of bling to a non-Olympic social function. I mean, put it on the mantle, bud. Are you going to be wearing the damned thing when you're 75? Tres pathetic.

3. Stephen Colbert has a pretty damn hot wife/girlfriend/high-dollar-call-girl.

4. I'm thinking Greta VanSusteren is married. Why does she dress like a butch lesbo?

5. Super-secret CIA spy/pencil pusher Valerie Plame is sitting at ABC's table tonight. However, in order to keep her identity secret from the Soviets she will be going by her nom du guerre, Alexandra Sookadik (sorry, I've always wanted to make a Bond girl reference).

6. Helen Thomas is older than dirt.

7. Looks like they've got incoming White House Press Secretary Tony Snow up on the dais... I'm guessing Scott McClelland is home having an "a la Dunkelman" evening of cheap bear and pizza.

8. Can the press and their hangers on not be troubled to shut up and face the flag while the colors are being presented? Yeah, most of them are but plenty of them aren't too. Wonder if they'll at least shut up for the National Anthem?

9. Oh wait! Their's Scottie McClelland. One last free meal for fat boy!

Okay, enough of this. I'll tune back in when they start the entertainment. One wonders, however, how the head table can hear itself think with the Marine Band playing ten feet behind them. Just a thought.

Deconstructing Ramsey Clark

Las Vegas SUN: The Life and Times of Ramsey Clark

This really is a great article on radical Leftie and Dictator-love Ramsey Clark. Let's go thru it together, shall we?

NEW YORK (AP) - Saddam Hussein's lawyer is walking in Greenwich Village, admiring the brave buds of a skeletal tree slowly stirring from winter sleep. In the twilight of his life, he notices such things: the advent of spring, the daily opera that plays on the streets of Manhattan, the small, simple pleasures that still stir his soul.

Deborah Hastings, like so many other reporters, likes to indulge the never-to-be-published novelist that lies within. Get to the facts, Deb... Don't waste our time with literary digressions.

"I don't believe in punishment," he says. Pressed to be more specific, he thinks a long while. Finally, he describes a place with "quarters that are reasonably comfortable, where guests can be received. Adequate food and clothing and health care. Where the family could come and live."

Sounds like a mid-range hotel to me. This is the man Lyndon Johnson thought could "well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office" of Attorney General of the United States? How on earth did suck a crackpot get to such and august position?

In 1967, President Johnson appointed Clark attorney general. It is said in Washington circles that Johnson had an ulterior motive. He wanted to appoint the first black to the Supreme Court. Tom Clark (Supreme Court Justice and Ramsey Clark's father) had to step down when his son was appointed the country's top prosecutor, to avoid a conflict of interest. Johnson replaced him with Thurgood Marshall.

Oh. Okay, makes sense now. Ramsey got the job because Old Lyndon wanted to play racial politics. Qualifications be damned so long as I can shore up the Black vote. Way to go, Lyndon. Of course, why should we expect anything more of the 36th President of the United States? After all, he was just a Democrat.

New Yorker correspondent Jon Lee Anderson, in his book "The Fall of Baghdad," described Clark as "well intentioned but morally blind."

Hmph... That's not specific enough. I mean, that might as well be the motto for the whole Democrat party. Let's deal just with Ramsey. For example, what does he think of his client, Saddam Hussein:

"He's a listener. First and foremost, he's human being."

Gosh, thanks for that, Dr. Phil. Actually, scratch that... Dr. Phil wouldn't say pablum/shit like that.

Let's keep going though... How about a ride down Ramsey Clark's hit parade?

Ramsey Clark:
-joined the anti-war movement
-traveled to North Vietnam in 1972
-ran twice for the U.S. Senate and lost both times
-visited Tehran in 1980 to attend a forum about U.S. crimes against Iran
-voiced support for Libya's Moammar Gadhafi
-represented Nazi camp boss Karl Linnas, Liberia's Charles Taylor, Serb leader Radovan Karadzic and Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic to say nothing of a pair of Rwandans (one of them a pastor) charged with corraling thousands of Tutisis into a church compound and then calling in the Hutus to finish them off

So, with that, I give you Ramsey Clark, Democrat:

We Find That Our Support For Taylor Hicks is Slipping

Oh That George Diaz!

At 1.4¢, that's a pretty penny

"If we did away with the penny, what would I put in my loafers?" asked George Diaz Jr. of Phoenix.

