Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Shoutout

To the miserable wretch who got here by typing "Courtney Friel sucks" into Google:

We have only one comment.
Only if you ask her nicely.

A Question for My Lesbian Readership

I don't have "statistics" or "evidence" to support this, but I have a feeling that The MediaBlog has a very large lesbian readership. I mean, we post a good amount of blogporn around here so why wouldn't the lesbian community love us? I ask you.

Anyhoo... Here's what I want to know from my devoted lesbian audience... Do you really like Rosie O'Donnell? I mean, the bit... Sorry, I'm going to try to keep this civil... The lady says idiotic things on a daily basis. Now, plenty of gay and straight people are fools. Still, if I were a lesbian (and we really do have a lot in common you know), I would HATE Rosie. I mean, the first two things I think of when I see her ugly mug are "lesbian" and "idiot". That can't be good for my lesbian community.

Oh, and by the way, Rosie... There weren't any explosives.



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Friday, March 30, 2007

Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

Watch With Kristin - Exclusive! 7th Heaven Canceled

Call my a cynic, but I won't believe it until I see the flame-charred corpses of the entire Camden clan and their various hangers-on lying at the bottom of the crater formed when T-Bone decided to blow himself up after realizing that he just lost his virginity to Ruthie.

And even then, there's always the possibility of a spin-off, 7th Heaven: The Resurrection.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Noticed

You know, when I want to sell something... Maybe my dog had puppies and I've got to get rid of them. Or maybe I've got some furniture that I don't feel like moving to the new house. The first thing I do is call up my local newspaper and pay to have a small classified ad posted in a section of the newspaper that just about no one under the age of 80 reads. Then I turn on the wireless and listen to a little Big Band music... Yeah. Right.

Classified ads in the newspaper went out with buggy whips. The internet is a much more effective, affordable way to get your message out. Internet classifieds are THE BEST way to get the attention you are seeking. At the link above you will find, a provider of quality classified ads in the UK. Along with ad space, you'll also find news, weather, blogs... Even a dating site.

It's well worth a look.

I Wonder if They Were Wearing the Holy Drawers?

So I'm pumping gas yesterday when two clean-cut young men in white shirts pull up at the pump behind me. Very white, very polite. I immediately knew this couldn't be good. While Robin is pumping the gas, Batman comes up to me, calls me 'sir' and asks if I've heard about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Being a good Southern Baptist, I do what comes naturally: I lie through my teeth...

"Yes," I tell him. "Some people came by my house a few weeks ago."
"What did you think?" he asked, still very politely.
"Well, I'm a Southern Baptist," I reply, in the hope that our reputation for closed-minded intolerance will send him off to get the squeegee.
"All right. Well if we can ever be of any help, please let us know," he says.
"Um... Thanks."

See, here's the thing. I like Mormons. I really do. I like the family-values, I like the wholesome squarishness. Now, I realize that saying "I Like Mormons" is about as stupid as saying "I Like Black People." There are all sorts of Mormons. Some of them are probably jerks. Some of them probably even lie to missionaries. That being said, every Mormon I have ever met seemed to be a genuinely good person. If I had to choose between having Mormon neighbors and Baptist neighbors, knowing nothing else about them, I would probably choose the Mormons. That says some very good things about Mormons or, at least, the image Mormons present to the world. What does it say about my fellow Baptists, though? What does it say about me?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finding That Special Friend

You know, there are hundreds of dating sites out there. You have probably heard the big names with their personality profiles and that sort of thing. Well, that is great but the problem is that sometimes you do not really want to see every profile under the sun. Sometimes all you really care about is seeing people you might actually be interested in. That is where niche dating sites come into play. is a Black Dating site that can help African-American singles find each other.

If you are looking for someone, give a look.

James Dobson: Out of His Gourd

Dobson Offers Insight on 2008 Republican Hopefuls

"Everyone knows he's conservative and has come out strongly for the things that the pro-family movement stands for," Dobson said of (Fred) Thompson. "[But] I don't think he's a Christian; at least that's my impression," Dobson added, saying that such an impression would make it difficult for Thompson to connect with the Republican Party's conservative Christian base and win the GOP nomination... In a follow-up phone conversation, Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger stood by Dobson's claim. He said that, while Dobson didn't believe Thompson to be a member of a non-Christian faith, Dobson nevertheless "has never known Thompson to be a committed Christian—someone who talks openly about his faith." "We use that word—Christian—to refer to people who are evangelical Christians," Schneeberger added. "Dr. Dobson wasn't expressing a personal opinion about his reaction to a Thompson candidacy; he was trying to 'read the tea leaves' about such a possibility."

Let's deconstruct the sheer lunacy of all this. First of all, James Dobson thinks he has some sort of special ability to figure out who is saved and who isn't. Second, he thinks that only evangelicals are Christians.

As a card-carrying member of the Religious Right, I hearby renounce James Dobson. Everything he said is not just unhelpful, it's just stupid. For the record though, I don't know that he is anything like the power figure the media would have you believe. They usually build up the reputation of people like him so they can talk about how their influence is weakening. Maybe the truth is that he was never as powerful as people gave him credit for. I could care less who James Dobson supports. Endorsements mean nothing to me, even from people I agree with.

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Britannia Rules the Waves

Royal Navy To Cut Its Fleet By Half

Iran Shows Video of British Crew

If you think these two stories aren't related then you are kidding yourself. Nelson's Navy is about a year away from being little more than a glorified coast guard. The fleet that defied Napoleon and Hitler will rust at its moorings, unwept, unmourned and unremembered. There are only three truly effective naval forces left: the US Navy, the Royal Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (which, for all its pansy name, packs a punch). Soon there will be only two. At least, until the Chinese are ready to hit the high seas.

It is tragic and extremely short-sighted of the British to sacrifice their fleet for the sake of Labour Party fiscal austerity in order to pay for the National Health Service and the rest of the social welfare package. For a continent with global ambitions, global trade and global interests, the Europeans are all too willing to outsource their security. Until recently, Britain has resisted this blindness. Apparently, even even British resolution has its limits.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Luck and God Bless

Do not go gentle, Tony. You can do it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

But It's For A Good Cause, Right?

Charity auction for something having to do with Bobby Kennedy... You know... The guy who killed Marilyn Monroe. Just kidding. Call off the attorneys. No, but seriously... Those celebs are all too willing to donate their valuable time for a liberal paragon. To wit: refunds will be given if you fall asleep in mid-meal.

...14:58 and counting it just me or does this one have sort of a Dr. Evil-ish quality to it? Fly, my pretties! Fly!!!!

...and just what does the time of your life with "Big Ben" include? Is it extra for a happy ending?


What the frack is with making us wait NINE FRACKING MONTHS????

Gods damnit! That's the most fracking insane thing I've ever heard of in my fracking life! The Bloglet will be walking in nine months! You can create a whole fracking human being in nine months!!!! It takes you that fracking long to make 22 fracking episodes????

Sunday, March 25, 2007


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My Eyes! My Eyes!

