Saturday, March 03, 2007

Buh Bye, Ann

You know, we here at The MediaBlog have never been great fans of Ann Coulter. We like to pick our friends carefully and just because you're conservative doesn't mean you're not a bitch. Yeah, she's right on the issues (mostly) but she's also a name-calling, talentless hack.

Now, that doesn't mean its fair that one potentially offensive comment by her ("kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity"... not that it's not a good idea, mind you) gets tons of press while piles of BS from the likes of Ted Rall get next to none. Still, the fact that there are asses on the other side doesn't give us license to be asses ourselves. Now, I'm not holier than thou. I'm not some purist who wants to fight the honorable fight and lose every time. There is definitely a place for joining your opponent down in the gutter.

That being said, Ann seems to pretty much live down there. Is there really an excuse for referring to John Edwards as a "faggot"? It isn't that I have a particular problem with the word when applied appropriately. We worry too much about such use of language. Still, the problem here is that Mr. Edwards is a lot of things, but by all accounts he isn't that. The other problem is that even if he were, the podium at CPAC isn't the time or the place to be calling him one.

I'm also a little troubled by the applause. It was appropriately sparse and was definitely overwhelmed by the sounds of shock. Still, it's sort of sad that it was there at all.

Anyway, maybe we've seen the last of her. I sort of doubt it though.

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