Thursday, November 30, 2006

And Speaking of Money Grubbing

I'll admit it: I love money.

Yeah, I know... Root of all evil. Can't help it. Now, I wouldn't do ANYTHING for money. Don't get any ideas. That said, I love it enough to take care of what I have and to want more. The key to both of these things is simple. You need good information.

The internet can be a great help with this, but it can also lead you down a lot of bad paths. The key is to find a site you can trust. The following links will take you to a site over in the UK which can provide you with a great deal of information on practical money issues that each of us faces in our everyday lives. Not complicated, technical things that affect almost no one except the uber-rich, but practical things. Things like credit cards, loans, remortgages, bank accounts and home insurance.

These and a lot of other topics are covered along with useful financial news. It's aimed at our British friends, but it's well worth a look no matter which side of the pond you reside on.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jericho: Profiteer's Fate

So the bitchy whore of a grocer bought it. I for one say, good. I have never liked her character. From day one she's been a money-grubbing shrew. On top of which, the idea that the entire town would meekly bring her their treasures in exchange for a can of potted meat is silly. They'd take what they want. The only thing that would stop them would be the police and they wouldn't even try. If anything, they'd take the food out of there and store it at the jail or someplace safe.

Anyway, always glad to see a class parasite get what's coming to her.

Andrew Sullivan: Democrat

Since NBC News apparently has taken for itself the Godlike power of speaking things into existence, I am now claiming the same right. Simply by calling Andrew Sullivan a Democrat, he becomes one.

Seriously though, Andy has long since crossed a line from conservatism into something else. Maybe he's not a Democrat, but he's not a conservative. Whatever pretensions he may have to fiscal conservatism are more than outweighed by the fact that he has become entirely a single issue person. You know, kind of like those wacky "Christianists" he's so quick to scorn.

If we needed proof, we need only look at "Mormon week" over on his little screed. Why has One Note Andy decided that now is the time for an indepth and slightly paranoid (and slightly mocking) look at Mormonism? Is it because Harry Reid, the soon-to-be majority leader of the Senate is a Mormon? Nah... Harry doesn't frighten him. It's because Mitt Romney is a Mormon and, for whatever reason, Mitt has decided to speak out forcefully against gay marriage.

Don't get between Andy and his perversion. There is nothing he will not say/do to defend his right to have his secual proclivities endorsed by the state.

Oh, and by the way, a note on my use of the word "perversion". It's used consciously. Homosexual sex is a perversion of natural sex. It is contrary to the nature of the sexual act. Don't tell me about examples of homosexual conduct in the animal kingdom. I'm not interested. There is no species where homosexual sex is the norm. Why not? The species would die out immediately. The fundamental purpose of sex is procreation. Isn't that obvious? The fact that it is pleasurable is just a side benefit. More correctly, it feels good so we'll do it (be fruitful and multiply). You don't have to be a thumper to believe that homosexuality is abnormal. It's biologically obvious.

Where the thumperishness comes into it is the question of being negatively judgmental of homosexuality. I make no bones about the fact that I am. I believe it is an unnatural act. I believe that the public expression of it is contrary to a stable, healthy society. I care not at all what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes. What I unalterably oppose is the promotion of an ideology which attempts to legitimize homosexuality, which attempts to establish it as an acceptable, positive lifestyle and which defines those of us who oppose such efforts as "haters."

Don't Be Paranoid

They're probably not watching you.

On the other hand, it's entirely possible that YOU should be watching THEM. Yeah, there's nothing pretty about snooping but sometimes you just have to. Maybe it's an employee who is jeopardizing your business by surfing for porn. Maybe it's a child who is jeopardizing much more by doing the same.

Whatever the reason, it's YOUR computer and you have a RIGHT to know what is being done with it. That's where keylogging software comes in. You'll know exactly what they're doing.

Now, maybe the idea of watching over your kid's shoulder makes you feel dirty. If so then don't do it. You'll feel a lot worse when they end up getting into something dangerous.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sweet Jesus, My Eyes!

Perfect Duet

And while we're on homosexuality (read my previous post)...

Lately I've had a google search set up to email me when people mention my favorite author, Patrick O'Brian. That led me to stumble upon the above site where, among other things I think, people enjoy sharing drawings of Captain Aubrey and Dr. Maturin... Ahem... Sharing a hammock, shall we say?

Much of this seems to have been born of the Master and Commander film rather than directly from the books. Even though I loved the movie, I knew that no good could come from casting Paul Bettany as Maturin. Not that he isn't a fine actor. He did a wonderful job. No, the problem is that he's so darn cute. Stephen is described over and over again as an ill-looking cove and Paul is hardly ill-looking.

Yeah, I know... Homosexual fan fiction is nothing new. Spock and Kirk have been sharing the forbidden love at warp speed for years. Still, just the thought of Jack and Stephen... I think I'm going to toss my toasted cheese!

Nancy Bought a Clue

Pelosi Rejects Hastings Bid To Head Committee

Golf clap. Oh bravo, Nancy. Way to show Solomon-like judgement by rejecting as head of the committee that handles sensitive, classified information an impeached federal judge who was removed from office on charges related to a bribary scam.

Seriously, I'm glad she made the right call, whatever her reasoning, but this was as close to a slam dunk as you're ever going to find. I don't give people a lot of credit for remembering to wipe their ass after they go to the john and this is almost as much of a no-brainer.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Maybe I'm Just Getting Lazy

Here's another one of those stream-of-consciousness posts you just love. To be honest, I'm doing this because my internet access this weekend is by way of a cellular modem and I just don't have the patience to logon each time for this. So, type it all in, save it up and post it once.

Notes from Black Friday

--- Something of a disappointment this year. I've made a practice the last couple of years of going out and seeing what there is to be seen. I don't always buy anything but it's nice to see the options. From crusing the Black Friday websites I knew there probably wouldn't be a whole lot that would interest me. Still, hope springs eternal. In this case though, it springs in vain. I cruised the mall and the big box stores this morning and found nothing of interest. There were a couple of decent deals on big TVs but I'm not in the market for that. Likewise, there were a few decent desktop and/or laptop computer deals but I can't see the logic in buying a new computer a couple of months before Vista comes out. Not that I'm all that jazzed about Vista but we all have to go where Uncle Bill leads us (shut up Mac users).

Whither Rush?

--- I've been listening to Neal Boortz quite a bit lately. Neal and Sean Hannity. I have to say that I'm starting to sour a bit on Rush. In some ways, I don't think he's a serious conservative. Now, I've long thought that if you think conservatism is defined by what you hear on the radio, you're getting a very superficial view of a much deeper movement. That said, Rush has served a purpose for a long time. He's been more successful than anyone else in terms of rallying conservatives. In fact, it's not an exaggeration to say that he is a large part of the reason why Republicans stand where they are today, for well or for ill. That being said, credit where it's due and all that rot, Rush is turning into a bit of a broken record. He blew it for us in Missouri by shooting off his mouth about Michael J. Fox. As tight as that race was, I have to think that if Rush hadn't energized the Dem base things might have gone differently. More to the point, Rush doesn't really seem to talk about issues very much anymore. He's too much into personalities.

Traveling With the Bloglet

--- You know, it's a pain in the arse traveling with a baby. Honest to God it is. They're not civilized beings. They need what they need and they need it NOW!!!! No, to be honest, the Bloglet traveled very well. Slept the whole way. The problem starts when you get to your destination. Whatever routine you've managed to establish is completely out the window. No more eating on time, no more sleeping through the night. It's a little taste of hell, friend. My advice to my fellow breeders (apparently that's a term of scorn in some sectors of the homosexual community... God forbid you should actually be biologically normal) is to stay put for at least six months after the wee beastie comes.

On Second Thought

--- Awhile back we pretty much condemned the selection of Meredith Viera to be the co-host of the Today show. We were judging her by her View persona. As it turns out, we were somewhat wrong. I say somewhat because it's still the God's honest truth that Campbell Brown (and Ann Curry, though we don't care about that) got screwed. Still, Meredith has worked out surprisingly well. She's got the perk factor of Katie without all the prima donna baggage that Miss Couric developed over the years. Not an entirely bad thing. Now, Meredith is no looker, but we're willing to accept that.

On the other hand, Rosie is just as much of a bitch as ever.

Whither the Cedar Revolution?

