Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thoughts For Sunday

Larry King-esque stream of consciousness post coming. Brace yourselves...

Today, on the Lord's Day, I am very thankful for ocean breezes and hot young girls in sundresses. Amen and amen.


When you see a little baby girl with Down's Syndrome, a child so small and so innocent that she has never done a single wrong thing in her entire life, it makes you angry with a God that could allow it. Yes, she wouldn't even be here at all if it weren't for Him, but that isn't a great deal of consolation. She leaves you with questions and the only answers aren't satisfying. Either God can't fix it or God chooses not to fix it. If He chooses not to then he's either cruel or He has plans that are beyond us. Plans he chooses not to explain to us. It's very hard to think of what sort of plan is worth that sort of cruelty to an innocent. If the plan is so valuable, couldn't it be accomplished in some other way? There is only one real answer to the question of why God allows this... I don't know.


"Yeah, I have a job in a lighthouse. Well, I used to. Say, you wouldn't happen to have any gum or tic tacs, would you?"

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