Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Britannia Rules the Waves

Royal Navy To Cut Its Fleet By Half

Iran Shows Video of British Crew

If you think these two stories aren't related then you are kidding yourself. Nelson's Navy is about a year away from being little more than a glorified coast guard. The fleet that defied Napoleon and Hitler will rust at its moorings, unwept, unmourned and unremembered. There are only three truly effective naval forces left: the US Navy, the Royal Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (which, for all its pansy name, packs a punch). Soon there will be only two. At least, until the Chinese are ready to hit the high seas.

It is tragic and extremely short-sighted of the British to sacrifice their fleet for the sake of Labour Party fiscal austerity in order to pay for the National Health Service and the rest of the social welfare package. For a continent with global ambitions, global trade and global interests, the Europeans are all too willing to outsource their security. Until recently, Britain has resisted this blindness. Apparently, even even British resolution has its limits.

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