Monday, April 30, 2007

I Can See You!

Well, no, not really. That would be creepy, wouldn't it?

Seriously though, there is a great new website where you can meet people, create your own video show so people can get to know you and a whole lot more. - webcams, chat, personals

As you might have guessed, that is the link to it. Don't feel like you have to use a webcam to enjoy because you don't. There are plenty of things to do on the site even if you don't have a camera right now. Personals, forums, games and much, much more. Check it out at the link above.

I'm Shocked... Shocked!

Woman in Escort Case Plans to Name Names in Defense - New York Times

So Dick Morris was seeing a whore. I could not be more surprised. Here I thought old toe-sucker Dick was busy memorizing Bible verses when he was actually banging $200 D.C. callgirls. I am just so disappointed.

Anyone Want to Make a Wager? News - International - Afghan infant deaths fall by 40,000 a year since ousting of Taleban

What are the odds that this little piece of good news will get 1/10 the airtime that the major media gave to that BS study from a few months ago that claimed to attribute 655,000 Iraqi deaths to the invasion?

No, of course it won't get the coverage. It doesn't fit the storyline.

They Keep Going and Going and Going

TV News- Johnny Carson Foil Tommy Newsom Dies - AOL News

I'm probably the youngest person for whom this story means anything. There really never will be another Tonight Show. The current incarnation is just something totally different.

Happy Valley

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why Not A Marine Biologist?

Personal side of presidential hopefuls - Yahoo! News

So the AP put together a puff piece on the presidential candidates. Favorite TV shows, favorite music, alternate careers... Typical sort of softball, human interest, waste of time sort of thing. In a way though, it is sort of revealing of personalities. To wit:

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: "Continue to work for causes and issues I care about, in a setting like a university or foundation."

See how pompous and dull? Hillary's problem, one of them anyway, is that she's a cold fish. For all (and maybe because of) his flaws, Bubba is an interesting and very human fellow... Mrs. Bill Clinton just isn't.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: Mill supervisor.

Now, you can dismiss this as nothing more than another dose of the Shyster's Two Americas populism. There probably is some of that. Still, there's at least a trace of humanity there. Edward's dad was a mill supervisor. Junior admires the old man. There's a genuineness in that. It may be fake genuineness, I have no idea, but it comes across well.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Astronaut.

It would be very easy to make some sort of outer space comment right here. I'll refrain. Oh... Wait... Dammit.

Arizona Sen. John McCain: Foreign service.

See, that's kind of dull too. It may be honest, but it's honestly pompous.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: Auto company chief executive.

Like the Shyster, Mitt's got a case of daddy envy. Or, if not envy, idolization. Again, nothing wrong with that. Very human. Very genuine. Even if it's fake, it's nice.

And finally...

Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: Architect.
Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: Architect.

Hmm... Somebody's got a case of the Costanzas.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Call For Help

I don't have a drug problem. No one in my family, at least as far as I know, has a drug problem. That's something I am really thankful for. If they did though, and if I was trying to find help for them, I'm not sure who I could turn to. I mean, I don't really know anyone who could give me good advise for something like that.

I do know one place to turn for information on drug treatment and that's

They offer a completely free, non-profit rehab referral service. Whether you're looking for help for yourself or for a loved one, they can help you get in touch with a treatment facility that can help you get out of addiction.

The MediaBlog Explains It All

Once again, The MediaBlog presents it's recurring segment where we take a look at our visitors log and then answer your questions. You ended up here because you were looking for information and we aim to please. So without further ado...

No, Ruthie has not lost her virginity.
Yes, Moira is now on the market.
No, Nancy Pelosi is not a MILF.

You know, answering all three of these makes me feel kind of dirty. And not in a good way.

Do You Want To Win?

Come on, everyone likes to win prizes, right?

How can you not? If you are interested in an interesting twist on this idea, then pay a visit to bid4prizes. It's a cool site that turns auctions on their heads. At Bid4prizes, it's the lowest bid that wins? Crazy, huh? Fun too.

For me, I would always like to win cash. It's sort of every prize all rolled into one. If we're talking about stuff, however, then I would have to go for a new computer. With the arrival of the bloglet, the IT budget here at MediaBlog HQ is a little strained so some new hardware would be great.

Anyhoo, check out bid4prizes for yourself.

Read It And Weep

The Corner on National Review Online

CIA "torture" vs. Partial Birth Abortion

Here's a closed circuit to any of you who may:
1. Have an infant.
2. Support abortion "rights"

Grasp your child, your little child who you love, in just the way that the doctor describes the procedure. Hook your fingers over her little shoulders. Now imagine the scissors sliding up her back under your hand. Imagine the end of those scissors piercing the soft spot on the back of her little head. Imagine her tiny, delicate little skull collapsing as her brain, the brain that makes her smile and giggle and sigh, is sucked out.

Internet Chat

No, not that kind. No dungeon masters and USS Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica arguments. This is chatting on the phone, over the internet. We here at MediaBlog HQ rely on Vonage as our telecommunications provider of choice. Or, in other words, we ditched our old-style landline and use Vonage for our phone service. To be honest, we made the switch because I got really angry at our local telephone provider after a billing error. Honestly, though, I don't regret it for a second. We save a ton of money each month and the call quality is outstanding.