Some poor, deranged soul got here by searching Google for +"Nancy Pelosi" +MILF

Whoever your are, wherever you are... Please, I'm begging you to get the help you so desperately need. Seriously, if you've gone that long without the loving comfort of a woman... If you are do in need of a little lovin that you've started longing for the charms of the gentlelady from San Francisco... I'm going to suggest that you visit a whore. I don't make that suggestion lightly. Still, if that's where you are then you need to get that monkey off your back RIGHT NOW. Go. NOW!

Oh... And just in case you need a caption for this photo...

"With my finger, Tim. I swear to God. I killed him with my finger."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is it Coo-pon or Cue-pon?

You know, however you pronounce it, everybody likes to save a few bucks here and there. The web is a great place to do your shopping if you like to save. First, you're going to find great deals. Second, you're probably not going to pay sales tax. Third, it is very easy to find coupon codes that will give you an even bigger discount or maybe free shipping. Lots of possibilities and lots of different retailers. For example, you can find Target coupons. Or maybe you are in the market for some clothes? It's as simple as checking out Gap coupons.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Best Wishes

Obviously we don't agree with John Edwards on much of anything. Here's what we do agree on, however. From the entire MediaBlog family, our hopes and prayers for Elizabeth Edwards. I can't imagine what they are going through right now.

I will also say this. Compared to a lot of political families, they really do seem like "normal" people. As normal as the field will allow, I suppose. The very act of running for the presidency imposes a fairly large amount of abnormality.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

You know, sometimes you need a specialized piece of computer hardware. Maybe it's a high-end laptop for a special project... Could be a multimedia projector for that big presentation you have to do for a client. You don't need it often enough to invest in buying one. You just need it for the day. Did you know that you can rent this type of equipment and a whole lot more? You definitely can. can set you up with Los Angeles computer rentals if your business will have you there. It's convenient and economical. Check it out at the link above.

The Misguided Wisdom of Peanuts

Jimmy Carter's Bible Class

"I can’t claim to be a scholar, but when our hostages were being held by Iran when I was president, I read the Quran, and I had Islamic scholars come and talk to me. The basic human-behavior principles were the same. The Islamic Bible, the Quran, teaches peace and justice and care for one’s neighbor and helping the poor."

Just flat out deluded. I'm not going to comment on the contents of the Koran or on the teachings of Islam. That's been done before, both here and in more qualified forums. What I will say is that instead of reading the Koran, Peanuts should have been sitting with the Joint Chiefs and forumlating an escalating bombing campaign. The cost of that would, in all probability, have been the hostages lives. That would have been a human tragedy. It would have avoided, however, a dramatic display of weakness that has devastated American foreign policy in the Middle East for almost 30 years. Peanuts' failing, or one of them anyway, has always been his inability to see the big picture.

Finding Help

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The Watershed has several treatment facilities. One may very well be in your area. You can access their website at the link above. It has an enormous amount of information on addiction and treatment. They can even help you find out whether your insurance will cover the treatment.

As I said, there are lots of programs which can help those seeking to escape the prison of drug and alcohol abuse. If you are in need of help, start your search at

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Republicans Chicken Out... Again

House wants counties to decide tax issue

You know, there is a fundamental disconnect between Republican politicians and Conservative voters. The latter want radical, ideologically grounded change while the former is too timid to actually do it.

After getting us all geared up with promises of abolishing the property tax, we're now at a point where the Republican-dominated House is going to punt the issue to the counties because the Republican-dominated Senate won't go along with real change. The same counties that have been bitching and moaning that they'll go broke if their budgets are cut.

Kiss it goodbye, friends... And hand over your wallet.

Stating the Obvious

Scientists Agree: Nukes Bad

Did we really need a study for this? Apparently the Center for Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia just concluded a study on the effect of a nuke going off in a major American city. Who knew the Dawgs had time to think about anything other than beating the Gators and getting the bulldog dressed in that little hat and sweater without losing digits. Anyhoo... It seems that if a 550 kiloton nuclear device went off in the center of Atlanta a whole bunch of people would die. Who knew?

You know, if you've got any grant money laying around for studying the obvious, I'm your guy,

In other news, bears crap in the woods, Pope still Catholic.

Can You Afford It?

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Garrison Keillor: Closet Conservative?

Stating the obvious |

You know, just like there are about fifty different versions of "Conservatism" (neo, paleo, Reagan, etc. etc. etc.) there is more than one "Liberalism". There is the rabid, anti-American kind, the New Democrat Clintonian and God only knows how many more.

In some ways, perhaps limited ways, I think those of us on the Right may have more in common with certain varieties of liberal that we or they would care to admit.

Garrison Keillor is hardly a person I would describe as my ideological soul mate. He strikes me as a sort of un-reconstructed New Dealer of the sort one only finds in retirement homes and Minnesota. He's deathly wrong on a hundred and one things.

Still, these old New Dealer types aren't totally different from us. The New Deal was a creature of pre-post-morality America. It came out of a time when such old fashioned concepts as responsibility and shame were not something to be dismissed and overcome on Oprah's couch.

Maybe that's why Garrison let slip the unspeakable truth that kids are better off in a monogamous, heterosexual family than in any alternative. Sometimes, without even thinking of the consequences, people say what they really think.

It's kind of rare, but very refreshing. Now, they may subsequently apologize after they realize that they have committed the almost unpardonable sin of candor. They may say they were misquoted or they misspoke or they were only kidding. Maybe they were joking, but many a truth has been said in jest.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


You know, there are almost as many drug rehab programs as there are addicts in need to help. There are treatment centers all over the country, programs to fit every imaginable treatment style or plan. It is almost impossible for a person to know which treatment program is going to work best for them.

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Folks, the only constant is change. That's true of life and it's true of this blog. Over the next three months we are probably going to be gradually transitioning to a new home. You will continue to see content here during that time, but more and more of our scribblings will be going to our new home. I'll be advising you of the new location soon...

Just as soon as I figure out what it is.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Blessing and A Curse

You know, they say that guns don't kill people, people kill people. There is a lot of truth in that. I mean, a gun is a tool. Used responsibly it protects, used irresponsibly it murders. The gun does not determine the outcome, the operator does.

Now, credit cards may not be a matter of life and death, but they are also a tool. If you use them responsibly, wisely and well then they are an enormously valuable tool. If you misuse them though, you are in for a great deal of misery. I have been on both sides of this argument at one time or another in my life.

Cash Advance Loans are another tool. If you misuse them you are going to get yourself into a lot of trouble. If, on the other hand, you use them responsibly, they can be a great help in a time of need. Like all the rest, they are just a tool.

To learn more about usuing them wisely and well, check out the link above.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Almost Done

Dems Seek Maximum Political Gain in Attorneys Uproar -

Drill down into this story and you see a note that "key figures" on both the Democrat and Republican side expect the Attorney General to end up resigning over this.

