Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When They Got It Right - Part the First

I mentioned awhile back that long ago and far away I was a Democrat. Voted twice for Bubba, God help me. I wouldn't repeat that mistake today, but that doesn't mean I think he was a complete and unmitigated disaster. Bill Clinton was no Jimmy Carter. Anyone who thinks that the other side is ALWAYS wrong is an idiot. To that end (and hopefully to convince anyone out there who may lean to the left that I am not a mindless drone on the Right), I'm going to start a series of posts called "When They Got It Right". Briefly, I will point out when my own side is either wrong or is just playing politics. We're going to start out with an oldie, but a goodie from the Days of Bubba.

Elian Gonzales - Clinton/Reno were exactly, 100% right to send him back. If necessary (and it was) they were right to use force. Was the kid materially better off in Florida than in Cuba? Obviously. The problem is that your third cousin (who you've never met) doesn't get to make that sort of decision for you. Mom put him on a raft, mom drowned, the dolphins pushed him to the shore (or so certain elements of his supporters claimed), his distant relations got their hands on him and, perhaps with the best of intentions, decided he should stay in the US. The problem is that Dad is still around, Dad wants him to come home. Dad said so in Cuba, dad said so in the US. Now, is it possible he was under some pressure? Yeah, it is. It's also possible that he's a Kool-Aid drinking true-red Marxist and wants to bring Junior back to the worker's paradise. Whatever the reason, Dad gets to decide. Dad decided. That settles it. Was the raid to get Elian ugly? Yeah, it's never pretty to see someone in riot gear with a weapon aimed at a fisherman in a closet. That being said, however, Clinton/Reno did the right thing. Now if they could only have shown similar toughness in other circumstances.

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