The link above will take you to a site where you can find out more information about VoIP from Vonage. They have forums, news pages and a lot more useful information for you if you are thinking about making the switch for yourself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why I Stopped Lending Through Prosper

We love money. Really. Love it. Yeah, I know. Root of all evil. Can't help it. We still love money. That being said, there are some things we won't do for money. Yeah, those things, but other things too.

For a little while we dabbled in lending through Prosper. In general, Prosper loans are high interest loans to people who usually can't get a conventional loan through the normal channels. Not payday loans level of interest, but higher than anything I would be comfortable paying. Anyhoo, I made three loans. One for $250 and two for $50. The actual loans were larger than that, but Prosper breaks loans up into small pieces so each personal making the loan is limiting their individual risk. My two $50 loans have been paying like clockwork. My $250 loan made about three payments and then dropped off the face of the earth. I don't expect to see the rest of that money.

Now, since I'm a semi-honest person, I'll admit that getting screwed out of my $250 is probably the main reason why I no longer take part in Prosper. A second reason, however, is that it made me feel dirty. Yeah, I know that I could explain to myself that I'm actually helping the borrower by letting them get a loan that they need. That may even be true. Still, I felt like I was taking advantage of people's hardship/foolishness. I didn't care for that.

Maybe I'm not going to hell afterall.

Give Me A Little Credit

How many different credit cards are there anyway? A thousand? Probably ten times that many. Different interest rates, different rewards programs, different affinity cards. Literally, there are probably thousands of different credit card programs out there. How can you ever find the one that is right for you? How can you know which is the best choice for you and your family? It is just too much.

Thankfully, there is a way. is an Online Credit Card search tool that will help you sort out all the different offers and find the program and card that is best for your particular needs and situation. Need a low interest rate? There you go. How about a rewards program that fits your lifestyle? They can handle that. Frequent flier miles? They can set you up. Or maybe the rewards or the interest rate are not what matters most to you. Maybe you are just getting started again after going through some financial hard times and you just need a credit card that will let you re-establish your credit. They can definitely help you out with that.

Take just a few moments to visit the site at the link above. You will find a card that works for you.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Question

What could be worse than an episode of 7th Heaven?
How about an episode of 7th Heaven directed by Brandon from 90210?
Yeah, that would be it.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Looking For Help

You know, I cannot imagine anything worse than being addicted to drugs. Actually, that is not entirely true. It would be worse to be addicted to drugs and to believe that there was no help and no hope. Thankfully, that just is not true. No matter how bad it is, there is help out there... All you have to do is go out and find it.

If you need help, you can find out more information about drug rehab by visiting They offer a hotline where addicts as well as their family members can find help in breaking free. The link above will take you to their site where you can begin your journey toward recovery. You are not alone.

Spoiled Brats

APP.COM - New Egypt students walk out over budget vote | Asbury Park Press Online

You know, as a member of the taxpaying middle, I get a little sick and tired of hearing the non-productive members of society (ie, kids and geezers) whining.

The bitching du jour comes from the young skulls full of mush of New Egypt High School in... I don't know... New Jersey. Something like that. Anyhoo, the pampered darlings don't like the fact that their parents voted down a school district tax levy. In order to protest reduced educational opportunities, they did the obvious thing: they walked out of school.

In the words of senior Rishelle Kuhn, "Since when do we put a price on a child's education? Are children not worth it.?"

Once Rishelle starts actually working for a living. Once Rishelle doesn't have someone else paying for her room, board and clothing, Rishelle will understand that we put a price on EVERYTHING. Part of being an adult is realizing that finite resources demand choices. Sometimes we decide that maybe it's better not to jack taxes up to the sky. Sometimes we decide that things like Freshman sports (one of the student's "demands") aren't quite as important as paying the mortgage and the doctor's bills so little ingrates can have a roof over their head and maybe a couple of vaccinations so they don't wind up in a frigging iron lung!!!!

Naturally, the education bureaucrats at the school were only too supportive of this exercise in participatory civics. Why wouldn't they? Nothing like Stockholm Syndrome to get the hostages on your side.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The PayPerPost Juggernaut

More big news from PayPerPost!

Next week they are going to announce that they've acquired a company. What company? What sort of business? They aren't saying. Personally, I'm assuming it's something to do with online ads. I mean, that's what the whole company is about. I'm thinking it might be a different form of advertising. Something maybe a little more conventional to leverage their already established model of blogger-created advertising. To be honest, however, I really have no idea.

All I do know is that everything PayPerPost has done so far seems to have really worked out very, very well for the Posties. I have made a ton (I consider it a ton, anyway) of money from this great program and I strongly encourage you to take part if you are not already. In fact, you might want to click on the affiliate link over there on the right (hint, hint, hint). Seriously, if you are not doing this then you are just giving away money. Now, I am as greedy as anyone else, but there is plenty for everyone. Besides, more Posties only means the business will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

So, anyway, another big announcement is on the way. Just one more reason why it is an exciting time to be part of the PayPerPost experiment.