Oh, George... What would we do without you?

There are Trekkers and then there are Trekkers

Worship The Women of Trek

I'm in one category, this fellow is in the other.

Is This Supposed to Be An Endorsement?

leaelyse: Saw United 93 last night...

Saw United 93 last night. Haven't cried that much for a movie since "The Notebook."

I'm just picking. We kid because we love.
I'm looking forward, if that makes any sense, to seeing United 93 myself.

I Dream of Eddie

Well, sort of...

I have one of those Xm2Go doo-hickeys. I record the Philips Phile every day and listen to it in bed at night. Last night, not too long before I got up, I must have reached the closing minutes of Friday's show. How do I know this?

I was dreaming that I was going to be a manager of some sort at Hooters (yeah, yeah... I know). I was going to be flying out to Arizona for training and I asked someone, my future boss I guess, what my job responsibilities were going to be. He said that I was going to embrace the earth. I was going to put my arms around the earth and embrace it.

Now, I've never run a Hooters, but this seemed a little vague to me. I questioned him on it and he replied with clap-trap of the same sort. At that point I woke up and heard Eddie the Shaman on the Phile.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oh Sweet Jesus! Rosie O’Donnell Named Co-Host of ‘The View’

Why don't You just bring on the locusts and boils and be done with it already?

Socialists: Tards = Monkeys = Children

Socialists: Give apes human rights - The Spain Herald

You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

The Spanish socialist party wants to give apes the same rights as people. I'm assuming they have a clear understanding of their potential voters, right? I mean, if Democrats can't get enough votes by campaigning for felon voting rights then I'll wager they'll be trying to give Bonzo the vote next, too.

The Socialists of Spain actually equate apes with the mentally handicapped and with children.

Why is it that all crazy ideas in the modern world come from the political Left?

Moira is a Stone-Cold Bitch

Um, Moira?

Did you really mean to compare Donald and Daniel and their DVD Do's and Don'ts to taking a crap? Isn't that just a little harsh? Just a little bit? I mean, how would you feel if someone compared the La Dee Da to... Oh... I don't know... Rectal itching? A yeast infection?

I love ya, Mo, but girlfriend is HARSH!

Fracking Awesome!

New Beginning for "Battlestar" - Yahoo! News

The Viacom-owned cable network (Sci-Fi) has unveiled plans for Caprica, a prequel to the cable network's update of the '70s sci-fi. The spinoff series will apparently be set about 50 years before Battlestar Galactica and centering on the cataclysmic events that inform the current series.

Awwwww yeah.....

Monday, April 24, 2006


"7th Heaven" could get stay of execution - Yahoo! News

This is it, God! I've tried asking You to free us from this abomination. And this is Your answer??? Okay. Fine. Have it Your way! I'm giving the competition a shot!

Oh Dread Lord of Darkness, strike down the satellites which carry this mindless drivel and I will sacrifice goats to your evil greatness!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Closed Circuit to BJ... FU!

News: Reel News - Christianity Today Movies - Terri Schiavo: The Movie?

Seems that noted Leftie Mike Farrell (B.J. from M.A.S.H.)'s film company has bought the rights to Michael Schiavo's touching account of how he starved his wife to death. Should be a real two-hankie movie. Or maybe just one barf bag.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Reuters Hates America

China, Iran, Saudi, US main executioners: Amnesty - Yahoo! News

Not that I'm at all ashamed of America's use of the death penalty. Quite the contrary, actually. Still, you have to love the way in which Reuters tries to lump the US in with notorious human rights abusers. Looking at the number of declared executions (the real numbers among the human rights abusers is presumed to be even higher), we find:

Executions in 2005
China - 1770
Iran - 94
Saudi Arabia - 86
United States - 60

Big fucking gap between #1 and #2, isn't there? There really isn't any reason to be including the US in this story. For that matter, there isn't necessarily a reason to have included Iran and Saudi Arabia. If you're going to condemn Iran and Saudi Arabia is shouldn't be for the number of executions, it should be for the crimes (or "crimes" depending on your point of view) that can get you executed.

Still, it wouldn't be Reuters if they didn't throw some America-bashing in for giggles, right? The acutal headline should have been:

"China Responsible for 80% of Executions"

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Have Seen the Future of Television

And it fucking sucks.