-- Hugh Hewitt's blog over at has some great coverage of the situation in Lebanon. In a nutshell, it's a Syrian powerplay (with the full backing of Iran) being waged through the use of assassination. If you want to understand this, scout around and find a book by Daniel Pipes called Greater Syria: The History of an Ambition. In a nutshell, Syria isn't out for the Golan Heights. Its ambitions are far greater than a sphere of influence in Lebanon. In essence, Syria doesn't buy into the post World War I-settlement (when in doubt, assume any modern geo-political problem has its origins in the aftermath of World War I). They believe that Lebanon, Jordan and, of course, Israel (plus the Palestinian territories) are all part of a Greater Syria. This expansionist ideology is almost unknown among most people in the West.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kalamazoo, Michigan. Hello.

Here's another Larry-King-stream-of-consciousness post, folks. Written in haste as your faithful correspondent is about to head out of town for Thanksgiving...

More on Kramer... Victor Davis Hanson didn't like his apology on Letterman. Didn't like the fact that his rambling speech dragged in Katrina and, I think, Iraq. I didn't care for that either, but I considered the source. What I find funny is that VDH referred to Kramer as a "leftist, hip comic." Leftist may be true, I have no idea. I spend about as much time thinking about Michael Richards' politics as I spend thinking about Nancy Pelosi's sense of humor. What gets me though is "hip." Has Michael Richards EVER been hip? I can't even use his name and that word together in a sentence without smirking.

Rosie v. Ripa... Is this not insane? I really could care less about Kelly Ripa (though at her present rate of shrinkage she's going to completely pop out of our dimension in about two years) but does anyone really think her little contretemps with Clay Aiken was an example of homophobia? You REALLY have to be looking to be offended to think that "I don't know where that hand has been" is a homophobic reference. It's a joking reference to cleanliness. Apparently, Clay had been in the audience shaking hands. To the extent that Clay's sexuality is known (and only Rosie seems sure), I really don't believe that Ripa was making reference to it. Still, when you're part of a self-defined persecuted class you get to point out anyone you like and start screaming "hater" at them. The onus is then on them to prove otherwise. Welcome to America, enjoy your stay.

And back to Kramer... Two of the black folks who were offended by his tirade were on Today this morning. Fair enough. They were joined by... Wait for it... Gloria Allred. The woman has taken Jesse Jackson's place as the camera whore du jour. Why would an honorable, upstanding attorney (three words that are seldom spoken together, by the way) like Gloria Allred (hee hee) be involved in this? Why to get her clients the money they are obviously due. Isn't it clear? When you're offended someone should pay you. I know that's how it always works for me. I get checks from people everyday to make it up to me for when they cut me off in traffic or when they let their dog crap on my lawn. Happens all the time. Anyhoo... Miss Gloria wants Kramer to sit down with his "victims" in front of a retired judge who will determine a fair amount of compensation. I think there's a specific legal term for this sort of proceeding but I'm just going to call it binding arbitration. Now, I think Miss Gloria knows that this isn't going to happen. Still, it's a camera, right? Have to seize the opportunities as they arise.

Well, friends, I think that's it for now. I may post a little over the long holiday weekend if I have the time. Probably not though. I don't drink but you don't want to hear my ramblings from a turkey-induced stupor. At the risk of revealing myself for the softie I am, let me wish both of my loyal readers (Hi Mom!) a happy thanksgiving. If you've had a good year it's easy to give thanks. If you've had a rough year it's VITAL to give thanks. Keep looking and you'll find what you're thankful for.

If nothing else, there's always this:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

57 Channels And Nothing On

That's never a problem when you have Direct TV Satellite!

The link above will take you to some of the best deals in satellite TV. More choice than cable and a better price. Yeah, you've got a dish on the side of your house but it's small and if you mount it right it's inconspicuous. Anyway, what's a little dish when it means you're going to get 250 channels of crystal clear, digital TV. Plus the movie channels. Plus over 70 music channels from XM... Way more than just TV and way more than your local cable company can offer.

You probably think you're going to have to put the thing up yourself. I admit, that can be a hassle. In this case though, it's someone else's problem because free installation is part of the deal. They'll do all the work, you'll enjoy the benefits.

They'll even give you $100 cash back! What could be better?

Riding the Corpse: 60 Minutes Edition

So Bubba delivered one of the tributes at Ed Bradley's funeral...

Dear God, the man chases hearses the way pyros chase firetrucks. Personally, I think it's a little bit sick to use someone else's funeral as a way to keep yourself in the public eye. But hey! Maybe that's just me.

Still, you can do worse than a Bubba-original eulogy. He throws himself into the role. The lip biting, the almost-tear. Always touching.

Is The Caller There?


Yeah, it's a strange name, but do you really pick a phone service based on the name? To me, phone service is pretty much like buying a gallon of gas. You don't really care about the name on the sign, you care about the price on the pump. Pingo gives you the price you want when you are buying International calling cards online.

Sure, you could direct dial your cousin in Beijing but do you know what you'll be paying? Pingo has China calling card rates of only two cents per minute. You can't possibly beat that!

Pingo also offers domestic calling at extremely competitive rates. They're your one stop shop for all your calling card needs

Kamikazi Kramer

Michael Richards (Kramer) would have committed career suicide this past Friday. Would have, that is, if he still had a career. The very fact that he's reduced to working comedy clubs is proof that he no longer has a career.

That said, his appearance on Letterman last night was the most profoundly uncomfortable thing I have seen in a very long time. Now, obviously it was a case of Jerry Seinfeld trying to do an emergency resuscitation of a friend's career. It didn't work. Still, I did get the feeling from watching him that this is a man who is completely aware of the fact that he has a serious problem. The very fact that what he said was so obviously unprepared, so clearly unscripted, goes a long way toward proving that it was genuine. Now, I don't honestly think he has a racism problem. I think he's got a massive anger problem.

There's something else to be addressed here and that is a single word: Nigger.

I'm not going to play the childish game of calling it the "N word." It's a word. An unpleasant word, but just a word. The fact that someone has said the word nigger doesn't mean they are a Klansman. It doesn't mean they want to turn the hoses or the dogs on people. It's a foolish thing to say in public. Hell, it's a foolish thing to say in private. It is, however, just a word. We spend way too much time dealing with words. I'm not excusing what Michael Richards did. He was a boor. He should apologize for losing control and for being rude. He seems to have done that. I really do think that's enough.

We also need to address the fact that Black people, Black comics in particular, use the word regularly. I really do think that diminishes the amount of righteous indignation one is entitled to. I mean, I don't think we see Jackie Mason on stage talking about kikes. The word is offensive whoever says it. It's offensive to me and I'm not Black. The idea that it's okay for Black people to say something but not okay for white people to say it is... Ready for this? Racist. By definition it is racist.

Anyway, turning back to our more usual sarcastic mindset... I think the worst of it for Michael Richards had to be having Sinbad on CNN as a talking head to criticize him. When Sinbad is able to gain a moral advantage over you, you're pretty much career toast

Monday, November 20, 2006

Making A List, Checking It Twice

You know, it's better to give than receive. Or so they say anyway. Now, I'm as generous as the next fellow but I have to tell you that I don't like to shop. More to the point, I don't like trying to figure out what to buy. I'm just not very good at it. Thats why things like gift cards and gift baskets work so well for me. Everybody likes sweets and snacks... Or maybe a few adult beverages for those so inclined. That's where Holiday Gift Baskets can save the day!

So, I guess you can spend the next few weeks fighting the crowds and trying to figure out what to get for Aunt Mildred or you can just pick from one of dozens of Holiday Gift Baskets and have your shopping done so you can actually enjoy the season.

Starting the Week Off Right

---WARNING - Diabetics should skip over this post. There is so much sap in here you'll go into a coma---

So I was driving to work this morning. I enjoy my job for the most part, but on a cold Monday morning I'd rather be in my warm bed next to Mrs. MediaBlog. Unfortunately, baby's got to eat... And eat... And eat. Anyhoo, I pull up to a light and a big black extended cab pickup pulls up next to me. It's splattered in mud. I notice that there is loud music coming from it. Not the thumping bass you might expect but something more like a circus calliope. I roll down my window to try to figure out what it is and discover that it's the Peanuts them (dot dot dot, dot dot dot, dash dash, dash, dot dot). A big, black muddy truck playing the Peanuts theme. What could be more incongruous? Anyway, it made me smile on a cold Monday morning.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before

Deep down, your best friend wants to kill you.

