Friday, February 23, 2007

But First...

But before we get back to the meat and potatoes, hows about a word from our sponsor?

Friends (where's the Paul Harvey HTML tag when you need it), if you pay any attention to my scribblings then you know that we are a big fan of the revolutionary blog marketing firm known as PayPerPost.

In a nutshell, PayPerPost lets regular bloggers earn real money by making sponsored posts on their blogs. Unlike most of the other blog advertising schemes you may be familiar with, PayPerPost is aimed at the Average Joe of the blogging world. You don't have to get a million hits each month in order to make some real dough. Also, while PayPerPost may be the new kid on the block, they operate with the same sort of reliability you would expect from an old, established firm. Payments are made regularly and on time. One click on your Paypal account and the money is on its way to your bank account. Best of all, you don't have to wait until you've earned $100 or even $25 before you collect your earnings. PayPerPost pays you as you earn whether it's $1 or $100. They don't set some absurdly high target that most of us aren't going to reach in a decade. That's what I call fair dealing.

Anyway, as PayPerPost has grown it has changed. One of the newest changes is called segmentation. Big word to basically say that PayPerPost is giving advertisers more ability to tailor their ad campaign toward certain types of blogs. Now, I won't deny that change can be difficult, but this is probably a necessary thing. Advertisers obviously want to maximize their bang for the buck. What is great about PayPerPost is that segmentation has brought with it more high-paying opportunities. Instead of just placing additional burdens on bloggers (segmentation, disclosure requirements, etc), PayPerPost also ponies up with more dough. More responsibility, more opportunity. That's a winning combination!

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