Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why I Sort Of Hate Brannon Braga

He doesn't even know what a tricorder does other than that it "advances the plot."

Oh, and Jonathan Frakes has gotten OLD.

And Marina Sirtis sounds like she smokes two packs a day.

Oh, and Nichelle? Uhura wasn't fourth in command. Sorry. Nice try. Now put that thing back in your ear and try to clear the comm.

Harry Kim looked better without the mop of hair.

Jonathan... Spandex wasn't a fan of you either.

Yeah, I've been watching Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier. It's sort of a behind-the-scenes from the Star Trek memorabilia auction from a couple of years ago.

We now give you a bit of dialogue from MediaBlog HQ while watching:

The MediaBlogger: Wow! The model of Deep Space Nine sold for $110,000!
Mrs. MediaBlogger: Where do those people get that kind of money???
The MediaBlogger: When you live in your parent's basement you save a lot of money on rent.

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