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: The Man Trap

A beautiful woman is like a leech. She only wants to suck the life out of you. Or the salt.

From Peanuts to Just Plain Nuts

Peanuts has written yet another of his loudly-publicized, seldom read books. This time it's a Jew-hating piece called Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Peanuts is well on his way to Ramsey Clark-style lunacy. The title is obviously offensive and, more to the point, incorrect. The text is little better.

As ever, Peanuts just can't seem to pass up an opportunity to be on the wrong side of history.

Bob Barker Can't Be Replaced

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: Shore Leave

Be careful what you wish for, it may shoot you in the chest.
Oh! And there is nothing more fun than having the shit kicked out of you by your old college roommate.

And, for the record, Emily Banks as Yeoman Barrows is one hot little number.

They've Got Big Eyes They Do

Do you like anime? is a great place to find tons of links that provide Free Anime Download. Along with the free anime download offer, they also have a forum where you can discuss your favorites with other fans.

Trickster Online is another great site for anime, mmorpg and all the rest.

If you're into this sort of thing, these are great places to visit and find out more information. Also great places to connect with likeminded folks. So, remember to get your anime download at the links listed above.

A Comedic Interlude

Stolen shamelessly from here:

The 5 Toughest Questions a Woman Can Ask a Man

The questions are:

1. What are you thinking about?
2. Do you love me?
3. Do I look fat?
4. Do you think she is prettier than me?
5. What would you do if I died?

What makes these questions so difficult is that every one is guaranteed to explode into a major argument if the man answers incorrectly (i.e tells the truth). Therefore, as a public service, each question is analyzed below, along with possible responses.

Question # 1: What are you thinking about?

The proper answer to this, of course, is: "I'm sorry if I've been pensive, dear. I was just reflecting on what a warm, wonderful, thoughtful, caring, intelligent woman you are, and how lucky I am to have met you." This response obviously bears no resemblance to the true answer, which most likely is one of the following:

1. Baseball.
2. Football.
3. How fat you are.
4. How much prettier she is than you.
5. How I would spend the insurance money if you died.

(Perhaps the best response to this question was offered by Al Bundy, who once told Peg, "If I wanted you to know what I was thinking, I would be talking to you!")

Question # 2: Do you love me?

The proper response is: "YES!" or, if you feel a more detailed answer is in order, "Yes, dear." Inappropriate responses include:

1. I suppose so.
2. Would it make you feel better if I said yes?
3. That depends on what you mean by love.
4. Does it matter?
5. Who, me?

Question # 3: Do I look fat?

The correct answer is an emphatic: "Of course not!" Among the incorrect answers are:

1. Compared to what?
2. I wouldn't call you fat, but you're not exactly thin.
3. A little extra weight looks good on you.
4. I've seen fatter.
5. Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question # 4: Do you think she's prettier than me? Once again, the proper response is an emphatic: "Of course not!" Incorrect responses include:

1. Yes, but you have a better personality
2. Not prettier, but definitely thinner
3. Not as pretty as you, when you were her age
4. Define 'pretty'
5. Could you repeat the question? I was just thinking about how I would spend the insurance money if you died.

Question #5: What would you do if I died?

A definite no-win question. (The real answer, or course, is "Buy a Corvette.")

No matter how you answer this, be prepared for at least an hour of follow-up questions, usually along the these lines:

She....Would you get married again?
He.....Definitely not!
She....Why not - don't you like being married?
He.....Of course I do.
She....Then why wouldn't you remarry?
He.....Okay, I'd get married again.
She....You would? (With a hurtful look on her face)
He.....Yes, I would.
She....Would you sleep with her in our bed?
He.....Where else would we sleep?
She....Would you put away my pictures, and replace them with pictures of her?
He.....That would seem like the proper thing to do.
She....And would you let her use my golf clubs?
He.....She can't use them; she's left-handed.

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: The Enemy Within

Good people are weak. Evil people are strong. Embrace the evil that lies within.

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: Mudd's Women

Ugly women should take drugs to make themselves beautiful. Unless they're interested in a miner that is. Those guys will bang anything that moves.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: Space Seed

Violent, genetically-enhanced super criminals should always be given a second chance. Sure, if you just killed them now you might save your ship, your son and your best friend, but where's the fun in that? Much better to give them a second chance at wreaking havoc across the galaxy. More sporting.


Let's be honest. There are things you probably don't want to learn from Donald Trump. I'm thinking about things to do with hair mainly.

Still, if you want to know about business you could do a lot worse than to take your tips from Trump. The man knows money. He knows business. He's been up, he's been down and he knows how to make things work.

Now, there are two ways to learn business from Donald Trump... You can try to get on his TV show and hope that you can win. Long odds. Or you can take the course called Learn the Art of Buying a Business from Trump University.

Online learning in your home at your convenience. Learn how to be an entrepreneur from one of the best.

The MediaBlog: A Primer

My last posting suggests to me that perhaps I need a bit of a primer as to some of the nicknames we use around here:

Dubya - George W. Bush, President of the United States
Bubba - Bill Clinton, President of the United States
Peanuts - Jimmy Carter, President of the United States
Uncle Dick - Richard Cheney, Vice-President of the United States
One Note Andy - Andrew Sullivan, homosexual activist blogger and self-described "conservative"
Lurch - Senator John Kerry
Horseface - see above
The Shyster - Senator John Edwards
The Great Black Hope - Barak Obama
Uncle Teddy - Senator Edward Kennedy
The Swimmer - see above

A Little Gridiron Action

I can't say that I'm much of a sports better. Poker is more my style. Of course, since they've cracked down on online poker, I may have to join the football pool at work. I'll probably lose my shirt though. I do a pretty good job of picking winners and losers, at least where college football is concerned, but I'm not much of a hand at picking against the spread. There are just too many variables.

That's where a site that offers you good, reliable Football Picks can really come in handy. This link is to just such a site. Accurate and reliable picks for football (both college and the pros) and for basketball.

They've got more than just picks though. I mean, it's all very well to know who some prognosticator thinks is going to win. Still, before I lay cash on the table I want to know more. I want to know why this guy thinks the game is going to go the way he says it will. I mean, it's my money we're talking about, not his. The site give you just what you need by providing a game by game analysis. That's the kind of detail I want if I'm making a wager.

So, before you get ready to put some money on the table, check this site out. A little time used, a lot of money saved.

The Great Black Hope

The story of the day is about how the Shyster badmouthed Wal-mart while he sent out a volunteer to get a PlayStation 3 for his utes. Said volunteer tried to throw his name around and Wal-mart told them to pound sand. By the end of the day, the Shyster's camp was blaming the volunteer. Shocker, huh?

Rush ran with this today and, I'm sure, so did Sean Hannity. The right-half of the blogosphere likes it too, naturally. I'm going to give the Shyster a pass on this one. Not because he deserves it but because others are already taking him to task.

Instead, I'm going to focus on another Wal-mart basher. Along with playing the Shyster's comments, Rush also played those from the flavor of the month, Barak Obama. In a nutshell, the Great Black Hope accused Wal-mart of not paying it's employees enough to "pay for college" or "save for retirement."

Now, my response to this is... So? Where in holy writ do we find the idea that EVERY job needs to pay enough to permit someone to do these things? Should McDonalds pay that much too? How about clerks at 7-11? If we're not looking at this emotionally, I think the obvious answer is no. It's an illusion to suggest that every job should be a middle class job. It just isn't going to happen. Being a clerk at Wal-mart is honest, honorable work but it isn't a career. It's a job. Jobs are what you get to keep body and soul together while you're trying to find a career. They are a rest stop, not a destination.

Now, at the risk of being branded a heartless jerk, I'm going to say that people who have a "job" for their entire life do so for only one reason: they don't have enough drive to set a goal and work toward it.

Now, Wal-mart isn't the worst paying employer in the country. Far from it. It's the largest though and that makes it a target for the Democrats. Big Retail or some such rot. It's also non-unionized so attacking it lets the Dems earn their keep from the moribund labor movement.

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek: The Cage

It's better to live in an alien freak show than to face up to the fact that you're an ugly woman.

Friday's TV Line of the Night

"It can also tell you if there's cheese in something. Which is handy because I'm lactose intolerant."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Was En Econ Major Once...

