Sunday, March 11, 2007

Give Em' Hell, Zell!

Says Zell: Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and illegal immigration all linked to abortion | Political Insider

So hows about this... When Rudy gets the Republican nomination he picks Democrat Zell Miller as his VP. Benefits?

1. Bolsters his support with the anti-abortion crowd.
2. Bolsters his support in the South.
3. Lets him sell himself as leading a national unity ticket against the "partisan, divisive" national Democrat party.

Yeah, it may sound a little wild, but this would be a first class opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of the national democratic party.

Then, after getting elected, he picks Joe Lieberman as SecDef. Yeah, Lieberman is a liberal on every issue but one, but the one issue he "gets" is the only one that would matter at Defense. It would cement his claim on the security Democrats.

If Giuliani isn't already considering this he needs to start... Now. So do McCain and Romney, but I think it would work best for Giuliani. Rudy's candidacy is going to be the one that is most forcefully and most exclusively based around national security. This strategy is going to work for him. It's daring, it's different. It's exciting!

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