Thursday, March 29, 2007

Get Noticed

You know, when I want to sell something... Maybe my dog had puppies and I've got to get rid of them. Or maybe I've got some furniture that I don't feel like moving to the new house. The first thing I do is call up my local newspaper and pay to have a small classified ad posted in a section of the newspaper that just about no one under the age of 80 reads. Then I turn on the wireless and listen to a little Big Band music... Yeah. Right.

Classified ads in the newspaper went out with buggy whips. The internet is a much more effective, affordable way to get your message out. Internet classifieds are THE BEST way to get the attention you are seeking. At the link above you will find, a provider of quality classified ads in the UK. Along with ad space, you'll also find news, weather, blogs... Even a dating site.

It's well worth a look.

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