JFK, Not Blown Away, What Else Do I Have To Say?

Winter of Our Discontent: The Impeachment and Trial of John F. Kennedy

I don't remember exactly how I stumbled on this, but it really is a winner. You can't go far wrong with Harry Turtledove. In this case, he's working with a TV writer that, I'm sorry to say, I haven't heard of. That said, this is a winner from word one. The theme, as you might have guessed, is that JFK survives Dallas, but the resulting investigation opens up all the cans of worms that were hidden behind his charm. The result is a Watergate for the Democrats. Very compelling, totally believable.

I'm a sucker for Turtledove anyway. I know that a lot of alternate history purists find him unreadable. Not me. I gobble all of it up. Including his teenage books written under the Crosstime Traffic label.

Anyhoo, Turtledove and his partner are offering the first few chapters of this new, not-yet-published work, via the website I've linked to above. Every week you get a new installment. I found it two days ago and now my only problem is that I'm angry they are going to stop after three chapters.

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

I don't know about you, but I really enjoy playing pool. No, I'm not any good at it. To be honest, I'm pretty lousy. That being said, it really is an enjoyable way to relax. Every now and then, even I sink a lucky shot. If you enjoy pool then there is a great new online pool site called Play89 where you can Start Playing Pool right now.

They are going to offer a variety of different pool games... 8 Ball, 9 Ball and much more... All of this is playable by folks from all around the world because they have it in many different languages.

The beta version of the new online pool room Play89 was launched last week. Powered by the online skill gaming giant LogicEmpire, Play89 features online versions of 8-ball pool in fun money mode. The full version of Play89, with online 9-ball and snooker games, is expected to be released soon.

Play89 is the newest edition to the online pool world. Its free downloadable pool software was designed and developed by LogicEmpire in collaboration with billiards experts. The result is realistic pool software that transfers three-dimensional pool physics into virtual pool and creates an authentic playing environment.

Currently, Play89 features 2D version of multiplayer 8-ball pool in addition to daily and monthly pool tournaments. Play89 is available in more than 15 languages including French, German, Italian, Russian and more.

The full version of Play 89, which is expected to go online soon, will include online 9-ball and snooker games. In addition, 3D versions of 8 ball pool, 9 ball pool and snooker will be available as well.

Parenting: Hollywood Style

Alec Baldwin Leaves Angry Voicemail for 11 Year Old Daughter

First, let me say that if you judged every parent by how they spoke to their child on a single occasion then a lot of us wouldn't look so great.

Let's also concede that this is a part of an ugly divorce and that I don't think either Alec Baldwin or Kim Basinger come out of this all that well. It doesn't seem as though either of them is as interested in the welfare of their daughter as each is in punishing the other.

Now... All of that said... When you hear the message, you don't really hear a hateful or a violent or even a bad tempered father. What you hear is a spoiled child of a man. A man who is accustomed to being catered to, accustomed to being indulged and fawned over, a man who gets angry when he is not the center of attention.

At the risk of painting all actors with the same brush, there is something about "pretending" for a living that turns adults into children.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Official: Mo Is Divorced

Moira Is Officially On The Market

Or, at least, it's as official as you're going to find from an internet message board.

Best of luck to ya, Mo. Hate to hear that.

Reality Check

Go look at these pictures and remember that 99.9999999% of the stuff we argue about doesn't mean a damn thing.

Be very, very thankful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The MediaBlog Tells All

Now is the time when we answer your questions. By looking at our traffic logs, we can see just how you got here. Yes, that means if you got here by way of a porn site we will know. We won't tell you mom. We promise.

We also know what you typed in Google to get here. So, without further ado...

No, Stephen Maturin is not gay.
Megyn Kelly changed her name from Megyn Kendall because she got divorced.
We still don't know for sure if Moira is divorced but it's starting to look that way.
As far as we know, Ruthie has not lost her virginity. The very thought makes us retch.

Buying A House

When we purchased MediaBlog HQ, Mrs. MediaBlog and I knew just about nothing about mortgages. Other that big, scary 30 years worth of debt, we were pretty much clueless. Getting a mortgage is a really big step and you need to make sure you have all the facts before you sit down across the desk from your mortgage broker.

Sites like Mortgagelowdown (linked above) can be a good starting point for your info search. They have a variety of different articles on the different types of mortgages out there. It's hard to choose the right one but it's an incredibly important decision. Make sure you are an informed consumer.

Anyone For An Innocent Question?

Which of the Two Americas features $400 haircuts?

Look, as far as I'm concerned, the Shyster can pay $1000 for his haircuts. It's his money. Well, his campaign's money. Money that people gave him so he could change America or some such rot... Um... Okay, so maybe that is a problem. Still, I could care less what he pays for haircuts. If we ever posted a few snapshots of Yours Truly, you would know that we should not be criticizing anyone else's haircut. And, let's just admit it... Dude has great hair.

