Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hillary Is Scared

HILL: I'M THE JFK OF 2008 By MAGGIE HABERMAN Post Correspondent - Nationalnews - New York Post Online Edition

Can't have a Catholic President = Can't Have a Woman President

Mrs. Bill Clinton is dragging out the tired canard that some Americans aren't ready for a female President. What this really means is that she is scared. Her opponents are running strong among women and Hillary can't win unless she gets a solid majority of female votes. She's got to sell herself as the champion of women. If she were in a stronger position she would be able to take female votes as a given and focus on winning over men.

Newsflash to Mrs. Bill Clinton and to Nancy Pelosi and all the rest... You've come a long way, baby, and nobody gives a crap. You've accomplished the long-sought goal: a seat at the table. People don't notice your gender anymore. Happy? No, now you want us to praise you for doing so well as a woman.

When we talk about the fact that you're a woman, you want us to treat you as a person. When we treat you as a person, you want us to acknowledge you as a woman. If it weren't so sexist, I'd make a comment about how stereotypically female that is.

If it weren't so sexist.

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