I understand that the Tivo Effect is destroying traditional advertising models. I get that. I also understand product placement as an alternative.

What I don't understand is why 7th Heaven does such a ham-handed job of it. Oh, wait... Silly me! 7th Heaven does a ham-handed job of everything so why should this be an exception? How dumb of me.

Between the Campbell's soup push earlier in the season and tonight's Oreo orgy, they might as well start wrapping the parsonage in an ad for Red Bull.

How Sweet... Now, Just One Question

Momeless Man Returns Wallet With $900

How touching. Just one thing though...

Why the holy mother-fucking hell was she carrying $900 in cash in her wallet???

Oh, right, saving for a trip home to Thailand. Have you not heard of banks, honey? Or mattresses? Or cookie jars? If you're careless enough to throw your wallet away with your lunch you may want to rethink intercontinental travel.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The MediaBlog Line of the Night

The Wookie has no pants.

Some people don't think figure skating is a sport

But can you do this???

Ahem, and if you can and you're a woman?

A Lesson in Being a Man

As a public service, we here at The MediaBlog offer some advice on how not to be a man. Speaking as a Balding-American, we understand that it's not fun facing the revenge of the Testosterone Fairies. Still, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

Now, we're not going to judge those of our fellow men who choose the Toup. We're not going to say that they are pansies. We're not going to tell them they look like fools. Your scalp, your choice. What we are going to say, however, is that the Toup is not like other fashion accessories. You can't wear it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but leave it on the nightstand on Tuesday and Thursday. It doesn't work that way. The Toup is a lifetime committment. Fake hair is a harsh mistress and she demands your total loyalty.

So, when talking head Jonathan Alter made the decision to walk the hirsuit highway:

He forever renounced his baldness:

There's no going back, Johnny! It's like the Mob: once you're in, you're in. Now, don't try to run some sort of cancer/chemo play with me, buddy boy, because it ain't going to fly. The chemo has not been invented which will leave you a circumcised-foreskin-like ring of hair around your head. Pre-cancer, mid-cancer and post cancer, you're a bald man. You may have thought the chemo was your opportunity to get the monkey off your back... Head... Whatever. It wasn't.

And see, this is the worst of it. You're a man without a country, Johnny. You're caught in no-man's land. Those who bent the knee willingly to the Gods of baldness will see you as a Johnny-come-lately traitor. And those who went down the path of the fake doo will see you as wishy-washy. A coward who didn't have the cahones to finish the job.

Yes, Johnny, it's over for you. Your glistening scalp might as well be the mark of Cain. Welcome to Hell.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The MediaBlog Hero of the Day: Gov. Bill Owens - News - Owens Vetoes Bill Requiring Nutritious Food In School Vending Machines

Cheers to Gov. Owens for standing athwart history and yelling, "Stop."

It is insane for legislatures (and even more so for the Feds) to be passing laws governing what is in vending machines. Local school boards (and even more fundamentally, parents) need to be making decisions like this.

Give Me The Technicolor

Well, just finished watching ABC's updated version of The Ten Commandments. Since neither this one nor the Cecil B. Demille classic is particularly accurate from a Biblical perspective, I'll take Chuck Heston chewing the scenery! At least he didn't make Moses into a psychotic cult leader.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kellie Pickler - Country Yokel or Dominatrix?

Kellie Pickler in a black leather jacket and asskicker boots... I'm not sure if I'm impressed, frightened or REALLY turned on. No, I'm sure.

She sounded darn good though. And the boots were entirely droolworthy.

Anyway, speaking as a Queen fan,... Kellie, Elliott and Taylor were the only ones who did justice to their songs.

What All You Male Katie Fans May Have Forgotten

Sorry about the delay in bringing you The MediaBlog's take on this whole thing... I'm in the middle of a two week stretch on the road and had computer problems the end of last week.

Anyway, along with the abomination that is Meredith Viera co-hosting Today, there's one other downside to Katie going to the CBS Evening News. No, it's not the complete loss of journalistic integrity and substance by a once proud American institution. That happened decades ago. It's something much more basic:

We're never going to see Katie's legs again.
Weep, my brothers, weep for all your tomorrows.