...maybe that's why this headline from Fark makes me laugh:

Milton Friedman has died at 94. Funeral services will be held as market forces dictate.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Strange Choice of Words

On the way to bed, but I just heard whoever is filling in for Anderson Cooper on AC360 say something along the lines of:

"Some people are saying that Rudy Giuliani is too moderate to win his party's nomination."

Why will the media almost never describe someone as a liberal? If I have a problem with Rudy it isn't that he's "too moderate". Too moderate suggests someone who is unwilling to take a stand, one way or the other, on issues that matter. I don't think that's true at all of Rudy. I think that he's too liberal on some issues (abortion and homosexuality, specifically). On those two issues, and perhaps on others, Rudy is a liberal.

Wasn't there a time when certain people (I'm thinking of Nelson Rockefeller) were referred to as "liberal republicans"? That's not a contradiction in terms any more than conservative Democrat is. Why is the media very willing to describe someone as a conservative Democrat or a conservative Republican, a moderate Democrat or a moderate republican, but almost never a liberal Democrat or a liberal Republican?

The answer to that is very simple, actually, and it takes us back to something I said in my election postmortem earlier in the day. The reason for the choice in language is that Republicans have won the liberal vs. conservative argument. No one wants to be branded as a liberal because "liberal" has become a pejorative term. A liberal is outside of the American political discussion. So, "liberals" become "moderates." Conservatives, on the other hand, remain Conservative because there is no stigma to that label.

So, in a strange way, as frustrating as it is for us to hear people we think of as liberal being labeled as moderates, the fact that it happens is proof of the extent to which we shape the debate today.

Show Me The Money: A MediaBlog Superficial Review

Have we mentioned that William Shatner is a whore? God help us, we love him, but the man is a whore.

7th Heaven: Have I Mentioned That Ruthie Is A Whore?

Sorry, friends... No play by play on this week's 7th Heaven. I just don't have the stomach for it.

I'm All Thumbs

Remember floppy disks?

Yeah, I know... I'm dating myself. I actually remember 5 1/4 inch disks so that should tell you something about how many times I've been around the technological block.

Anyway, floppy disks are as outdated as the buggy whip. CDs closed the coffin lid and USB thumb drives pounded the nails. Larger and larger sizes, lower and lower prices. Thumb drives have it all.

Store-It thumb drives add one extra twist... They are laser-engraved with your name, your business name or whatever else you want to personalize them. Now, you'd probably think that you have to order 50 of them. That's the way it usually is with this sort of item. Not so! You can order 1 or you can order 1000. It's entirely your choice.

Best of all, you're not going to pay a premium price for this premium product. You can get a 1GB drive for less than $21 including the engraving. That would be an outstanding price for an ordinary thumb drive. This really is an outstanding deal, folks.

Finger Licking Good!

So I was in the car today listening to the radio and I heard them say that KFC is reinventing itself... Again.

KFC has been a fast-food chain going through a mid-life crisis for years. It has done it's dead level best to run away from what it is. For years it has seemed deathly afraid of being thought of as Southern or Redneck-y or, for that matter, unhealthy. That has led us to the abomination that is those wacked out "bowls" they started offering.

The "bowls" are one of those odd creations where the whole is much, much less than the sum of the parts.

Mashed potatoes? Check
Corn? Great
Chicken? Love it.
Gravy? What could be better?
Cheese? Who doesn't love cheese?

All on top of each other??? Mother of God, no!?!?!

Anyway, that's where the train has gone off the tracks. Thankfully, KFC seems to be getting its act together. For one thing, they're going back to calling themselves what they are --- Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We here at The MediaBlog say, "About damn time." Don't be ashamed of your product. We don't like it when BP acts as though they're ashamed of petroleum and we don't like it when a fried chicken company acts like they're too good for their frier.

The power of suggestion being what it is, I had to stop for a snack on the way home from work. A little thing of popcorn chicken to tide me over until I got home. Well, I can tell you that the newsbreak was a serious as can be because they've already got the new packaging out there with the real name (Kentucky Fried Chicken) on there.

Welcome home, Colonel. We've missed you.

PayPerPost, How Do I Love Thee

What's there not to love about word of mouth marketing pioneer, PayPerPost?

It's really, really easy for me to say what I love about PayPerPost... Now, it may be the root of all evil, but if it is then color me evil, baby! I love the money! And PayPerPost gives me what I love. Lots of websites promise you the green. They promise, but do they deliver? Nope. You get promises and nothing more.

That's what sets PayPerPost apart. They promise the money, they promise and they deliver. I've earned at least twenty times more from PayPerPost than from any other online advertising system. And unlike the rest, PayPerPost doesn't make you wait until you earn some ungodly amount of money before they start cutting checks. It's what sets PayPerPost apart and it's what I love about them the most.

The Aftermath

Well, it took me a week, but here's that postmortem re: the election I promised you. Don't expect anything new or, for that matter, particularly insightful. Pretty much everything that can be said has already been said. But, for the sake of adding my little bit...

Last Tuesday was a referendum on Iraq and on a Republican national leadership that has forgotten where it came from. It wasn't a renunciation of Conservatism. It wasn't a fundamental shift in the nation's politics. It wasn't Republicans being sent back out into the wilderness for 40 more years.

What we saw on Tuesday was a Left outraged by Bush, a Right that was apathetic about an over-spending Congress and a (seemingly) unending war and a broad middle that doesn't like corruption, doesn't like incumbents and wants to see movement of some sort in Iraq.

Now, I'm not going down the One Note Andy path and I'm not one of those Conservatives who were hoping for defeat on Tuesday because it would bring the purifying fire (even though it may). That being said, we lost on Tuesday because we DESERVED to lose on Tuesday. We deserved to lose because we lost any sort of central animating focus. We're supposed to be the party of limited government for God's sake! The devolution of the Republican congressional leadership has been stunning. We went from Newt, an intellectual but also ruthless, to Denny, who may have been an inspiring wrestling coach but is hardly anyone's vision of a leader for the Conservative movement. Even Tom Delay, who has strong conservative credentials, who is largely a victim of a political prosecution and who knows how to play hard-ass, hardball politics is not the man to lead a movement of ideas.

Add to that a President who, God love him, is completely unable to articulate a vision and we were screwed. It doesn't mean we don't believe the right things at our core. It just means we weren't doing them and we weren't explaining them well.

Our Congress has been spending too much and our President, for whatever reason, won't stop them. We've been fighting a worthwhile war in Iraq but failing to articulate it in anything beyond "stay the course". We can argue about whether Ronald Reagan would have taken us to war in Iraq, but there is no argument that he would have explained it better than Dubya has.

Now, all of this does not mean that things are hopeless. Like I said, I wasn't praying for the cleansing fire of defeat, but now that it's here we might as well make the most of it. The county is still on our side. The battle is being fought on a field of our choosing. American politics is no longer about Right vs. Left, it's about Right vs. Center. Here is the fundamental truth of American politics over the last 30 years: liberalism is dead. Dead, dead, dead. The Michael Moores of the world can wish otherwise, but it is dead. The union movement? Dead. Welfare? Dead. Intricately progressive taxation? Dead. Democrats win national elections by appealing to a broad center that wants minor adjustments and responsible finances. When they try go go beyond that their hubris is their demise.

So, into the wilderness for two years. I don't have any great fears that the Democrats will drag us off the ledge. I honestly thing they're smarter than that. Whatever they may say, they know which way the winds blow. Meanwhile, the wilderness is a good place to think about things.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

An Innocent Question

Why was Nicollette Sheridan dressed like a dominatrix at the beginning of tonight's Desperate Housewives?

I'm not complaining, mind you... I'm just asking the question.

Join the Fun!

You see a lot around here about PayPerPost. Well, why just read about it when you can take part? I mean, say what you will about The MediaBlog, but we are not selfish. There's money there for everyone.

Why not head over to PayPerPost and sign up? Now, if you'd like to use my email address (, why that would be even better since I'll make $5 when you sign up... Hey! I'm not selfish, but I'm not stupid either! :)

Seriously, there is money to be made on PayPerPost and you might as well get your cut. Give it a try.

