Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Garrison Keillor: Closet Conservative?

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You know, just like there are about fifty different versions of "Conservatism" (neo, paleo, Reagan, etc. etc. etc.) there is more than one "Liberalism". There is the rabid, anti-American kind, the New Democrat Clintonian and God only knows how many more.

In some ways, perhaps limited ways, I think those of us on the Right may have more in common with certain varieties of liberal that we or they would care to admit.

Garrison Keillor is hardly a person I would describe as my ideological soul mate. He strikes me as a sort of un-reconstructed New Dealer of the sort one only finds in retirement homes and Minnesota. He's deathly wrong on a hundred and one things.

Still, these old New Dealer types aren't totally different from us. The New Deal was a creature of pre-post-morality America. It came out of a time when such old fashioned concepts as responsibility and shame were not something to be dismissed and overcome on Oprah's couch.

Maybe that's why Garrison let slip the unspeakable truth that kids are better off in a monogamous, heterosexual family than in any alternative. Sometimes, without even thinking of the consequences, people say what they really think.

It's kind of rare, but very refreshing. Now, they may subsequently apologize after they realize that they have committed the almost unpardonable sin of candor. They may say they were misquoted or they misspoke or they were only kidding. Maybe they were joking, but many a truth has been said in jest.

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