No, my problem is that you probably shouldn't be quite so vocal with the class warfare garbage when you're getting $400 haircuts.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The American Idol Undeniable Truth of the Night

What works for Carrie Underwood does not necessarily work for a four hundred pound woman with buck teeth and a lisp.

Viva Las Vegas

I have to say that I really love the Southwest. Yeah, it's hot. I mean, it's REALLY hot. Let's admit that from the get go. It's also gorgeous. The desert vistas, mountains, the bright blue skies. As long as you can take the heat then you can have a blast out West. If you're in the market for some Las Vegas real estate then you need to visit the link above. They can show you a huge number of properties for sale in the Las Vegas area. New homes, properties of every size and shape to fit any budget. Your search for a Las Vegas home can begin and end at

Oh, did I mention that it's a dry heat?

Monday, April 16, 2007

I Swear By The Living God

So did you watch this past Sunday's episode of 7th Heaven? No, of course not, the rest of you have lives. Meanwhile, I watch 7th Heaven. I need a drink. Dammit. I'm a Southern Baptist! Why, God! Why!!! You've left me nothing!


Sorry, I'm back now. This week's 7th Heaven featured Lucy and Ricky... Kevin... Whatever his name is. Thinking about picking up roots and moving to this quirky little town where the church meets in the bar, everyone has to work and learn and all the adults are parents to all the children. Sort of like Hillary's Village meets Nazi Germany. My problem is that the whole episode, or at least Lucy and Kevin's portion of it, stunk of spin-off. Sort of Highway to Heaven meets 7th Heaven meets Northern Exposure. Now, I've heard absolutely nothing, zip, zero about the idea that any of these jerkoffs being spun off into a series of their own. I'm assuming they aren't planning to do that. Still, this episode sure had that feel. Maybe the producers tried it and the network honchos told them to go pound sand.

One can only hope. 7th Heaven is like the killer in every horror movie ever made. Just because he fell down the staircase and landed on the knife doesn't mean he's dead. He's not dead until he get's hit in the face with the thing you use to move the logs in the fireplace. Or, better yet, when he's impaled on that. Twice. Through his crotch.

Help and Hope

Hasn't there been a lot of news lately about people with cancer? Tony Snow, Elizabeth Edwards and Fred Thompson have all been in the headlines lately because they are battling cancer.

One of the great things about the time we live in is that cancer isn't a death sentence anymore. There are so many treatments out there and so many more just around the corner. I can't imagine facing cancer, but even worse would be to have to face it without hope.

Even for the really scary sounding cancers like brain cancer, there are new treatments that offer hope. For example, the Gamma Knife is a revolutionary brain tumor treatment that lets surgeons operate without even breaking the skin. It uses a beam of energy to destroy tumors.

You can find out more information about this amazing new treatment at the link above.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I Try To Get Out But They Keep Pulling Me Back In!


I swear I'm addicted to this game! It is one of those browser-based Flash games. It's a very simple premise. You build turrets to destroy little bug-looking things. They come faster and faster, and get tougher and tougher.

I don't understand why I'm addicted to it. It's very repetitive. There is some strategy involved but a lot of it is just doing the same thing over and over again. No hand-eye coordination involved at all. Still, I'm hooked.

Taking Care of Mommy

As you may know, we here at MediaBlog HQ recently announced the arrival of a child and heir. Along with the miracle of birth and all that rot, one of the things we were really thankful for was the quality of the medical care Mrs. MediaBlog and the Bloglet received. We were also thankful for the health insurance that paid for that care. Quite honestly, I don't know how we would have made it without that.

If you are in need of maternity health insurance, Reproductive Access Solutions can connect you with the best solution to meet your needs as a mother and as a family. You can find out more information at the link above.

Strike Two

The Sun Online - News: Wills and Kate split

What's the matter, Wils? Were her teeth too good? Maybe her ears were too small? Did you wake up one morning, look next to you and just decide that she wasn't horsey enough?

Newsflash... Your old man traded in a hottie (God rest her soul) for a fishmonger. Don't make the same mistake. Please.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

And the Bloggie Goes To...

Yeah, I don't think they are actually calling them that, but even so.

The Bloggers Choice Awards are an opportunity to for you to cast your vote on the best blog in a variety of different categories. Best Celebrity Blog, Best Business Blog, Best Food Blog and many, many more. Now, through some sort of oversight, we here at The MediaBlog seem not to have been nominated. Perhaps there was some sort of problem with the mails. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe my answering machine isn't working. Whatever the reason, I am confident that it was an error and I hold no hard feelings. No, no hard feelings at all. I will be okay. Really. I will be just fine. You can go with your lives and not worry about me. Anyhoo... You can take a minute to see some of the best of the blogosphere and to vote for your favorites.

While I am here, and at the risk of having Al Gore sue me for voter fraud, I have to say that you need to get over there and vote for Wil Wheaton. No because he has a great blog (though it ain't half bad). Certainly not because he was Wesley Crusher. No, you need to do it because otherwise Rosie is going to win and that, to put it simply, cannot be permitted to happen.

