Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coming Clean

Biden Fields Questions About '08 Rivals

Joe Biden is a horse's ass. However, we find ourselves warming to the horse's ass.

No, we won't be voting for him. First, because he's a Democrat. Second, because he is (as we said) a horse's ass) Third, because we're not sure the roots from all those plugs may not have burrowed into his brain.

All that being said, if only for today, we find ourselves liking the man. Rush and Sean had a lot of fun with his comments about Obama being "clean" but does anyone honestly think that's a racist statement? He's not saying other Black people are dirty. He just means that Obama is a clean-cut, handsome guy. It's sort of a dismissive way of saying that he's just a pretty face. It's just not that big a deal.

We here at The MediaBlog are always fans of the underdog. Hell, once upon a time we even voted for Paul Tsongas. So Joe's okay in our book.

Besides... He looks DAMN presidential:

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