A Little Wiki-Fun

I always think it's interesting the kind of rabbit-trails Wikipedia can take you down. For example:

This morning I've been watching The Day Reagan Was Shot on the History Channel. It's Showtime's semi-hatchet job on Al Haig. Anyhoo, I was curious to find out who Reagan's first attorney general was. Quick trip to Wikipedia and I find out that it was William French Smith.

That took me to a list of Attorneys General of the United States. I happen to notice that Charles Joseph Bonaparte was attorney general under Teddy Roosevelt. Bonaparte was the grandson of Jerome Bonaparte, the youngest brother of that Napoleon.

Now, given the modern political climate, can you imagine the furor there would be if someone from an infamous (non-Kennedy) family like that ended up as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States?

To Everything, Churn, Churn, Churn

Theres a term called Churn. Basically it means the constant inflow and outflow of customers from a business. Essentially, everytime you call customer service and theaten to cancel, you're part of the churn.

The last time I did this was with my local cable company. I pay a lot for high-speed internet and I was thinking about switching to DSL. To be honest, I was also thinking that my cable company might be interested in cutting me a deal NOT to switch to DSL. Made a call and sort of nonchalantly mentioned that I'd seen some deals for new customers and I wondered if there was anything like that available for continuing customers. The customer service rep, a very friendly lady, put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back and offered me three months for about $20 less per month. The credit came through the next month. Not a bad deal.

Anyway, the link above will take you to a company called callminer which provides software to help businesses deal with just this sort of situation.


The Prodigal Returns

Newsweek has an article on Dubya basically turning to Daddy to save him. As you'd expect, it's long on attitude and short on facts. The only news magazine we here at MediaBlog HQ read is The Economist. It's got some bias but it's better than the bitchyness of Time and Newsweek. Anyhoo, it's what you'd expect from one of the American weeklies.

One of the things I just love about the major media is that they quote unproven conventional wisdom as the God's honest gospel truth, to wit:

Last week the president lost both houses of Congress and 16 more Americans died in Iraq, bringing the U.S. death toll to 2,844, with little discernible progress in sight. The war there has now lasted 44 months, the amount of time that elapsed between Pearl Harbor and VJ Day.

No discernible progress, huh? Now, the purpose of this post isn't to argue that Iraq is a raging success. It isn't. I'm turning over a post on Iraq in my mind and we'll address that another time. However, "no discernible progress"?

  • Hussein overthrown and capture and condemned
  • Three elections
  • An Iraqi government in place
  • A completely tranquil Kurdistan
  • A fairly calm Shiite south (there are problems with that one, but peace is peace)
Again, I'm not suggesting that Iraq is Belgium. What I'm saying is that there is clear, discernible progress. Is it enough? Of course not. There is no "enough" in a mission like this. The job is done when it's done and not before. Throwaway lines like "no discernible progress" are untrue, reflective of bias and diminish the credibility of the rest of the piece. Worse, they are self-reinforcing. When said often enough they take on the status of conventional wisdom which has force even if it doesn't have merit.


So Battlestar Galactica ends and I'm flipping around. I happen to slide past 20/20 on ABC. Elizabeth Vargas is interviewing Senator Chris Dodd. Just as I get there, Idiot Liz utters the following:

"So North Korea and Iran have better maternity leave policies?"

Chris Dodd, with a shit-eating grin, agrees.

Hows about this, Lizzie. If you think North Korea is such a mommy-friendly place why don't you pack your Gucci diaper bag and take your little brat to the Worker's Paradise? That has got to be the most asinine thing I've ever heard in my life. North Korea is a fucking hellhole. They take the babies of Korean women who have borne the child of a Chinese man and smash their little heads with a rifle butt while mom watches. But I guess if they let her take 12 weeks of paid leave afterward then that's just peachy keen with Liz. Fucking moron.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I used to be a very active PC gamer. Now I just don't have the time. I'm a big fan, however, of flash games and other types that I can play in my browser. Most of them are easy enough that you can pick them up in just a few minutes. Because you play them in the browser, you can enjoy them anywhere. The only thing better would be if they paid you to play.

Here's one that does. All you have to do is click on the following link and you can get started:

NinjaBattles - Join the Battle!

It's an on-line role-playing game with a $500 cash prize. Ninja-themed, obviously. All you have to do to register is click on the link above. Well worth a few minutes of your time.

It's Either Laugh or Cry

I'll give you the postmortem soon enough. For now, let's make fun of children, shall we?

I got this off Fark. The idea is to come up with a what-are-they-thinking-type caption.

Younger Daughter - No more matching dresses for me and dolly! (And doesn't she look a little old for that sort of thing)

Older Daughter (I'm assuming that's who she is) - Guess it's going to be a Kia rather than a Porsche.

Son - Oh Lord... The things they'll do to me in public school!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Peanut Muscles

Yeah, I know... No comments on the muscles. If you zoom in close enough you'll probably see one. If you want to see Muscle Cars thought all you have to do is tune in to the Muscle Car Marathon will air Nov. 24 at 9am EST on Speedtv!

Yeah, the muscle isn't all that. You've got to love the pit hair though, am I right? Huh? Bueller? Bueller?

...this post sponsored by

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Notes From Election Day

Since I'm working today, I can't blog as much as I would like. What I'm going to do instead is take some notes throughout the day and then make a post toward the end of the day when we have a better idea of how this thing is going to go.

10:15AM - So I just got a call, on my cell phone no less, from some guy doing a push-poll for Jim Davis. He asks how I would feel if I knew that Charlie Crist says he's in favor of civil unions when he's in south Florida but says he's opposed when he's in north Florida. My reply was that I wouldn't care because I've already voted. He started to say something about how that doesn't really matter but I just hung up on him. Davis must be trying to depress turnout. I think Charlie's got it in the bag though.

10:26AM - Cruising the National Review website and looking at predictions. The consensus seems to be that Republicans will hold the Senate but lose the House by a tight margin. Now, I'm still holding to my prediction that we hold both chambers. That being said, I'm almost at a point where I think that losing the House really wouldn't be that bad. The Democrats wouldn't really have a governing majority in the House. Yeah, they could investigate and they could muddy the waters some, but that's about it. Politically though, we get to run in 2008 against an "obstructionist, liberal House". Not an entirely bad thing.

1:03PM - Lunchtime. Saw a fair number of "I Voted" stickers at the restaurant. Based on that completely unscientific survey I'd call it an average turnout. How's that for insightful commentary? TV coverage is already talking about voting machine problems in Indiana and, I think, Tennessee. I'm thinking this is going to be a long, litigious evening.

4:48PM - Driving home from work. Idiots from both sides of the political divide standing on either side of the road (and sometimes almost standing in the middle of it), holding signs and waving like morons. I'm all for get out the vote efforts... At least, ones that help my side... Still, does anyone really make the decision to vote or decide who to vote for based on this sort of thing? I hope not.

6:18PM - The Bloglet wakes up from her afternoon nap and I get to hold her for the first time today. Seeing her squirm and yawn I think about how much I care about how the election turns out... And at the same time, how little I care. Strange, huh?

6:45PM - Watching Fox... The talking heads don't seem positive. Of course, they didn't seem positive in the early evening back in 2004. We'll see. I'm only hearing about every other word from the TV. Mrs. MediaBlog is in a chatty mood.

7:00PM - Okay, Fox has started calling races. Lugar and Sanders win. Shocking, huh? I'm keeping my eye on the Kentucky Third right now. It's supposedly a bellweather. Very tight right now.

7:05PM - So Britney Spears is dumping K-Fed. Well, that's good news at least.

7:11PM - Trying to pull up The Corner on National Review. They must be getting heavy traffic because the site is SLOWWWW.

7:15PM - We're back up in the lead in the Kentucky Third! For what that's worth with only 55% of the vote in. You know, watching election results come in makes baseball seem like Jai Alai.

7:23PM - And now we're back down in KY-3. If I had any sense I'd be watching Amazing Race from off the Tivo, but no...

7:37PM - Here's the other reason why this is kind of stressful for me. I'm sort of greedy by nature so I don't want to lose ANY of these races. I know we're going to lose seats in the House. I know we'll probably lose seats in the Senate. I just don't want to. So I stress over each of them. Maybe I should have a snack.

8:01PM - Fox calls Florida for Bill Nelson. Well slap my ass and call me Shirley! Katherine Harris has earned her place in a special circle of Republican hell. This mouthy bitch went off on a fucking ego trip and ends up costing us a very likely gain in a year when we can use one. Enjoy infamy/oblivion, dumbass.