Solo Mo

Moira Single?

Dear reader, it isn't often that The MediaBlog gets to provide you with up-to-the minute coverage of breaking news. More often than not, we spend our time commenting on what other people are saying about the news. For once, we're at the cutting edge. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe.

Anyhoo... I said a few days ago that a lot of people are finding their way here because they are searching for something about Moira from the Phile being divorced. Now, I know nothing about this at all. The last I knew, Mr. Mo was in the picture. Still, where there's smoke...

Above is a link to a discussion board where they are talking about the topic. Maybe we can all find out a little more.

Good luck, Mo. I hope it isn't so, but if it is then I hope you and your family are doing okay.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cover Your Boat

Most people deal with boats for pleasure. I deal with them for work. My business lets me see all kinds of boats. Everything from little bass boats right up through 30 footers that you can sail to the Bahamas. One thing I have learned from looking at a lot of boats is that you are not done spending money they day you drive the boat off the lot. You would not believe how many people do not understand that. They think that they can do whatever they feel like with the boat, never maintain it and it will run forever. It just does not work that way. You absolutely MUST take the time and make the effort to maintain a boat. Otherwise, sooner or later, it will rot and sink at the dock.

One of the best things you can do to take care of your boat is so simple and obvious that you would think everyone would do it: buy a boat cover. A good boat cover will protect your boat from a lot of weather and wear. Boatcoversadvice can help you find out more about what you need. They have information on custom boat covers to fit any sort of boat.

Let's say that you have a Bayliner. Very nice boat. They can give you a few tips that will help you to make sure you have a cover that will meet your special needs.

Or maybe you have a pontoon boat. They aren't fast or glamorous, but a pontoon boat is a great family or fishing boat to take out on the lake. They have special needs though because of their size and shape. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all boat cover. They can help you to make sure you have a cover that meets your needs.

Again, I can't say enough about how important it is to maintain your boat. You have to safeguard your investment but, more importantly, a poorly-maintained boat is an accident waiting to happen. And believe me, when it does happen, it will be at the worst possible time. You will run into trouble when the storm is bearing down on you. Don't let that happen.

Everything You Need To Know About Imus-gate

Behind the Fall of Imus, A Digital Brush Fire -

This is an excellent minute-by-minute account of the collapse of Don Imus. It isn't very long, but I can summarize it in about three sentences. Don Imus said something rude (as usual), a leftist media group latched onto it for some reason even though Imus is hardly a conservative. Imus apologized and all hell broke loose.

Our modern, gotcha media/political culture teaches a number of perverse lessons. One is that you should never, never, NEVER apologize for anything. In the real world, a heartfelt apology is the beginning of forgiveness and healing. In that other world, an apology is taken as evidence of weakness and only leads to a bloodletting. If you bare your belly, someone is always waiting to plunge the knife into it.

If Imus had just put his head down and plowed through he probably would have emerged from this okay. Because he made the human mistake of actually feeling bad about something he said, he ends up vilified and cast aside. Like I said, perverse lessons.

And while we're at it... You've got to love the minister who spoke to all this, Rev. DeForest Soaries. I believe he is the pastor to the Rutgers coach. In his words, "An apology is appropriate for an insult, but restitution is necessary for an injury."

Now, I'm about to say something that will probably cost me my radio show, but what is it about some of these black ministers that makes them constantly demand their 40 acres and a mule? Al, Jesse and, now, DeForest are always after "restitution". I have to admit that I may not have read my Bible as thoroughly as I should have, but I just can't remember the verse where Jesus jumps up and down and screams "Show me the money!"

I understand that some wrongs require a financial remedy. If you run into my car you need to pay to fix my car. That's an apples-to-apples kind of solution. A financial harm calls for a financial remedy. If you hurt my feelings, however, you don't need to buy me something. That's apples-to-oranges. An emotional harm demands an emotional remedy. In other words, all you need to do is say you're sorry and mean it. Well, it might also be nice if you went forth and sinned no more, but that's enough.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Different Kind of Bank

What exactly does that mean? A different kind of bank? How about a bank that's not all about the money? That sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn't it? If a bank isn't about money then what does it stand for? Co-Operative Financial Services looks at these things differently.

Now, don't get me wrong, they can set up a bank account for you. A simple account or a variety of different financial products and services. Good rates of return and safety for your money. They don't stop there, however. Co-Operative Financial Services operates under an ethical policy that means more than just financial integrity with your money. Quite honestly, they are picky. They won't do business with just anyone and everyone. And if that costs them a little bit of money, so be it. In fact, it has cost them money. 10 million pounds and counting. Principles over pounds, that's the way they look at it.

Like I said: a different kind of bank.

Well, At Least He'll Have More Time At The Ranch

ABC News: CBS Fires Don Imus From Radio Show

I'm not going to shed too many tears for Don Imus. He made more today than I'll earn in the next 20 years. He's a rude, mean-spirited old man who makes his living by calling people names.