Washington "resignations" are usually thinly-veiled firings. I was not that thrilled by the replacement of Ashcroft with Gonzales in the first place, but if Dubya fires him over this then I am finished defending the President. I'll continue defending his policies (when he is right) but I will not offer any defenses of him individually. I think that's where most of the base is and it's where I'm going to be shortly.

This is a trumped up "scandal". If Dubya doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this shit then I'm not going to waste my time and energy on him. It seems like the only think Dubya will go to the mattresses on is the War. Bully. If he could only pick one thing than that would be the one thing to pick. The problem is that there is no law that says he is only limited to one thing. If he chooses to limit himself in that way then it's his problem, not ours. He could go on the offensive on all fronts if he chose to.

So there it is, Mr. President. Not that you're all that worried about losing the active support of one small blogger. Individually I don't matter. The fact that people like me are losing faith, however, should be setting off alarms.

Seeing Is Believing

One of the really great things about the Internet is that you can find just about anything. And I do mean anything. Want to see jackass-type stunts? They're there. Blooper-style gags? Yep, those too. How about just plain laugh your rump off practical jokes? Oh yeah, plenty of those. If you need a laugh, take a second to check out the cool video clips you can find at, strangely enough, You won't be disappointed.

Soggy Buses is Soggy in the Head

Nagin Suspects Plot to Keep Blacks Away

Now Mr. Chocolate City thinks there is a conspiracy to change the racial character of New Orleans by getting the Blacks out and having the rich Whites come back. And, he adds, "they" will do it again the next time there is a major disaster. Newsflash, Soggy... Maybe they just don't WANT to come back to your hellhole of a city.

What is it about certain sorts of people that they are prepared to see a conspiracy in EVERYTHING? Soggy Buses sees the bleaching of New Orleans. Folks in the Middle East think the Mossad pulled off 9/11 but simultaneously believe that it was a great victory for Allah.

Stuff like this makes Art Bell seem like Walter Cronkite

Talk Is Cheap

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rating Jack Ryan

Just finished watching The Sum of All Fears on FX. Not a bad movie. Not a great one, but not a bad one. The book was better, but that almost goes without saying. The book is almost always better than the movie.

Here's what I really noticed though... Ben Afflick is a lousy Jack Ryan. For that matter, Harrison Ford wasn't the greatest Jack Ryan in the history of the world. To be honest, they only made one really good movie from a Tom Clancy novel: The Hunt for Red October. God help me, but Alec Baldwin was the only Jack Ryan who was true to the character.

Oh, and while we're at it? Willem Dafoe made a piss-poor John Clark.

The MediaBlog Hero of the Day: Judge Rick De Furia

Homeowner Had a 'Right to Resist'

Cheers to Judge De Furia. Instead of mindlessly taking the side of law enforcement, he recognizes that sometimes the citizen is in the right. These two deputies entered a home to serve civil papers. They did not have permission to enter and they had neither a search nor an arrest warrant. They tried to make the homeowner's wife get him but she (legitimately) refused so they tried to arrest her for obstruction. The homeowner sees his wife on the ground being (unlawfully) arrested so he kicks a little deputy ass.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


It is okay. All of us feel a little lonely from time to time. The problem is, sometimes it is so difficult to find someone to spend a little time with. We all have busy lives. It can be very difficult to find the right person. For a lot of people, an online dating service is a good alternative. JustSayHi is one of the best of the free dating services. It lets you do everything the other sites do only you do not have to pay a dime for it. No cash, no credit card. Just sign up and start meeting people.

Why not give it a try?

I Really Do Need To Stop

One Note Andy: Butching Up Jesus

You know, I've said before that I'm going to stop reading One Note Andy. Unless you want to hear about gay marriage for the hundredth time, he really doesn't have anything of interest to say anymore. I keep saying that I'm going to stop but I keep going back. Sort of masochistic, I guess. No... What it is really is a perverse desire to make myself pissed off. I blog more when I'm pissed. Andy is always useful for that if nothing else.

Today Andy, who is always quick to get mad when anyone insults his lifestyle, accuses members of a new Promise Keepers-type group of being, his term, "closet cases". This is one of the things I really hate about the militant gays. Personally, I think that deep down they recognize that they are living an abnormal life. That's why they are desperate to believe that others share their perversion. Misery does love company, after all. That's why they hear about Abraham Lincoln sleeping in the same bed as another man when traveling (not at all uncommon), they assume he was gay. When they read about Jonathan and David from the Bible they assume that any close male friends have to be gay. Likewise, when Christian men come together and try to reinforce each other's faith, try to encourage men to take an active part in the church and in the religious lives of their families (instead of leaving the burden on mom as is so often the case) they must be "closet cases".

Screw it. This time I really do mean it. This will be my last One Note Andy post. Even blogging productivity isn't worth wasting my time on his drivel any longer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jobs Americans Won't Do

Bush Punches Old Woman In The Face

Mrs. Bill Clinton: Bush Hates Old People

Well, not directly, but more or less. At least, so says Mrs. Bill Clinton who took advantage of an opportunity to blame Bush for the old lady who got beat mugged and punched in the face. Is it the fault of the mugger? Of course not. It's Dubya's fault because he cut community policing (ie I'm-your-best-friend-not-a-cop) grants. You know, the Left think's it's intellectually superior because it doesn't take the simplistic view that people are responsible for their actions. No, the true Leftist is able to see beyond such archaic concepts as personal responsibility and see that the root causes which, usually, somehow involve Republicans.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Big Slippery

Chicken Fat Spill Shuts Down La. Highway

Strangely enough, no one in Louisiana noticed the smell of thousands of gallons of liquified chicken fat.

The MediaBlog: Two Minute Hate

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Plain-Spoken Marine

Gen. Pace calls homosexuality immoral - Yahoo! News

How rare is this? General Pace is saying something that a lot of regular Americas believe but that very few people in public positions are willing to say.

I'm going to give you the plain and simple money quote:

"I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," Pace said.

Amen, amen and amen! Now the question becomes one of whether fainter hearts will make him temporize or "clarify" his comments.

If we have reached a point in this country where it is impermissible for people to call sin sin then we are through.

Meanwhile, One Note Andy, continues down his path from Important Conservative Blogger Who Happens To Be Gay to Boring Gay Blogger Who Claims To Be Conservative. Along with all the S&M posts of people being "tortured" he's now including verbal gay porn with just a touch of the melodramatic. To wit:

One treasured memory: two guys who looked like extras from "300", grinding their near-naked bodies together, both with bio-hazard tattoos on their shoulders. I was mesmerized by the sheer energy between two beautiful men with HIV, living fully while they could.

Maybe He's Not... Well... You Know

Was Charlie On A Date?

The rumor about Charlie Crist has always been that he... How shall we put this? Well, he's a bachelor of a certain age and... Uh huh... Just a rumor, mind you. Nothing more than that. Well, it seems that he might be dating a woman who is a contestant on a reality show called (I kid you not) "Hottest Mom in America."