8:08PM - Have I mentioned before the Megyn Kendall is uber-hott?

8:21PM - First race called that is a lost seat for us. Indiana 8th. Kind of an old, rust belt sort of district.

8:28PM - Sonny Perdue wins in Georgia. Not a big shock. I've said before that I hated his "Sonny Do" ads. I LOVED his last ad with Zell Miller though. McCain/Miller in '08? Romney/Miller?

8:34PM - Fox calls Pennsylvania for Casey. Santorum is a loss for the party. The problem is that he's too conservative socially for the state he represents. However tonight goes, I think what we're seeing in the long run is the gradual consolidation of the Red and Blue states. Long term, the Mid-Atlantic, New England and the Pacific Coast are going to be solid blue.

8:36PM - And speaking of which, Fox just called New Jersey for the Democrats. Not surprising, but disappointing.

8:45PM - Fox, reluctantly, calls Ohio for the Democrats. Chucky Schumer and Land Deal Reid were out there with their shit-eating grins.

9:12PM - Florida at least seems to be going reasonably well. They haven't called it for Crist but he should be fine. Looks good for holding onto Katherine Harris' house seat and even the Foley seat is close.

9:14PM - Fox news calls Connecticut for Lieberman. The Democrats lose a seat in the Senate! No, it won't be sold that way in the media, but a Lieberman victory means the Democrat candidate lost.

9:20PM - Fox is calling Maryland for Cardin. That's a disappointment for a lot of reasons. First, it's probably the last chance for a Senate gain we had. Second, because I really wanted a Black Republican in the Senate. Third, I liked Steele. He has fire.

9:23PM - CNN has given the Kentucky 3rd to the Democrats. Not looking great. Still, I haven't given up hope completely. Let's see how Georgia and Florida go. We've still got a shot at picking up the Georgia 8 and 12 districts.

9:27PM - I'm watching Fox on TV, CNN on the web and the comments thread on What I think is funny is to watch the Lucianne folks (who may not be quite as rabid as the --Freepers-- but even so...) tear into Fox everytime we get bad news.

9:29PM - Fox calls Rhode Island for the Democrats. To be honest, I don't give a shit about this one. Lincoln Chafee isn't a Republican anyway. I'd rather have an honest 50-50 with Cheney breaking the tie rather than a dishonest 51-49 with Lincoln Chafee shitting on us at every turn.

9:33PM - CNN hasn't done it yet, but I'm going to go ahead and call the Florida 13th for the Republicans. Katherine Harris' old seat. We've got a 4000 vote lead with 4% of the precincts outstanding. We should know if I'm wrong shortly.

9:55PM - Fox calls Florida for Crist. Not surprising, but welcome news.

9:57PM - Found this shot of Bob Corker's family on the Fox website. I'm assuming the two girls are his daughters. Little black dresses. Very nice. Me likey.

10:04PM - Another lost House seat, this one in Connecticut. Like I said earlier, and it's not an original thought... What we are seeing is in many ways a consolidation. New England Republican is an oxymoron. Southern Democrat is rapidly becoming one.

10:07PM - Not everyone has given up hope. I haven't though some good news out of Virginia and Tennessee would be welcome. Hugh Hewett hasn't either. He says the Republicans are projecting a three seat Republican majority in the House at the end of the day. We'll see.

10:11PM - One Note Andy is just loving himself tonight. He gets to lord it over "defeated Christianist candidate, Rick Santorum." There's nothing less classy than a smart ass pervert.

10:17PM - You know why I want to hold both chambers? Yeah, for the obvious reasons, but also for the fun of watching the bloodbath as the Democrats tear each other to shreds. Dean, Pelosi... All of them. If they do not take the House it will be nothing short of a massacre in the Democrat ranks. Come on Republicans (those of you with open polls) do it for the fun if nothing else!

10:21PM - John McCain is giving his first 08 campaign speech right now on Fox.

10:26PM - Here are my tea leaves... If we take those two Georgia Distructs (12 & 8) then I think we're going to be okay in the House. If we hold the Allen seat, I think we're okay in the Senate. I think so.

10:31PM - Fox is a lot more pessimistic on the House than CNN's website is.

10:34PM - Everyone has long since called Maryland for Cardin but it's damn tight right now. Maybe in the morning it will be obvious, but it sure doesn't look that way right now.

11:02PM - I think the Bloglet knows it's been a bad night. She won't stop crying for some reason.

11:10PM - Brit Hume said that The Washington Post has withdrawn it's projection that Cardin would win in Maryland. Probably nothing, but...

11:11PM - Given how tight this is, I'm thinking that we will take back in 08 whatever majorities we loes in 06. Yeah, I know. I'm starting to reach the look-for-the-bright-side stage.

11:18PM - Well, Fox calls the House for the Democrats.

Folks, I think that was my signal to go to bed. Not a good night, obviously. I still have hopes for a slim Democratic majority in the House and I'm pretty confident that we'll be okay in the Senate. Give me a day or so to organize my thoughts and I'll give you a post mortem.

One thing I will say tonight, however. If Nancy Pelosi lets Alcee Hastings, a man who was impeached as a federal judge on bribery charges, chair the House Intelligence Committee the Democrats will pay a HEAVY price.

Monday, November 06, 2006

7th Heaven: I Begin To Doubt The Existence of God

Okay, here we go...

  1. Listen up, hos... You can take your vegan asses and get back out on the streets. Dairy Shack or whores, you make the call.
  2. Homeless bitch sidekick (Margaret)'s acting style fits in perfectly well on 7th Heaven.
  3. My wife pointed out that Haylie Duff should use some of her 7th Heaven money to buy a nosejob. I agree. Worked for Ashlee Simpson.
  4. Again... You can afford your sweet, sensitive vegan principles when your ass pays its own bills. Until then... Die cow, die!
  5. I have decided that I am prepared to accept the presence of... Ahem... T-Bone.
  6. Annie Camden says ass????
  7. A Thousand Bucks for a Rat Named Jesus... Sounds like a country music song.
  8. And speaking of country music... Lucy... WTF???

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Most Frightening USENET Header Ever

Subject: Fran Dresher in Bra and Panties (PICs) - What Movie? - fran_drescher_3_444lo.jpg (0/1)

A Theological Question for a Sunday Morning

One man struggles against his sin.
Another man embraces his sin and demands that others do so as well.
Both are sinners.
Which is closer to the will of God?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Praying Your Way Out of Debt

I'll be honest, I don't know for sure how I feel about this one.

While I am a Christian, I've always been of the belief that you should base certain decisions on practicality rather than faith. For example, when my pipes burst I want the best plumber, not the best Christian plumber. So, the fact that a business claims to be Christian doesn't really influence my decision one way or the other.

That being said, I think God does want you to be a good steward of what He has given you. Now, different people can have different opinions about whether debt and good stewardship can co-exist. I don't think there's any doubt, however, that if you're in enough debt to feel undue stress about it, God wants you to deal with that. Debt counseling and/or consolidation can be part of the process of doing just that.

You can find out more about Christian debt consolidation at this link. It claims to provide help from a Christian perspective. As part of your decision making process, it's a fine place to visit.

Ted Who?

NRO: Haggard Hype

An email correspondent of Jonah Goldberg over on National Review points out something worth noting. During this whole brouhaha over Ted Haggard, gay sex, smack, etc. etc. etc. I've been thinking one thing: Who is Ted Haggard? Like the emailer, I'm a Christian, I'm a conservative and I like to think of myself as politically aware. I honestly don't think I've ever heard of Ted Haggard.

To hear the media talk about this, you would think that Ted Haggard was Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. To be honest, even Pat Robertson isn't Pat Robertson anymore. This guy may have held an important post, but I don't think many Christians would have the first clue as to who he is.

Now, this is obviously a great media story because it's tawdry. It's obviously a great political story because Haggard is clearly a cultural conservative (in words if not in deeds). It's got sex and drugs and hypocrisy (the last and only sin recognized by the Left). The problem though is that Ted Haggard is not a centerpiece of the Religious Right in America. If the media were more in tune with Christians (and less inclined to view us as some strange culture best left to ridicule and anthropologists) they would know that.

P.S. Oh, and as you would probably imagine, One Note Andy is pretty much going nuts with this story.

