Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ah The Jesuits...

Pioneering Rev. Robert Drinan dies at 86

I'm sure it's very wrong to speak ill of the dead. Still, since the man obviously had neither a wife nor children, I'm going to go ahead and say what I think about the recently departed.

Father Drinan served in the US House of Representatives for ten years, all the while wearing his clerical robes and collar. Along with some very respectable positions on human rights, he was also an advocate of abortion rights. Using the typical liberal cop-out of being "personally opposed" to abortion, the good reverend was more than willing to grease the slides for those who felt like sending their babies into the incinerator.

That being said, I will leave the ultimate judgement of the man's soul in far more capable hands than my own. I will, however, ask one question of the late reverend's immortal soul:

While you were so busy representing the good people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while you were working so hard to guarantee the right of women to commit "virtual infanticide" (your words, sir), how many souls did you win to Christ?

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