Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Misguided Wisdom of Peanuts

Jimmy Carter's Bible Class

"I can’t claim to be a scholar, but when our hostages were being held by Iran when I was president, I read the Quran, and I had Islamic scholars come and talk to me. The basic human-behavior principles were the same. The Islamic Bible, the Quran, teaches peace and justice and care for one’s neighbor and helping the poor."

Just flat out deluded. I'm not going to comment on the contents of the Koran or on the teachings of Islam. That's been done before, both here and in more qualified forums. What I will say is that instead of reading the Koran, Peanuts should have been sitting with the Joint Chiefs and forumlating an escalating bombing campaign. The cost of that would, in all probability, have been the hostages lives. That would have been a human tragedy. It would have avoided, however, a dramatic display of weakness that has devastated American foreign policy in the Middle East for almost 30 years. Peanuts' failing, or one of them anyway, has always been his inability to see the big picture.

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