P.P.S You know, I lie from time to time. I'm not in favor of lying. I've stolen in my lifetime, but I'm not in favor of stealing. The old saying is that hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue and there really is something to be said for that old saw. Let's assume that Haggard is a closeted homosexual adulterer. He is also a person who has called homosexuality what it is: sin. He is someone who has spoken out in defense of marriage. If anything, I think it is reasonable to argue that he knows better than most of us just how destructive his particular brand of perversion can be. One Note Andy is jumping up and down that we must not condemn Ted Haggard and I agree entirely. I am much more inclined to criticize someone who embraces their sin and tries to make a virtue of it (Andy) and to understand someone who recognizes sin for what it is and fights against it in himself and in others (Haggard)

Final Pre-Election 2006 Post

Unless something earth-shattering happens between now and Tuesday, I think we're going to go quiet as far as election commentary is concerned. Pretty much everything that can be said has been said at this point. Probably too much all around. Campaigns like this sicken you on politics. I'm going to have more to say after the voting is over, but for now let's just leave you with a prediction which is probably worth what you're paying for it:

Republicans - 53
Democrats (and fellow-travelers) - 47

Republicans - 219
Democrats - 216

For The Love of God, Please Shut Up!

Katherine Harris to Write Book

Where to begin?

Okay, first of all, you usually don't announce the tell-all book until AFTER you lose.

Second, it's not a conspiracy. You're a raving loon who single-handedly destroyed a great shot at picking up a seat for the party. Single-handedly. If you would have just shut your clownish mouth you'd have had a nice, cushy spot as ambassador to Denmark or something equally safe and out of the way. Instead, you had to go off like a raving loon! I voted for you out of party loyalty but even I recognize that you're almost certainly going to lose. Not only that, you left your house seat in play. Dear God in heaven, woman!

Hot Rods

One of my co-workers has one of the new-style Mustangs. I'm a little too much of a stick in the mud for it to be the right car for me, but it is a sweet-looking ride. If even the stock Mustang is a little too conservative for your taste, then check out a modded Mustang at this link. You can see all of the hot options and everything you can do to customize your ride.

Rethinking The Whole 'Forcible Sterilization' Thing

No, not really. Well, not yet anyway. Still, stories like this one at least bring the idea to mind.

Nutshell: 9 year old girl attacked two teachers twenty times over the last two weeks. Here's the tube-tying quote:

Authorities notified the girl's mother, who was arrested earlier this week on charges of dealing in stolen property and released on bail.

The woman refused to take her daughter, saying she was short on time because of an appointment, and she didn't care what officials did with the girl, the report said. Deputies had no choice but to take the child into custody.

And I'm assuming the baby daddy was nowhere to be found. Garbage like this has always made me angry. Now that I've spawned, it makes me even angrier. Strap them down, tie their tubes/snip them. I'm tired of paying the bills of an underclass that isn't interested in its own children, I'm tired of seeing women have a half dozen abortions because they don't have the mother wit to keep their legs together, I'm tired of seeing idiot parents scream at their children. A society like this CANNOT go on.

The Bells Are Ringing

For Mike & Corrin...

...or, I think they should anyway.

Remember a couple of days ago when I said that PayPerPost wants to finance a wedding? Well, now's your chance to help decide who gets hitched. They have three finalist couples and you can choose who you want to see in white by going to the PayPerPost Wedding site. You'll see the three stories from the couples and you can pick your favorite.

I chose couple three, Mike & Corrin for a couple of reasons. Mainly it's because their story reminds me of my own courting of the future Mrs. MediaBlog. We had to do the distance-relationship thing for a year and, let me tell you, it sucks. So here's to Mike & Corrin! Good luck guys. The balloting is close right now but you've got my vote!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh The Humanity!

You know, I'm not sure what's worse... Having your career trashed or having Chevy Chase portray you in a thinly-veiled episode of Law and Order.

Actually, I'm thinking the latter. And why has NBC been pimping for Chevy all week as "Emmy Winner Chevy Chase"? In case you wondered, the Emmys (there were three of them) were for writing, not acting... And they were 30 years ago. In a way, thats sort of an insult. It's like describing someone as valedictorian of their high school class... When they're 58.

A Little Chit Chat

There are a lot of things that set PayPerPost apart from other ad programs like, for example, Google AdWords. One of those things is that the average blogger can actually make money, quite a lot of money, on PayPerPost. To be honest, THAT'S what sets PayPerPost apart for me.

However, another thing that sets PayPerPost apart is that it has more of a community feel than most other ad programs. Yeah, we're all there to make money, but there really does seem to be more of a commitment to interact with the bloggers (or Posties as they're known) by the folks who run the show. Likewise, there is a good bit of interaction among the bloggers.

One of the places where this interaction takes place is on the PayPerPost forums. They're a great place to interact with other folks who are on the PayPerPost bandwagon and they're also a good place to get your questions answered.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jericho: So When Do the Lynchings Start?

Remember how I said that the mouthy bitch from the IRS would have been hanging from a lamppost? Ditto for the miserly storekeeper. Ungrateful whore is collecting antiques in exchange for a six pack of Tab. Newsflash, folks... People with guns would be eating, people without guns wouldn't. And mouthy shrews who try to stand in the way are going to die from a belly wound. While the show is sort of entertaining, every week that things stay more or less "normal" it becomes more annoying.

There's also the idea that you're going to be having Halloween three weeks after Armageddon.

Willing suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

More Truth Than They Know

You know, there's a lot more to this cartoon than meets the eye. The speed with which the Dems threw Lurch over the side shows just how obsessed they are with taking power. Likewise the degree to which they were willing to engage in gay-baiting in order to attack Mark Foley. This is the Clintonian-mindset in full. Anything or anyone who gets in the way of power is at risk. Any friend, any principle, any interest group.

Who should be most frightened by this? Blacks. Blacks as a percentage of the population are declining as Hispanics rise. The Democrats have long viewed Blacks as a reliable constituency. So reliable, in fact, that they can basically ignore them. A few words every now and then, a little fear-mongering, but that's about it. It will get worse. If it's a choice between Hispanics and Blacks, the Democrats are going to throw Blacks in the ditch. Count on it. That's why it is so critical the blacks get off the Democrat plantation (yes, I know how loaded that phrase is... it's used intentionally) and start diversifying themselves.

Anyway, all of those little interest groups that make up the Democrat party need to be very afraid because your day will come. Count on it.

Captain... I Need More Power

You pay a thousand dollars for a laptop and the power supply buys it. What could be worse? Now, you can ship it back to the factory, wait a month and pay out the ying-yang to get it fixed. Or... You can get in touch with PowerJacksOnline. These folks are specialists in Laptop DC Jacks. They sell them. They install them.

Click the link and give them a shot. They'll have you up and running again in no time.

7th Heaven: Here We Go Again

Yeah, I know... Two in a row. Sucks for me, sucks for you. Let's begin...

  1. Apparently Glen Oak is encumbered by a plague of youth homelessness. You know, maybe if the three of you would move in together (remember how much fun Threes Company was?), buckle down and bust your asses you might not have to lie, cheat and steal. Just a thought. And the little bitchy Jessica Simpson wannabe might want to stop her gob.
  2. Oh, and also, you might not want to put T-Bone on a resume. Just a thought.
  3. "Not old enough for welfare and too old to get into social services.." -- That's the window we call "time to get a friggin job."
  4. A couple of doobies. Do kids really say doobies? I ask from ignorance.
  5. Actually, Rev, if a young woman gets pregnant it does mean she is of questionable character. Doesn't mean she's irredeemable, doesn't mean she should be shunned, but she is of questionable character.
  6. If they make these homeless losers regulars I'm going to kill myself. Go ahead and call 911 because I'm not kidding.
  7. "Our brothers and sisters never come home... They left..." Out of the mouths of babes.
  8. So the pot-smoking, tatooed harlot is displaying herself to the tards. Oh yeah, this is going to end well.
  9. You know, I love it when my seminarians are getting randy in the rather plush dorms. It just makes me feel so certain about their character. Newsflash, Brenda Hampton... Christians don't always act like Christians, but they at least occasionally act like Christians.
  10. I guess Catherine Hicks' check didn't bounce this week.
  11. Air Traffic Controllers.