That said, this is not a good thing. Is it a sign of the death of free speech? I don't think so. Don Imus isn't that important. Glenn Beck can calm down (at least, as much as Glenn Beck ever calms down anymore). The I-man's mistake, if we want to call it that, was in picking on one of the protected groups of American society. As everyone knows, the only safe joke is one made at the expense of a straight white Christian male with two working legs.

Still, I think it is a shame that he got the boot because of this. I think it's a shame that race-mongers like Jesse and Big Al get to spout off. I think it's a shame that we have reached a stage in the gradual decline of our society where words matter more than actions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See

What, are you completely shameless? No, of course not. You don't want every dog-walker and neighborhood kid to be staring through your front windows, watching as you walk through the house in the buff. Your home is your castle and the last thing you need is a bunch of peeoping toms violating that. But what can you do? The windows are made of glass. Glass! It's clear, man! How can you hide yourself? You're doomed, man! Doomed!

Ahem... Sorry. Sometimes I get worked up. It is true though, you need to find quality window coverings. Blinds would do the trick, but from where? The link above will take you to Terrysfabrics where you can find lots of different styles of blinds. Different fabrics, different colors. Anything and everything to suit your decor and, even more importantly, hide your shame from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Don't wait another minute. Don't become a laughing stock when your neighbors see your fat belly as you walk through the house for a beer. Go now and get quality window coverings. Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds... They have them all plus much, much more. Why go anywhere else?

It's Been A Good Night For TV Viewers, My Friends

No, Sanjaya didn't go. I said a good night. Not a great night. Just a good night.

No, it's been a good night because both Jericho and Lost gave us significant plot movement. I'm not going to go into detail about what we learned in each. Not so much out of pity for my West Coast readers, but because I just don't fell like taking the time. Suffice it to say that in each case, a healthy dose of mystery was cleaned up. That is a very good, very necessary development for both of these shows but particularly for Lost.

The appeal of a mystery-type show is the mystery, but the danger is that the viewer needs payoff. You can't just keep going on and on with this sort of thing, never satisfying the viewers curiosity. When you do, we reach a point where we just stop caring because we lose faith in the idea that we are actually headed toward a defined destination.

Debt Consolidation

You know, probably half of the junk mail I receive on a daily basis has something to do with debt consolidation. With so many people in so much trouble with their car loans and credit cards, it can be very tempting to consolidate debt and reduce the number of people you have to pay every month. In some cases, debt consolidation makes a lot of sense. For other people, it isn't going to help one bit. If you're going to consolidate, the key is to make sure you're doing it as a tool to get out of debt, not as a means of getting into even more debt. The link above will take you to a site where you can find out much, much more about debt consolidation. If you are going to take a big step like this, you want to make sure that you have all of the facts. This site can help you start your debt consolidation education.

Say It Ain't So, Mo... Say It Ain't So

Several people... Or maybe it's one person several times... Have found their way here by searching for some variation on +Moira +divorce +"Philips Phile" I have absolutely no idea why but it concerns me. I have no idea if Big Mo and Mr. Mo have gotten a divorce. To be honest, the notion wouldn't even have occurred to me if I hadn't looked at my traffic log. If you know something about it, please leave me a comment. I'm a big Phile fan but I don't get to listen every day. I've done a few searches of my own and come up with nothing.

So, anyone who can shed some light on the subject for me and my readers, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The MediaBlog American Idol Snarky Comment of the Night

Front boobs can be hot, back boobs never are. Particularly when they jiggle.

Find A Place for the Kiddies

Wouldn't it be great if there were a service that could help you find quality Daycare providers in your area that meet the criteria you select?

Actually, is just such a site. They offer a great tool for parents to locate daycare, preschool or nanny services in their area. Don't waste time thumbing through the yellow pages, making telephone call after telephone call. is the first and only stop you need to make when you are searching for child care for your kids. You can find out much more by clicking on the link above.

Kalamazoo, Michigan... Hello...

What could be more annoying than one of my stream-of-consciousness posts? How about a personal stream-of-consciousness post? Oh yeah, I know you've all been waiting for one of these. Hey! Cut me some slack... It's worth what you're paying... And away we go!

You reach a point where you just stop faking it. I wear size 36 pants. Why pretend? Why buy size 34s with an adjustable waistband or a "hidden extra inch"? It is what it is. And, by the way, I'm now sold on Lands' End pants. I've always been a Dockers man but the Lands' End pants are sturdy and they come heavily starched and with a crease you could use to slit your wrists. I'm a sucker for a heavily starched pair of khakis. But I'll still recommend Docker's dress shirts. They have an extra button up top so your collar doesn't hang wide open. I, for one, don't want to look like I should be wearing gold chains and visiting the Regal Begal.

You know, I really hate Ray Boltz. I know, he's dead and it's wrong to hate the dead, but there it is. His songs are so tacky. They make me want to turn Jewish... Hindu... Something... They sang one of his in church this past Sunday. "End of the Beginning" it's called. It literally (well, no, not literally) made me want to roll the stone back in front of the tomb and say let's just call the whole thing off. Yep. That bad. Um... Turns out that Ray Boltz is alive and that he didn't write that song. Still, let's not be tied down by details.