Why, Charlie, you dog! Who knew you had it in you? She's got a really nice pair too... Of kids! Kids! What did you think I meant?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Dishonored Dead of Spain

On the third anniversary of the terrorist attack in Spain, we honor the abandoned dead. Your nation refuses to fight that your deaths may not have been in vain. You deserve better.

In Memoriam

Eva Belén Abad Quijada, Spain, 30 years old

Óscar Abril Alegre, Spain, 19 years old

Liliana Guillermina Acero Ushiña, Ecuador, 26 years old

Florencio Aguado Rojano, Spain, 60 years old

Juan Alberto Alonso Rodríguez, Spain, 38 years old

María Joséfa Alvarez González, Spain, 48 years old

Juan Carlos Del Amo Aguado, Spain, 28 years old

Andriyan Asenov Andrianov, Bulgaria, 22 years old

María Nuria Aparicio Somolinos, Spain, 40 years old

Alberto Arenas Barroso, Spain, 24 years old

Neil Hebe Astocondor Masgo, Peru, 34 years old

Ana Isabel Avila Jiménez, Spain, 43 years old

Miguel Ángel Badajoz Cano, Spain, 34 years old

Susana Ballesteros Ibarra, Spain, 42 years old

Francisco Javier Barahona Imedio, Spain, 34 years old

Gonzalo Barajas Díaz, Spain, 32 years old

Gloria Inés Bedoya, Colombia, 40 years old

Sanaa Ben Salah Imadaquan, Spain, 13 years old

Esteban Martín De Benito Caboblanco, Spain, 39 years old

Rodolfo Benito Samaniego, Spain, 27 years old

Anka Valeria Bodea, Romania, 26 years old

Livia Bogdan, Romania, 27 years old

Florencio Brasero Murga, Spain, 50 years old

Trinidad Bravo Segovia, Spain, 40 years old

Alina Maria Bryk, Poland, 39 years old

Stefan Budai, Romania, 37 years old

Tibor Budi, Romania, 37 years old

María Pilar Cabrejas Burillo, Spain, 37 years old

Rodrigo Cabrero Pérez, Spain, 20 years old

Milagros Calvo García, Spain, 39 years old

Sonia Cano Campos, Spain, 24 years old

Alicia Cano Martínez, Spain, 63 years old

José María Carrilero Baeza, Spain, 39 years old

Álvaro Carrion Franco, Spain, 17 years old

Francisco Javier Casas Torresano, Spain, 28 years old

Cipriano Castillo Muñoz, Spain, 55 years old

María Inmaculada Castillo Sevillano, Spain, 39 years old

Sara Centenera Montalvo, Spain, 19 years old

Oswaldo Manuel Cisneros Villacís, Ecuador, 34 years old

Eugenia María Ciudad-Real Díaz, Spain, 26 years old

Jacqueline Contreras Ortiz, Peru, 22 years old

María Soledad Contreras Sánchez, Spain, 51 years old

María Paz Criado Pleiter, Spain, 52 years old

Nicoleta Diac, Romania, 27 years old

Beatriz Díaz Hernandez, Spain, 30 years old

Georgeta Gabriela Dima, Romania, 35 years old

Tinka Dimitrova Paunova, Bulgaria, 31 years old

Kalina Dimitrova Vasileva, Bulgaria, 31 years old

Sam Djoco, Senegal, 42 years old

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Osama El Amrati, Morocco, 23 years old

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Carlos Marino Fernández Dávila, Peru, 39 years old

María Fernández del Amo, Spain, 25 years old

Rex Ferrer Reynado, Phillipines, 20 years old

Héctor Manuel Figueroa Bravo, Chile, 33 years old

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José Gallardo Olmo, Spain, 33 years old

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Enrique García González, Dominican Republic, 28 years old

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Bye bye, Google... Hello, Gorgeous!

You may have noticed that we've dumped all the AdSense content from the sidebar. Never made jack from it anyway. Why not remove the clutter?

And while we're here, we're going to toss a charity link at a blog operated by a perfect stranger. She operates some kind of personal security firm. I happened to stumble across her blog. I'm linking to it for one reason only: I think she's gorgeous!

So, whoever you are, there you go. Good luck with your business and your blog!

A Blogporn Mystery!

Props to whoever can tell me what this blogporn trifecta has in common. Other than extreme hotness, of course. That's a given.

Thoughts For Sunday

Larry King-esque stream of consciousness post coming. Brace yourselves...

Today, on the Lord's Day, I am very thankful for ocean breezes and hot young girls in sundresses. Amen and amen.


When you see a little baby girl with Down's Syndrome, a child so small and so innocent that she has never done a single wrong thing in her entire life, it makes you angry with a God that could allow it. Yes, she wouldn't even be here at all if it weren't for Him, but that isn't a great deal of consolation. She leaves you with questions and the only answers aren't satisfying. Either God can't fix it or God chooses not to fix it. If He chooses not to then he's either cruel or He has plans that are beyond us. Plans he chooses not to explain to us. It's very hard to think of what sort of plan is worth that sort of cruelty to an innocent. If the plan is so valuable, couldn't it be accomplished in some other way? There is only one real answer to the question of why God allows this... I don't know.


"Yeah, I have a job in a lighthouse. Well, I used to. Say, you wouldn't happen to have any gum or tic tacs, would you?"

Let There Be Light

You know, when Mrs. MediaBlog and I were building MediaBlog HQ, one of the hardest things we had to pick was the light fixtures. I mean there are just so many choices. Too many choices, to be honest. It really was hard to pick. It was also hard to stay on budget, but that's another story. Thankfully, I was able to leave most of the decision-making to the Mrs. but even so, it was an ordeal.

If you're in the market for interior lighting, then you should check out this link. They have kitchen lighting, patio lights and a whole lot more. Great choices, great prices. Well worth a look if you're in the market.

Hillary Is Scared

HILL: I'M THE JFK OF 2008 By MAGGIE HABERMAN Post Correspondent - Nationalnews - New York Post Online Edition

Can't have a Catholic President = Can't Have a Woman President

Mrs. Bill Clinton is dragging out the tired canard that some Americans aren't ready for a female President. What this really means is that she is scared. Her opponents are running strong among women and Hillary can't win unless she gets a solid majority of female votes. She's got to sell herself as the champion of women. If she were in a stronger position she would be able to take female votes as a given and focus on winning over men.

Newsflash to Mrs. Bill Clinton and to Nancy Pelosi and all the rest... You've come a long way, baby, and nobody gives a crap. You've accomplished the long-sought goal: a seat at the table. People don't notice your gender anymore. Happy? No, now you want us to praise you for doing so well as a woman.

When we talk about the fact that you're a woman, you want us to treat you as a person. When we treat you as a person, you want us to acknowledge you as a woman. If it weren't so sexist, I'd make a comment about how stereotypically female that is.

If it weren't so sexist.

Sexy or Scary?

Courtney Friel in a ski mask...

I don't know whether I find this sexy or not. Maybe in sort of a fetishy, dominatrix sort of way? Okay, I know now. Yowza! You won't see this on Today, friends!

