Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lurch Goes For His Pound of Flesh

Kerry Versus Swift Boat Benefactor: The Transcript

You know, John Kerry's service in Vietnam may or may not have been heroic. His service in the United States Senate has been anything but.

There are very few things more cowardly than attacking someone who can't really fight back. Such was the case when Lurch decided to get his pound of flesh out of Sam Fox, the nominee for the post of US Ambassador to Belgium.

Instead of wasting everyone's time with worthless little questions about... I don't know... US-Belgian relations, Lurch decided to continue refighting the 2004 election. As ever, Lurch is one classy guy.

Fox made completely legal political contributions to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Now, it's perfectly understandable that Lurch wouldn't be crazy about them. Fair enough. What isn't fair is to turn the confirmation hearings of a nominee into a chance to bitch-slap him because you're bitter that you lost. Fox's donations are completely irrelevant to his qualifications to be an ambassador.

Everything is not about YOU, Senator.

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