Okay, so boring old Uchenna and Joyce are gone. Now if the midget and the shrew can just be next.

The bloglet rolled over tonight. Biggest thing to happen in these parts in quite awhile.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ultimate Paintball

Sometimes you just need to run and play.

That is just as true for adults as it is for the kids. If you have not played paintball then you are missing out on the chase to return to your youth. As the saying goes, however, one of the differences between men and boys is the price of their toys. If you are looking for a full line of paintball equipment including paintball markers, paintball tanks and much, much more then you need to visit at the link above. They have the full range of paintball supplies and equipment. All the most popular manufacturers, all the best styles and a broad range of prices to fit the budget of everyone from the newbie to the experienced hobbiest.

It's Like Bizarro MediaBlog!

I mentioned awhile back that we're going to be moving to new digs in the next few months. Well, for the time being you are going to continue seeing plenty of content right here. Still, if you want the full MediaBlog experience then you need to visit the new site. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles yet, but it does have the same sort of.. Ahem... quality content that you've come to expect from The MediaBlog

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get Yourself Adjusted

Chiropractic care can really help a lot of people. It isn't just for back pain and that sort of thing. There are a lot of different conditions that can respond to this type of treatment. For example, if you are looking for New York TMJ Treatment then you should pay a visit to

You will find out a lot about what chiropractic care can do for you. It is well worth a few minutes of your time to explore a valuable resource like this.

Rudy: The Federalist Candidate

Giuliani defends abortion stance in S.C. - Yahoo! News

, I asked that as a question. Now it is a definitive statement. Rudy Giuliani is presenting himself, at least as far as abortion, gun control and gay marriage are concerned, as a federalist. We have suggested that before as the responsible, logical, ethical choice for him (as opposed to Mitt Romney's shifting-sands position). Rudy seems to have embraced it by saying that states should be making these decisions regarding the legality of abortion and the even more controversial notion of public funding for them.

The difficulty for Rudy is that this is a complex position to take and it's hard to sell in a sound bite. It's also very open to willful misinterpretation by his opponents. Fundamentally, however, this is a position that should be enthusiastically embraced by conservatives. Even, and perhaps especially, religious conservatives.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


If you have ever had to deal with mold in a house then you know what an enormous problem that can be. It starts off with dampness. Maybe in a closet. Maybe a basement. The next thing you know you have a genuine health hazard. It's almost impossible to get rid of. Don't even think about trying to do the job yourself. You need a professional.

That's when you need to call Mold Managers.

Mold Managers in NJ will take care of your mold problems. They have the tools and they know how to deal with this sort of thing in a safe, responsible manner. If you are in New Jersey and you have a mold problem, check them out. They can help.

I Guess I'm Dishonest Then

Dodd asks: What if your child were gay? - Yahoo! News

CONCORD, N.H. - Democratic presidential hopeful Chris Dodd told high school students Wednesday that people debating gay marriage should ask themselves just one question: What would you do if your child were gay? Dodd said anyone who would deny a gay child the right to be happy isn't being honest.

Buzz... Nice try, Senator. Johnny, tell him what he has won. Good parents don't want their children to be happy at all costs. Good parents want their children to be moral and to find their joy in that. My beliefs, the beliefs that I am going to try to impart to the Bloglet, tell me that homosexuality is immoral. They tell me that homosexual marriage is contrary to natural and moral law. I desperately want the Bloglet to be happy, but I'm not willing to endorse any choice she makes so long as that choice makes her happy.

Global Trading

Do you know much about global futures? Most people don't. We've reached a point where most of us are pretty comfortable with stocks and bonds. The rise of the post-pension, 401K society has made certain of that. More exotic investments, however... Foreign exchange, foreign market futures... Those are outside the comfort zone of most of us. Now, it almost goes without saying that there is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex. Still, if you know what you are doing and if you do your homework then there is the potential for some very great rewards. The link above will take you to a site where you can find out a lot more. You can get started with as little as $250

If this is a subject that interests you, find out how to get started at the link above.

The West Loses... Again

Obviously you can't help but be happy for the families of the British sailors and marines who (apparently) are being released by the Iranians. That being said, this is yet another disaster for the West at the hands of the mullahs. Yet again, Iran gets to wantonly violate all international norms, all accepted standards of conduct among nations. It emerges from the experience completely unscathed. Perhaps there was no quid pro quo. Perhaps. I doubt it, but perhaps. Even if that is the case, Iran still comes out of this as the winner. They spat in the face of the West and walked away without a scratch. Call it counting coup on a grand scale.

While we're at it, let's talk about the petty indignities too. The British have to deal with the spectacle of their servicemembers spouting the mullah's line. They have to deal with being lectured by the Iranians about the fact that one of the sailors is a mother (the mullahs really know how to treat a lady, afterall). Finally, take a gander:

Notice anything? All the hostages/prisoners/detainees (pick your term) are wearing civilian clothing. The Iranians took their uniforms and are turning them loose in the civvies they were so thoughtful to provide. Now, maybe I'm the only one who thinks so, but I think this is a form of neutering. It is turning a warrior into a victim.