Oh, and how do you think Elizabeth Vargas feels about all this Katie-hoopla? I mean, since her co-anchor got plugged in the head, she's bretty much been a bachlorette, right? Well, Liz, we here at The MediaBlog want to give you your props, so:

And, finally, a word to The MediaBlog's candidate for Katie-replacement, Campbell Brown. You quz robbed, girlfriend! Here's a little career advice for you, babe... Take your fine self over to Fox. Your new hubbie works there, keep it in the family.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Leonard Nimoy (Spock) - Music Video...

We admit that it's a double standard. When Kirk does it it's cool, but when Spock does it it's weird. We can't explain it, we can't justify it, we just know that it's true.

I think he's singing about The Lord of the Rings. I mean, I hope he is anyway... Because if he's not saying Bilbo then he's saying Dildo and that's even more frightening.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Playtime is Over, Campbell

NBC's Campbell Brown Gets Married | Marriage :

Mazel tov! Congrats! Many happy returns of the day!

Now kiss him goodbye and get your cute behind back to NYC. Katie's on the lam and if you're not quick about it that View slut will get your seat.

It's a multimillion dollar game of musical chairs, Campbell baby, and we don't want to leave you standing!

Immovable Object Meets... Well... Immovable Object

So Rosie's pissed at Star Jones for betraying the tubby tribe. Watching these two fight is like watching the Eastern Front in WW2. You didn't really care which side won, you just wanted the battle to go on and on and on.

And why does Rosie write the tard poetry?

Go Noles!!!

We've gone much, much too long without any blogporn, don't you think?

The Hammer Falls

Rep. Tom DeLay Won't Seek Re-Election - Yahoo! News

I find myself yearning for the days of Newt Gingrich.

Abortion Recovery

Abortion Recovery


Iron Mike Pays His Respects - Tyson humbled by visit to Hitler's tomb

"Mike Tyson said he felt insignificant standing near the preserved body of Adolf Hitler during a visit to the deceased leader's mausoleum.

Tyson, 39, is a longtime admirer of Hitler, who founded German's Nazi government in 1933. The former world heavyweight champion has Hitler's likeness tattooed on his right arm..."

Oops... Did I say Hitler? I meant Mao. So sorry. I get my psychopathic, murderous despots mixed up sometimes.

The MediaBlog Presents - Politically Incorrect Truths

The first in a continuing series:

1. Teachers are not underpaid.
2. Homosexuals are abnormal.

Star Jones: From Fat and Ugly to Just Plain Ugly

Well, I guess it's sort of an improvement.
Kind of.
No, actually it isn't. Continue the research.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Tale of Two Flights

So I was on two flights today.

On the first one I sat next to a young 20-something girl. Fit, big breasts, blonde, good tan, long eyelashes, smelled vaguely of suntan lotion.

On the second I sat next to a sort of chunky guy in a sweater.

I liked the first one better for some reason.

Wishing For Too Much

Bill Cosby tells New Orleans blacks to reject crime - Yahoo! News

He also asked for the following:
The Pope to reject the Catholic Church
Bears to reject crapping in the woods

We Don't Pay Our Military Enough

Diabetes Information by Liberty Medical Supply

We must not. I mean, why else would Admiral Adama be doing commercials for that company Wilford Brimley pitches that will send you the diabetic testing stuff?

I mean, I can understand why old Wilford does it... I mean, he's pretty much on autopilot at this point... Between the old "right thing to do and the tasty way to do it!" commercials and these, he's pretty much done with dignity. Adama though... I mean, what will the troops think? Just imagine the Cylon propaganda!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Indians Go For a Little Payback

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to offer abortions - KNBN-TV -

Seems fair, right? The white man committed genocide against the Indians and now the Indians are returning the favor.

Anyway, I think it's just swell that the Indians are now reduced to catering to human depravity in order to keep body and soul together on the reservations. Casinos, cigarettes, liquor and infanticide. I'm sure the Great Spirit or whatever mumbo-jumbo you folks bend the knee to must be REAL proud.

Who Stole the Strawberries?

Katherine Harris Campaign Loses Core Staff - Yahoo! News

Katherine Harris is a firm believer in going down with the ship. I mean, she must be, right? Since she's the last person aboard and all. Everyone else has taken to the lifeboats.

God love our favorite conservative Cruella DeVil but there's a time to pack it in. Girlfriend, don't spend your Max Factor money. You don't want to have to go through the rest of your life with only four layers of foundation.

Every day that she denies reality, Harris looks more and more like Captain Queeg. If she starts rolling metal balls around and obsessing about strawberries it will be complete.