Give Em' Hell, Zell!

Says Zell: Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and illegal immigration all linked to abortion | Political Insider

So hows about this... When Rudy gets the Republican nomination he picks Democrat Zell Miller as his VP. Benefits?

1. Bolsters his support with the anti-abortion crowd.
2. Bolsters his support in the South.
3. Lets him sell himself as leading a national unity ticket against the "partisan, divisive" national Democrat party.

Yeah, it may sound a little wild, but this would be a first class opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of the national democratic party.

Then, after getting elected, he picks Joe Lieberman as SecDef. Yeah, Lieberman is a liberal on every issue but one, but the one issue he "gets" is the only one that would matter at Defense. It would cement his claim on the security Democrats.

If Giuliani isn't already considering this he needs to start... Now. So do McCain and Romney, but I think it would work best for Giuliani. Rudy's candidacy is going to be the one that is most forcefully and most exclusively based around national security. This strategy is going to work for him. It's daring, it's different. It's exciting!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Burn, Baby! Burn!

The Independent: Liz Hurley's Wedding Generates Ginormous Carbon Footprint

As far as I'm concerned, Liz Hurley can dump as much carbon in the atmosphere as she likes. She can also stuff her pillows with spotted owl feathers, wear a baby seal fur coat and burn old growth forest hardwood in her fireplace in the middle of July just because she likes there to be a lovely fire going when her helicopter lands.

Liz, baby, I can deny you nothing!

Keeping the Faith

You really have to be careful out there.

When you're searching for Mr. or Miss Right, you are going to find a lot more frogs than princes (or princesses). Seriously, if you are looking for a real relationship, you want to be sure that you are meeting people who agree with you on the most important things in life. Not just movies and long walks on the beach, but stuff that really matters. Things like faith and family.

The link is a great way for Christian Singles to find each other. Why trust your future to a dating site that does not value what matters most to you? Check them out and see if you can find someone special.

The Huffington Post

You know, one of the very questionable gifts that Bill Maher gave the world is Arianna Huffington. Yeah, I suppose she was around before she started appearing on Politically Incorrect with Maher, but nobody had ever heard of her.

After she tossed her gay husband over the side, she decided to take her Zsa Zsa accent and set herself up as the doyenne of America's Radical Left. Yes, friends, she is the proprietress of The Huffington Post. We have discussed it a time of two before, most notably when one of her harem of columnists indicated, just four days after the lights went out in New Orleans, that Black people had started feeding on the corpses of the dead. Now, maybe I'm a hardass, but I don't think you can wipe away accusing Black people of being cannibals with a simple "nevermind."

Anyhoo, nothing much changes at The Post. Today we have an article talking about how wonderful Spain is since they've thrown off the shackles of religion. Unrestrained nudity, drug use, gay marriage and prostitution combined with scientific advancement and economic growth. All they had to do was kick that pesky old Jesus out and suddenly paradise was born.

Now, here's what I love about the radical Left: they can't help fighting the same battles over and over and over again. I mean, they're still refighting Bush v. Gore long after the matter was settled. They also keep digging up Generalissimo Francisco Franco (who is still dead, by the way) so they can give him one more kick in the nuts. Now, I'm not here to sing the praises of fascism in Spain. What I will say though is that the post-Franco, post-Christian Spanish utopia they are so quick to praise has just one little, pesky problem: they're running out of Spaniards!

With a birthrate that has dropped dramatically below replacement levels over the last twenty-five years (1.28 per woman), the folks who are going to be inheriting (and reversing) all this Leftist glory are the Moors.

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills!

Gold is a consistent source of value and safety in troubled economic times. General Metals Corporation can help you make gold a part of your financial security plan. You know, a balanced financial portfolio is going to include a lot of different investments... Stocks, bonds, real estate and, yes, precious metals like gold. Gold has always been a safe, reliable place to store wealth. Unlike paper money or securities, gold has an intrinsic, tangible value. It has never been worth nothing and it never will be. That's the beauty of adding gold to your portfolio. It provides a bedrock of security that you can use to build your financial future. Below is some additional information on gold investments. Spend a few minutes to learn a little more...

Gold Expected to Dominate the Investment Horizon, Experts Advise Early Stock Purchases (Reno, NV – March 5, 2007) Traditionally, gold has had an inverse relationship with the stock market. When stocks go up, the price of gold usually falls; when stocks flounder, the price of gold usually skyrockets. Some experts believe it could mean a lot for investors in 2007, because gold is once again catching the eye of the investor. For General Metals Corporation, the news couldn’t come at a better time. “With our plans to begin drilling at Independence Mine, we’re more than thrilled to hear gold is making a comeback,” states company CEO Stephen Parent. “We’re even more excited with our location; it’s a proven producer.” General Metals acquired the Independence Mine in northern Nevada and became a public company last year, trading under the symbol GNLM. Predominantly a silver mine from 1938 to 1987, the Independence Mine is estimated to contain over two million ounces of gold, as well as over two million ounces of additional un-mined silver. As the Independence Mine is essentially an island within Newmont Mining’s Phoenix Mine, the area is already a proven producer. According to Parent, they plan to remove the precious metals in two phases. “Phase one includes our ‘shallow’ targets,” says Parent. “The shallow targets contain less gold, but they’re easily and quickly accessible, which will encourage early cash flow. Phase two is where the majority of our gold will come from. It’s deep mining, but we expect it to produce 1.4 to 2 million ounces of gold.” They expect to produce 20,000 ounces of gold in the first year, 60,000 ounces in the second year and 70,000 ounces in the third year -- approximately $101 million from early estimates. The company also anticipates an additional $1.36 billion to be gained from phase two production. In an effort to increase their mining production, General Metals has recently acquired the Nyinahin Mining Concession in Ghana. Located in one of the most active exploratory areas in the world, this concession shares borders with several major mining companies, including Newmont Mining, Napoli Gold and Dunkwa Continental Goldfields. “Financial experts are predicting gold to play a key role in investor’s profiles during 2007,” adds Parent. “But due to the timely nature, potential investors will need to act quickly in order to maximize their gains.”

The Battle of the Bumpers

I have now seen my first two bumper stickers for the 2008 campaign. One for "Hillary" (ie Mrs. Bill Clinton --- we've decided to adopt Rush's formulation). One for "Mitt."

You know, I understand very well why Mrs. Bill Clinton wants to stay as far away from her last name (unless she's in a Black church) as she possibly can. Other than some strange notion of informality though, I don't understand why Mitt Romney wants to use Mitt. Yeah, we're a very informal society, but I just don't see the purpose in that. I'm sure it will be "Rudy" too. Probably not "John" since both McCain and Edwards* could lay claim to that.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Help When You Need It

You know, I can not honestly say that I fully understand what an addict goes through. I am very thankful that this is not a problem I have had to deal with in my life. I think I probably know, however, that it makes sense to seek out help from people who know what you are going through. Stone Hawk offers drug rehab in a professional, comfortable and caring environment. They have a fully trained staff, some of whom have even come through the program themselves. They have been where you are now and so they understand what you are going through and what you need in order to come through it successfully.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

THAT Was the Big Announcement???