While the whole West shares vicariously in it, the failure here is primarily British. Their sailors and marines were taken. It fell to them to take the lead and they did so in a very wobbly way. I have no doubt that a more assertive policy would not have met with the support of their European "allies." I would hope that it would have found American support. Whether or no, the British should have taken a sterner line in all this. They didn't have to start lobbing missiles, but it would have been nice to be able to show a little teeth. Even in their reduced state, the British could have done so (whether they will still be able to do so a year from now is another matter). They chose not to.

What Is Better Than Free?

Stupid question. The answer, of course, is that there is nothing better than getting something for nothing. It does not happen too often though so when you are offered that sort of deal you really need to seize it when the offer comes around.

One such offer are the free Antivirus downloads you can find at this link. Sure, you can pay fifty dollars or more for an antivirus package. If you have money to burn then go ahead. On the other hand, if you care more about how well you are protected rather than how much you pay, you may want to check this link out. You will find quality, reliable anti-virus software from a source you can rely on. There is a lot of nasty stuff floating around the internet. The last thing you want is to download a compromised anti-virus software package.

Well It's About Damn Time

Bush bypasses Senate to name ambassador - Yahoo! News

Whenever I start thinking that Dubya's spine is made out of jelly he goes and does something like this. Sam Fox got the bum's rush from Lurch and his cabal in the Senate, but Dubya sends him to Belgium anyway.

It isn't ideal, any more than the recess appointment of John Bolton was ideal, but it gets the job done.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Riddle

Q:What do you get when you put an ugly, buck-toothed, 300 pound woman in a sexy dress?
A: A sweaty dress with all the elastic stretched out of it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Amazing Race: Pity the Dwarf

We have reached a point where the relationship between Mirna and Shmirna (yes, I know, that's not really her name) is very little short of being abusive. Mirna constantly screams at Shmirna. In almost every case, Shmirna is left to do the heavy lifting, both literally and figuratively. Wear a suit of armor? Smirna. Carry a side of beef? Shmirna.

At this point, with Rob and Amber but a vague memory, I find myself rooting for the beauty queens. As always here at The MediaBlog... Hotness wins out.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Get Registered

Regonline is an event registration service that facilitates attendance at conferences, trade shows and other similar events. One of their new features is designed to boost attendance by sending out a customized email to those who start a registration but then quit in the middle.

I think this is a really great idea. I know that a lot of times I have quit on a registration or entry form because it asked for too much information. I just didn't feel like I had time to complete it. Still, if I had received a followup email I think I would have been much more likely to go back and finish what I started. I would feel as though the company/business/conference was taking more of an individualized interest in me. I think that feeling would be true for a lot of people.

Democracy Just Doesn't Work

Bring the troops home, George. Throw the Declaration of Independence into the fireplace. It's over. Maybe if we're lucky Elizabeth will let bygones be bygones and take us back.

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of sitting through a church business meeting knows that democracy just doesn't work. People don't understand the implications of their decisions, they don't listen to each other and they don't accomplish anything. They'll vote for anything that sounds good at the moment without a thought of the ramifications.

That's how you end up with divided churches and pregnant pig amendments. Church business meetings and citizen initiatives... The only difference is one of scale.

Pay For Performance, Not Promises

Are you tired of paying for what people tell you they will do rather than what they actually do? I know I am. I've been sold so many times on a promise and found out that the company in question couldn't really deliver.

In the field of SEO, that's what sets apart. They are a search engine optimization company that charges you based on results, not promises. They let you pay for success rather than for effort. Let's face it... You don't care how hard they work, you care how well they deliver. Am I right? Etrafficjams delivers by getting your site, your business, at the head of the line when people hit the search engines. Moving up to the top means more visits, more clicks, more sales.

If they don't hit the target then you don't pay. It really is that simple. Call it a new deal in SEO. Check it out at the link above.

Super Size This

Super Size Me

I put off watching this movie for a long time because I knew that all it would do is make me angry. When I finally got around to seeing it today (MSNBC ran it a night or two ago), I wasn't disappointed.

I'm sure you know the premise... Documentary filmmaker eats nothing but McDonalds food for a month and discovers, will wonders never cease, that it isn't what you'd call good for you. Big shocker, huh?

Along the way he makes the typical elitist, Coastal sort of comments you might expect about how people are basically too stupid to choose for themselves much less their own children. And, of course, Big Hamburger is out to make dirty money and if that ends up killing you in the process well then so be it.

My problem with this Michael Moore-ish (Boorish too, by the way) style of "documentary" film making is that it is premised on the idea of making fun of people from flyover country, all the while acting as though they need to be saved from themselves. Fundamentally, people like Moore and, in this case, Morgan Spurlock, seem to think that you're too stupid to think for yourself. Combine that with a healthy dose of anti-capitalist dogma and there you are.

And, for the record, if I want to buy a double Big Gulp I damn well will and you can take your opinion and drop it in the fryer.