Lose The Race, Lose Your Ride

Geez, talk about high stakes! Drag racing for pink slips. Winner take all, loser takes a hike... Literally. If this kind of action is your thing than you do not want to miss an all day marathon of PINKS followed by premiere of PINKS All Out on Speedtv on Nov 23rd.

You can find more Drag Racing Clips and more about the show at that link.

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7th Heaven: Dear Sweet Lord Make It Stop

Because of the arrival of the Bloglet, I'm a little behind on my 7th Heaven criticism. Prepare for a gusher.

I'm at the episode from almost two weeks ago now. The one where Eric decides to homeschool the retards. Along with mortgaging his children's educational future he also has some sort of obsession with "ask" versus "axe".

Where to begin?

  1. Okay, how about with the mechanics of homeschooling... The county/state does not provide lesson plans and books. Nice try.
  2. Meanwhile, Lucy is snooping to figure out what's wrong with Eric. Newsflash, Lucy... THE OLD MAN IS DYING. If we're really lucky, it ain't heart disease. If we're lucky maybe it will be communicable and the entire town of Glen Oak will come down with it and die. Slowly. With lots of pus.
  3. Have you ever noticed that Kevin, a semi-reasoning human being, gets billing below the retard twins? Only the dog gets lower billing.
  4. Shampoo and hampsters... It's obvious! How can you be so obtuse, Kevin? You bastard!
  5. So "Minister" Lucy is going to actually be in the office tomorrow? I'm sure the church will be thrilled. I mean SINCE THEY'RE PAYING HER AND ALL!!!!
  6. "Big Chicken Farms"? I swear to God I wouldn't buy some steroid, mutant egg from Big Chicken Farms if my life depended on it.
  7. You know what, Eric? Why don't you go sleep with the semi-attractive teacher? Go for it. Maybe she'll give you crabs.
  8. You know, I'm not the most fundie of fundamentalists, but if I'm driving down the street and I see my pastor sitting on his front step with an attractive young woman... Let's just say that I'm going to be visiting a new church next weekend.
  9. Jesus and Mom... Sure. I'm sure the deity and your mother will be thrilled that you've named a rodent after them.
  10. Eric, I wouldn't worry about Simon coming back for his shampoo.
  11. Let's see... 7th Heaven focuses on the use of the word "axe" and has a black, homeless grifter. Where's Reverend Al?
  12. You know, since Sargent, Detective, Chief Michaels became the only law enforcement in Glen Oak, all hell has broken loose! You've got derelicts sleeping on the Promenade for God's sake! We're one step from Lord of the Flies here, people.
  13. If Kevin has enough questions for the bum, he's going to end up walking home naked. We don't want that. Trust me.
  14. If you don't teach the tards about the metric system they're going to get screwed when they buy coke. And I don't mean the soft drink.
  15. The only character left on this show that I like is Savannah. Savannah is mute. You do the math.

More of the Same

Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest

You know, I'm prepared to believe that Lurch made a verbal slip. He handled it with his usual lack of grace, but whatever. The problem is that he has a history of saying horrible things about the military. That's why it's so easy to think the worst of him when he says something now.

I suppose we should be thankful that now he just thinks American soldiers are stupid. Thirty years ago he thought they were baby killers.

The relevant portion of this article:

During a Vietnam-era run for Congress three decades ago, John Kerry said he opposed a volunteer Army because it would be dominated by the underprivileged, be less accountable and be more prone to "the perpetuation of war crimes."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

St. Oprah: I'm Good, You Suck

Gee Oprah. A Thousand Smacheroos. Thanks A Bunch.

Lisa de Moraes, the always acid-tongued TV critic for the Washington Post, takes St. Oprah to task for her latest stunt. St. Oprah told her audience members that each of them was receiving a $1000 debit card courtesy of Bank of America. Needless to say, the audience members were pleased. Then she told them that they had to give the money away! Isn't that exciting? And they were going to get to borrow DVD camcorders so they could record their acts of generosity. St. Oprah would then use their footage in an upcoming Oprah episode.

So let's see if we've got this. Bank of America gives away debit cards, audience members get to borrow a camcorder and Oprah gets a free show.

Gosh! Isn't that just swell???

What St. Oprah doesn't get is that a lot of the people in the audience probably could have used the $1K themselves. What St. Oprah doesn't get is that $1K is a lot of money to normal folk. For her it's change in the sofa. Not only are they not going to get as excited about giving money away as she is, they're going to feel guilty about not feeling better about it.

St. Oprah is part of the elitist crowd that thinks the unwashed masses need lessons in philanthropy from their betters. How about this, St. Oprah. How about YOU give each of those audience members $1K out of their own pocket for their own needs and let them video that also. Not from Bank of America but from YOUR ample resources.

Helping Lurch

Kerry Apologizes for 'Botched Joke'

Sigh... Okay, John. Clearly you're not getting this. Tony Snow tried to help you during the briefing today. Clearly the message isn't getting through. As a gesture of friendship, we here at The MediaBlog are going to go ahead and draft an appropriate apology for you. Read it. Verbatim.

"Yesterday I made a comment which clearly did not come out as I had intended it. My intention was to make a joke about President Bush. Instead, I inadvertently suggested that the fine young men and women serving in Iraq are their because they did not do well in school. During my service in Vietnam, I came to know that America's military represents our nation's best. That is just as true today as it was then. I am deeply sorry for the offense my comments caused. As a veteran, I have nothing but the highest regard for those who serve this country in uniform. My disagreements are with the President and his policies, not with our troops. I apologize for the hurt my words caused to brave, young Americans and hope that we can now return to the serious matters that should and will decide the upcoming election."

Moving On Up

I've got a little home office here. It serves my purposes. However, with the addition of The MediaBloglet to our household, I can see how it might not be a bad idea to find another space for my work. Unfortunately, it isn't in the budget right now.

Your budget doesn't have to stand in the way if you win The Home Office From Hell contest. All you have to do is go to the link, register and then post your top ten reasons why you need to move out of your office from hell. You can also upload a video to sell entry.

The winner will receive 12 months worth of office space rent, a computer, a trip to New York and a lunch with George from The Apprentice. Personally, I'd rather sit down across the table from Carolyn (Yowza!) but George is great too.

I don't think I can enter since I don't have ten reasons. Baby puke in the keyboard might be reason #1 though.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

And, in other news, rumors related to the new "mystery meat" in the cafeteria are completely unfounded. Any additional questions will result in detentions for all involved parties.

Truth in Labeling

FOX News, as you might imagine, is giving us wall-to-wall coverage of John Kerry's trip of the tongue. Now, obviously, I'm glad they are from a political standpoint. However, I do have a problem with what is going on at this particular moment.

One of the problems with news coverage is that they bring in people to talk about a subject and you really don't have any clue who these people are or where they're coming from. I mean, they may have someone who they label as a breast cancer survivor talking about some cut the federal government made to breast cancer research. What they don't tell you is that the person is a breast cancer survivor but she is also a political activist for one side of the other. Unless you know the full background of the people who are talking, it's hard to know how much weight to give their statements.

Now, Google is a great tool for this. Pop in Professor So-and-So and you can find out a lot about just how unbiased he really is. The problem is that you don't really have time to do this with every single person.

Right now, Fox has Michelle Laxalt on to talk about this. They have labeled her as being the mother of a soldier and the daughter of a World War II veteran. I'm sure that's true. What they don't say during this appearance is that she is a Washington lobbyist who leans to the right. I mean, they have her on as a "Republican strategist" from time to time. What they also don't say is that she is the daughter of former Senator Paul Laxalt (R-Nevada).

The media should be more transparent about things like this. Fox isn't the chief offender, but they're no better than the others.

You're Hired!

I wouldn't say I'm a job-hopper, but I've gone through my share of career changes. A couple of times it was because I had a job but was looking for something better and a couple of times it was because my job disappeared. Whatever the reason, I've been down the jobhunt road before.

I've always had really good luck looking for jobs online. In fact, all but one of my jobs came from an online resource. Online sites are easier to search and, in my opinion, they have a better selection of quality jobs.

A great place to start your job search online is Now there are a lot of job sites and, to be honest, a lot of them are good. I've used them all. What sets apart is that they don't deal with headhunters and they don't just repackage what you could find in the Sunday paper. This site deals directly with employers so you know that the job offers you see are legitimate offers. You need a job, you don't need to waste your time sorting through garbage.

So, if you need a job... Or a better job... Check out