American Idol has been pimping a huge, major, ginormous announcement since the beginning of the season. Speculation had focused on a surprise guest... Michael Jackson... Bono... The Pope... Or maybe a songwriting contest...

Turns out it's a charity drive for Africa and (ugh) Katrina victims.

My response? WTF?????

Good cause. More power to you. Rotsa ruck. Whatever. Here's the problem though... I don't buy Simon as a philanthropist. Sorry, but I don't. I know that some of the "Evil Simon" thing is at least partly a character. I'm sure his heart isn't pure evil. That being said, I just don't get the idea that he's out there helping the tots.

We don't watch AI for tenderness and love. We watch it for heartless, merciless competition. Why does EVERYTHING have to be touchy feeling mush?

I will say this in all seriousness though... I think we really do need to be doing as much as we possibly can in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a vast region that is very much in play between the West and radical Islam. It's also an area that has the potential for huge amounts of undiscovered natural resources. Finally, it's a region so desperately poor that a little well-focused aid can go a long way. Dubya has done an enormous amount for the cause of AIDS in Africa. He has gotten precious little credit for it, of course, but is that really surprising?

(Mini) Monster Trucks

You know, when I was a kid I was very much into radio-controlled vehicles. What can be more fun than maneuvering one of those things through a home-made obstacle course? Well, this kind of fun is not just for the kiddies. RC Trucks are a hobby that grown up kids can enjoy just as much. Maybe even something they can share with the youngsters. The link above will take you to a site that can provide you with a ton of information on a variety of different remote control vehicles -- cars, trucks, boats... even planes!

Check it out and maybe you can recapture a moment of lost youth!

Pardon Me

The Problem With Pardoning Libby

Newsweek wastes no time in its efforts to slap down the surge on the Right for a Libby pardon. They point out that Dubya would have to ignore Justice Department guidelines in order to grant Libby a pardon. They go on to point out that the guidelines are only that and that both Clinton and Bush the elder issued pardons in contravention of the guidelines when it suited them. Okay, fine, whatever.

One of the guidelines for the Justice Department is that the petitioner should have "accepted responsibility for his or her criminal conduct and made restitution" and that he "should be genuinely desirous of forgiveness rather than vindication."

Now, I am not an attorney and I don't know the history of the pardoning power. What I do know is that it is an nearly unlimited power of the President. The Constitution grants the President "shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment." Short, sweet and simple. We strict-constructionists believe the text means what it says and says what it means. Thus, whatever guidelines the Justice Department may have, the President can do as he damn well pleases and no one can do anything about it.

I have a real problem with the idea that the sole legitimate purpose of the pardon is to remove some of the consequences of a conviction from a person who has admitted his wrongdoing and is seeking forgiveness. Certainly that is a legitimate use of the pardon, but it seems to me that it is equally appropriate for it to be used as a check on the power of the courts and, yes, the power of juries. It seems to me a perfectly valid exercise of the power to use it in order to correct a mistake made by a jury or to reverse an unjust decision made by a biased jury.

Do I expect to hear Dubya say that the jury screwed up and he's going to set it right? No. Would he be right to do so? Abso-fracking-lutely.

Oh, and shout out to Glenn Beck... It's simple and pat to suggest that if Republicans were angry with Bubba for perjury then they can't honestly take issue with the conviction of Libby on the same charge. Here's the problem with that:

Bubba committed perjury and Libby didn't.

Libby has a differing recollection of a set of conversations that took place several years ago. It is entirely reasonable to conclude that, even if he is incorrect, about the details of those conversations, he is not knowingly lying about them. Everyone has a different recollection of what was said and to whom they said it, particularly when months or years have passed. Bubba, on the other hand was given a very clear and specific definition of sex. He indicated that by that definition he had not had sex when he very clearly did. It is beyond the realm of possibility, even in a person as morally challenged as Bill Clinton, that he would not recall that he engaged in multiple sexual acts with a person not his wife.

The standard here, since we're in a criminal trial, is reasonable doubt. I fail to understand how a fair-minded person can honestly believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Scooter Libby intentionally lied in this instance. The simple fact that there is another reasonable explanation for his conduct (ie differing recollections) seems like enough to acquit him.

Be The First hear hot, new, unsigned music! is a great place to find music that is not your typical, lowest common denominator pop music. If you are tired of the kind of pablum they play on commercial radio, this site needs to be your first stop. They offer a huge variety of artists in just about every style, no matter how offbeat. Jazz? They have it. Hip hop? Oh yeah. Latin Bands? You will find them there.

When you are sick and tired of the cookie cutter, focus group sounds of most popular music, stop by for something new and different!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Four Not-So-Evidant "Unspeakable" Truths

Over at Slate, Jacob Weisberg covers what he calls "Four Unspeakable Truths" about Iraq. In essence, he contends, they are things that all (or, at least, most) of the political class knows but cannot say for either personal or political reasons. Like most of what you read on politics (this blog being no exception) he is both right and wrong.

Speaking of the unspeakable in order:

1. The War Was a Mistake
Well, yes and no. I think that had anyone known that the WMDs were (apparently) not there and that the war would have dragged on as it has, almost no one would have advocated it. That being said, even in those circumstances, the war is a less-than-ideal response to a less-than-ideal situation. Saddam and the West were tied in a knot. We could get out of it in only two ways: let Saddam up or kick Saddam out. If we do the former we risk that he wass return to form. Saddam jumped the gun by invading Kuwait when he did. The US was just coming off of the Cold War and had a surplus of military hardware that was either going to be scrapped or used. It got used. Had he waited a few years he would have faced a much reduced US military. Yes, it would have been a US military that was perfectly capable of kicking his ass, but not as easily or as cheaply in terms of American lives. He also would have been much more likely to posess a large stock of WMDs, possibly including nuclear weapons. He also would have faced a risk averse Administration (assuming Clinton still wins). Could Saddam have known all that? Obviously not, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Having recognized his mistakes (evil and stupid aren't the same thing), a Saddam who has been let up off the mat is going to be a much more formidable opponent. Recognizing all of that and combining it with a reduced willingness post-9/11 to accept the existence of even potential threats, America decided to remove Saddam. That effort was spectacularly successful. The problems (as everyone knows) came from the aftermath. The war itself was not a mistake. The handling of the aftermath has been filled with mistakes. Saying that the war was a mistake is like telling your juvenile delinquent teenager that you wish he had never been born.

2. American killed and wounded (particularly those treated in the outpatient facilities at Walter Reed) are victims as well as heroes.

