Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Huffington Post

You know, one of the very questionable gifts that Bill Maher gave the world is Arianna Huffington. Yeah, I suppose she was around before she started appearing on Politically Incorrect with Maher, but nobody had ever heard of her.

After she tossed her gay husband over the side, she decided to take her Zsa Zsa accent and set herself up as the doyenne of America's Radical Left. Yes, friends, she is the proprietress of The Huffington Post. We have discussed it a time of two before, most notably when one of her harem of columnists indicated, just four days after the lights went out in New Orleans, that Black people had started feeding on the corpses of the dead. Now, maybe I'm a hardass, but I don't think you can wipe away accusing Black people of being cannibals with a simple "nevermind."

Anyhoo, nothing much changes at The Post. Today we have an article talking about how wonderful Spain is since they've thrown off the shackles of religion. Unrestrained nudity, drug use, gay marriage and prostitution combined with scientific advancement and economic growth. All they had to do was kick that pesky old Jesus out and suddenly paradise was born.

Now, here's what I love about the radical Left: they can't help fighting the same battles over and over and over again. I mean, they're still refighting Bush v. Gore long after the matter was settled. They also keep digging up Generalissimo Francisco Franco (who is still dead, by the way) so they can give him one more kick in the nuts. Now, I'm not here to sing the praises of fascism in Spain. What I will say though is that the post-Franco, post-Christian Spanish utopia they are so quick to praise has just one little, pesky problem: they're running out of Spaniards!

With a birthrate that has dropped dramatically below replacement levels over the last twenty-five years (1.28 per woman), the folks who are going to be inheriting (and reversing) all this Leftist glory are the Moors.

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