Thursday, February 08, 2007


Cash! Greenbacks! Dinero!

Whatever you call it, everyone likes it. Maybe loving it is wrong but surely liking is okay? Right? Right?

I have made a lot of money through blog advertising with PayPerPost. So far I've made more than $900 and I earn more just about every day. It is easy, payment is prompt and reliable. Best of all, you get paid as you earn. Instead of waiting until you reach some nearly unattainable level, PayPerPost puts money in your hands. Not only is that more fair, it is also a much better incentive to keep participating in the program. No fools these PayPerPost folks!

Besides, this is real money we're talking about. Not a dollar a month like you get with some other advertising programs. PayPerPost lets regular bloggers make REAL money! For my money (I know... bad joke), you won't find a better revenue stream for your blog.

I am not going to retire on what I'm making, but it does buy diapers for the Bloglet. MediaBlog HQ is operating on one income right now. That secondary stream of money I get from PayPerPost definitely helps. Do I need it to make the mortgage? No, of course not, but it does provide for some extras... A little fun... Maybe some extra in savings for the future.

So much for so reasonable an effort! PayPerPost is well worth your time.

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