Anyway, why should the party suffer because you have delusions of grandeur? I mean, sooner or later Tom Gallagher is going to figure out than Tanboy has the governor's mansion sewn up. When that happens, he's going to be looking for another potential job. You can't beat Bill Nelson but he just might. Take one for the team, honey. Dubya will find you a nice ambassadorship someplace.

Mariam Karouny Loves the Cut and Paste A Little Too Much

Iraq Shi'ites break ranks, urge PM to quit - Yahoo! News

Jounralism Rule #304 - When your editor tells you he only has room for one of the two pieces you wrote today, don't use the cut-and-paste to assemble them together into a collage.

Here is Ms. Karouni's article on Iraqi political intrigues and the downing of an American helicopter. It's color-coded so you can keep your head on straight:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Leaders of Iraq's ruling Shi'ite Alliance bloc called publicly for the first time on Saturday for Ibrahim al-Jaafari to step down as prime minister to break weeks of deadlock over a national unity government.

A U.S. combat helicopter came down, the military said. It did not know if the crew survived.

A militant group said it shot down the aircraft near Baghdad and a local official said residents saw a two-seater Apache gunship take fire and crash.

The move against Jaafari, declared publicly by one leader and echoed, anonymously, by others came as parties held their latest round of talks on a grand coalition with Kurds and Sunnis. They remain adamant in their rejection of Jaafari.

Those talks, which officials hope can ultimately avert civil war, ended Saturday's session with a significant compromise deal on how security issues will be handled once a cabinet is formed.

A U.S. diplomat reiterated it was Washington's "analysis" that Jaafari had not scored well on two key criteria for prime minister -- his ability to unite Iraqis and his competence as a leader. But, he stressed to reporters, "We have no preference."

He denied comments from rival Shi'ite leaders that President George W. Bush had directly asked them to drop Jaafari.

U.S. and Iraqi officials say a unity government, more than three months after December's election, is vital to averting all-out war after five weeks of spiraling sectarian bloodshed.

"I call on Jaafari to take a courageous step and set a fine example by stepping down," Kasim Daoud, a senior member of the independent group within the Alliance, told Reuters.

A top aide to Jaafari immediately rejected the call. Jawad al-Maliki told Reuters Jaafari would go on "until the end."


U.S. military spokesmen would say of the lost helicopter only that it went down southwest of Baghdad around dusk and "the status of the crew is unknown." The little known Rashedeen Army said in a message posted on the Internet before the military statement that it shot down a helicopter near Yusufiya.

A local official in the town, just southwest of Baghdad, said residents saw an Apache come down and crash. The area is a refuge for Sunni insurgents who have claimed the downings of many of the more than 50 helicopters lost in three years of war.

March saw the lowest monthly death toll among U.S. troops in two years at 29. But Iraqi casualties have been rising.

Jaafari won the Alliance nomination in an internal ballot in February by a single vote over the candidate of the bloc's most powerful party, aided by Iranian-backed cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

But senior Alliance officials, speaking anonymously, said four of seven main groups within the bloc now wanted him to give up the nomination for a second term if, as is all but certain, he fails within a day or two to persuade Sunni and Kurdish parties to drop their refusal to serve in a cabinet under him.

"Daoud's call is supported by at least 60 percent of Alliance members of parliament," another senior Alliance official from another group within the bloc told Reuters.

"We need another 24 hours before starting the battle."

The United States, anxious for calm that would let it start pulling out its troops, has stepped up pressure for a coalition seen as critical to stemming sectarian violence that has killed hundreds since a major Shi'ite shrine was bombed a month ago.


Privately, rival Alliance leaders have been turning against Jaafari but the call on Saturday was their first public stand against Jaafari, who critics say has failed to stem violence and bolster the economy in his year as interim prime minister.

Some also view the soft-spoken Islamist physician's reliance on the Iranian-backed Sadr with suspicion.

Dozens of Jaafari supporters took to the streets in Baghdad, holding a mock funeral with a coffin labeled "Democracy." Many Shi'ites, oppressed under Saddam Hussein, resent the way their demographic strength is being curbed by pressure for compromise.

See? No transitions, it just jumps back and forth almost at random.

April Fucks Day

Have I ever mentioned that I fucking hate April Fools Day online?

Harpooning the Whale - Star Jones hit in the face with a Hail Mary pass

Hee hee hee hee.