Weisberg uses this one as sort of a catch-all to suggest that people who go into the military usually do so because they don't have better civilian options. While there are (and he admits this) exceptions to this, this is a generally true statement. Most people who have the opportunity to get a job making 80k per year straight out of college don't decide to join the Army and be a grunt. Some do. They are amazing. Most don't. The reasons why people join the military are varied, but economic interest is one of them and it is often the primary reason. I don't know that the fact that someone is poor and chooses to join the military makes them a victim, however. For many people joining the military it isn't all that much of a risk or a sacrifice. Maybe that should be a a fifth unspoken truth. The simple fact is that most people who join the military, even in time of war, are not going to die. They are not going to be wounded. They are not even going to be placed in particular hazard. They are more likely to be pushing keys than to be toting a rifle. That doesn't minimize their service, it's just an acknowledgement of the teeth-to-tail ratio of a modern military force. Anyway, they have made a career choice based on their own perceived interests. They're not necessarily heroes or victims.

3. Lives lost in Iraq have been wasted.

As Weisberg acknowledges, this premise follows from the first two. If the war was a mistake and the troops are its victims then the lives lost have been wasted. Obviously, since I don't agree that the war was a mistake and I don't believe the troops are victims, I don't believe the lives of the dead have been wasted. Ultimately, if we are left with a situation that is, on balance, better than what we had before, the lives of our dead soldiers will not have been wasted. As things stand now, I think we are dramatically ahead of where we were in Iraq five years ago. There have been elections, there is a democratic government, there is peace in the vast majority of the country, Iraq is not a threat to US interests or to its neighbors. The Bush Administration's continuing inability to make this clear (even in the face of a hostile media) is the singular failing of this President.

4. America is losing or has already lost the Iraq war.

"Winning" and "losing" are relative terms. That sounds like I'm being evasive, but I'm not. You have to define victory and defeat before you can evaluate where you stand. One of the problems we face is (as I said above) the Bush Administration's failure to provide a realistic, achievable definition of victory. Iraq was never going to emerge from this war as Canada. Just not going to happen. The fundamental goals of the Iraq war were pretty straight-forward, they've just never been presented to the American people in a straight-forward manner. The goals were:

A. Removal of Saddam
B. Elimination of Iraq as a threat to American interest and to its neighbors
C. Providing the Iraqi people with an OPPORTUNITY to achieve a reasonably stable, reasonably open, reasonably free society.

By any reasonable definition, we have accomplished all of these. A and B are irreversible. C is also irreversible as it is written. Iraqis have been given the OPPORTUNITY to achieve the greatest degree of liberty to be found in any Arab state in the world. Whether they will succeed in this effort is ultimately their own affair. It is something over which the United States has a very limited degree of control. By failing to make this abundently clear, the Administration has set the stage for the entire mission in Iraq to be deemed a failure by those who were always pre-disposed to do so.

So much for your truths, sir

The Eyes Have It

This could be really important.

You may have heard about aReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall. Now, there is no need to panic. No patient problems have been reported. You can find out more information at the link above. Lot numbers for involved batches of product plus much more. If you use this brand you should really take a minute to find out more.

Can A Republican Get A Fair Trial In DC?

By virtue of where the seat of Government is located, the Federal District Court in DC gets more than its fair share of high profile cases. The problem with this is that the cases are often political and the available jury pool is heavily biased in favor of Democrats. DC has NEVER voted for a Republican Presidential candidate. Never. Not even in 1984 when every state other than Minnesota voted for Reagan. Even in the face of a national landslide, 85% of DC voters picked Mondale. With a potential jury pool like THAT, how can a high-profile Republican in a very partisan case even hope for a fair trial? Now, I'll admit that the same might be true for a high profile Democrat on trial in Utah or Mississippi (though no state is as overwhelmingly Republican as DC is reliably Democrat). The problem there, however, is that high profile Democrats don't go on trial in Utah or Mississippi.

It would be easy to suggest that such cases should somehow be handled with a nationally selected jury pool. I don't think that's practical. It probably also wouldn't be constitutional either. In fact, I'm sure it wouldn't be. This is one of those problems that doesn't have an easy answer. The only way Republicans are ever going to have a level playing field among a DC jury is by making substantial in-roads in the Black community and among civilian government employees. In the long term, I'm hopeful we may achieve the former but I doubt we will ever see the latter.

Plan Your Holiday

Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Maybe a weekend jump across the pond? Take in a Broadway show... See the sights in the Big Apple? If you want to save a pound or two on new york weekend breaks then you should check out this link. Aimed exclusively at travelers from the United Kingdom, they will hook you up with the best deals in trans-Atlantic travel.

When They Got It Right - Part the First

I mentioned awhile back that long ago and far away I was a Democrat. Voted twice for Bubba, God help me. I wouldn't repeat that mistake today, but that doesn't mean I think he was a complete and unmitigated disaster. Bill Clinton was no Jimmy Carter. Anyone who thinks that the other side is ALWAYS wrong is an idiot. To that end (and hopefully to convince anyone out there who may lean to the left that I am not a mindless drone on the Right), I'm going to start a series of posts called "When They Got It Right". Briefly, I will point out when my own side is either wrong or is just playing politics. We're going to start out with an oldie, but a goodie from the Days of Bubba.

Elian Gonzales - Clinton/Reno were exactly, 100% right to send him back. If necessary (and it was) they were right to use force. Was the kid materially better off in Florida than in Cuba? Obviously. The problem is that your third cousin (who you've never met) doesn't get to make that sort of decision for you. Mom put him on a raft, mom drowned, the dolphins pushed him to the shore (or so certain elements of his supporters claimed), his distant relations got their hands on him and, perhaps with the best of intentions, decided he should stay in the US. The problem is that Dad is still around, Dad wants him to come home. Dad said so in Cuba, dad said so in the US. Now, is it possible he was under some pressure? Yeah, it is. It's also possible that he's a Kool-Aid drinking true-red Marxist and wants to bring Junior back to the worker's paradise. Whatever the reason, Dad gets to decide. Dad decided. That settles it. Was the raid to get Elian ugly? Yeah, it's never pretty to see someone in riot gear with a weapon aimed at a fisherman in a closet. That being said, however, Clinton/Reno did the right thing. Now if they could only have shown similar toughness in other circumstances.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finding Mr. Right

You know, there are a ton of internet dating sites out there. You've heard all the names. One you may not be aware of is

Being a single parent is rough. Along with all the other complications, it makes dating even harder. Having the ability to find people in a similar situation, people with whom you share a common experience, would really make it easier. Single Dads and Single Mom's can visit this site to find someone who may be right for them. Why not give it a shot?

No Man's Life Or Property Is Safe...

...While the legislature is in session.

Or so goes the saying, anyway. That means that as of today, Floridians are in peril because the annual 60 day session got underway this morning.

Actually, this session promises to offer some fairly dramatic changes for Florida. The big issue this time around is going to be property tax reform. There is a radical (and wonderful) plan to eliminate property taxes entirely by raising the state sales tax by a couple of cents. Naturally, the usual suspects are screaming that it is regressive, unfair to the poor, etc. etc. etc.

It won't pass because it's too radical, but it's a shame because it would be a great thing. There will be some sort of reform though and that's what counts. Even half a loaf is better than none at all.

This Post Sucks

Vacuum... Sucks... Get it? Hee hee hee...

Sorry, my sense of humor was formed in the second grade and has never really evolved from there. Anyhoo...

You probably think you know everything there is to know about vacuuming, right? Actually, you probably think there really isn't all that much to know about vacuuming. I mean, you run the vacuum over the carpet, the dirt gets sucked up. Pretty simple.

Actually, I can tell you on good authority that there are at least eight things to know about vacuuming. Why eight? There have to be at least eight things to know because there are Eight Myths of Vacuuming!

Want a for instance? Okay, how about this: Think everyone needs a HEPA filter? Think again! HEPA filters are just one method of making sure there isn't a ton of dust thrown up into the air. There are other ways and you can find out more about them at this link.

It's kind of an interesting article, particularly if you're about to be in the market for a vacuum cleaner. Well worth a few minutes of your time.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Amazing Race Line of the Night

"Rob is not Jesus."

One of the best parts of this show is watching Rob and Amber drive the other teams to distraction. Rob has a unique talent for figuring out how to get on other people's last nerve and then using that to his advantage.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Don't Mess With Texas

Actually, there are a lot of reasons to send the one you love flowers. Sure, getting out of the doghouse is always a good one, but there are others. Maybe you just want to show her how much you love her. Everyone sends them at Valentine's Day, but I have always thought that flowers make more of an impression when you send them out of the blue. Not because it is Valentine's, not because of a birthday or an anniversary... Just because.

If you are looking to make a "just because" Dallas flower delivery, then check out this link. They specialize in delivery of beautiful bouquets in the big D. You will not be disappointed

Saturday, March 03, 2007

The CPAC Straw Poll And Why It Means Almost Nothing

Mitt Romney 21%
---saying the right things, whether he believes them or not

Rudy Giuliani 17%.
---the fact that CPACers give a guy who is pro-gun control, pro-abortion and pro-gay rights this much support has got to make Rudy smile

Sam Brownback 15%
---Who? Unless you have issues of National Review and The Weekly Standard by your toilet you have absolutely no idea who Sam Brownback is.

Newt Gingrich 14%
---All meat-eating, red-blooded Conservatives love Newt. The problem is that we're the only ones.

John McCain, 12%
---Goodbye, Senator. The "maverick" thing may make the press love you but it pisses off the base.

A Cool G


Today I crossed the $1000 mark of earnings paid out to me by PayPerPost.


(Remember 1997 when every friggin webpage had the BLINK tag? Geez...)

Anyhoo... $1000 won't let you quit your day job but I think it's a darn strong performance for a blog that only gets maybe 30 hits a day. You're sure not going to get that kind of payout from any other webvertising program.

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Why I Sort Of Hate Brannon Braga

He doesn't even know what a tricorder does other than that it "advances the plot."

Oh, and Jonathan Frakes has gotten OLD.

And Marina Sirtis sounds like she smokes two packs a day.

Oh, and Nichelle? Uhura wasn't fourth in command. Sorry. Nice try. Now put that thing back in your ear and try to clear the comm.

Harry Kim looked better without the mop of hair.

Jonathan... Spandex wasn't a fan of you either.

Yeah, I've been watching Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier. It's sort of a behind-the-scenes from the Star Trek memorabilia auction from a couple of years ago.

We now give you a bit of dialogue from MediaBlog HQ while watching:

The MediaBlogger: Wow! The model of Deep Space Nine sold for $110,000!
Mrs. MediaBlogger: Where do those people get that kind of money???
The MediaBlogger: When you live in your parent's basement you save a lot of money on rent.

You Load 26 Tons And What Do You Get?

Take that, Al! A carbon footprint is just another way to describe prosperity. You know that pretty well with your 20000 sq foot house, don't you? You're doing pretty well for yourself.

Good Riddance

andPOP | Jackson 'Confirms Conversion To Islam'

He's your problem now. Although I hate to think what sort of virgins he's going to want when he gets to paradise.

Buh Bye, Ann

You know, we here at The MediaBlog have never been great fans of Ann Coulter. We like to pick our friends carefully and just because you're conservative doesn't mean you're not a bitch. Yeah, she's right on the issues (mostly) but she's also a name-calling, talentless hack.

Now, that doesn't mean its fair that one potentially offensive comment by her ("kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity"... not that it's not a good idea, mind you) gets tons of press while piles of BS from the likes of Ted Rall get next to none. Still, the fact that there are asses on the other side doesn't give us license to be asses ourselves. Now, I'm not holier than thou. I'm not some purist who wants to fight the honorable fight and lose every time. There is definitely a place for joining your opponent down in the gutter.

That being said, Ann seems to pretty much live down there. Is there really an excuse for referring to John Edwards as a "faggot"? It isn't that I have a particular problem with the word when applied appropriately. We worry too much about such use of language. Still, the problem here is that Mr. Edwards is a lot of things, but by all accounts he isn't that. The other problem is that even if he were, the podium at CPAC isn't the time or the place to be calling him one.

I'm also a little troubled by the applause. It was appropriately sparse and was definitely overwhelmed by the sounds of shock. Still, it's sort of sad that it was there at all.

Anyway, maybe we've seen the last of her. I sort of doubt it though.

Stay Out of the Doghouse

So you screwed up.

Trust me, brother, it happens to all of us. Sometimes we don't even know we did anything wrong. Still, you said the wrong thing or did the wrong thing... Or maybe you didn't say something you should have or... Does it really matter? The point is that she isn't happy and until she is happy you're not going to be happy.

Let's put this in guy-speak: it's time to suck up

Nothing says "I'm a jerk and I hate myself, you were right and I was wrong" better than flowers. Now, if you are in Southern California and you are looking for San Diego flower delivery then this link is the right place for you. They offer a wonderful selection of flowers, chocolates, balloons... Everything you need to get back on her good side.

In Defense of Voyager

Ah Spike... Home of Army recruiting commercials, wrestling and, of course, Star Trek. Not original recipe, but the troika of TNG, DS9 and VOY.

If the short form names mean nothing to you then you might as well move on because the rest of this post will mean even less.

Until Enterprise came (and went) Voyager was probably the most abused of the Treks. Even I didn't watch it regularly. I'll not deny that there are weaknesses in the show. Weak episodes and weak characters. That being said, it isn't a bad show. Not at all. It has strong female chracters, something unknown in all the other Trek's (with the exception of Kira and, arguably, Dax) and there are a good number of strong episodes.

Watching the two parter "Year of Hell" prompted this post. It's a well-written, well-conceived story. Just as Spike let me rediscover DS9 it is doing the same thing for Voyager. I find that my appreciation of both shows has grown dramatically. Really, if you leave aside the first year or two of TNG, the TNG, DS9, VOY trilogy could rightly be called Trek's Golden Age.

Regrettably, I'm not sure we will see a return to it anytime soon.