Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kalamazoo, Michigan... Hello...

What could be more annoying than one of my stream-of-consciousness posts? How about a personal stream-of-consciousness post? Oh yeah, I know you've all been waiting for one of these. Hey! Cut me some slack... It's worth what you're paying... And away we go!

You reach a point where you just stop faking it. I wear size 36 pants. Why pretend? Why buy size 34s with an adjustable waistband or a "hidden extra inch"? It is what it is. And, by the way, I'm now sold on Lands' End pants. I've always been a Dockers man but the Lands' End pants are sturdy and they come heavily starched and with a crease you could use to slit your wrists. I'm a sucker for a heavily starched pair of khakis. But I'll still recommend Docker's dress shirts. They have an extra button up top so your collar doesn't hang wide open. I, for one, don't want to look like I should be wearing gold chains and visiting the Regal Begal.

You know, I really hate Ray Boltz. I know, he's dead and it's wrong to hate the dead, but there it is. His songs are so tacky. They make me want to turn Jewish... Hindu... Something... They sang one of his in church this past Sunday. "End of the Beginning" it's called. It literally (well, no, not literally) made me want to roll the stone back in front of the tomb and say let's just call the whole thing off. Yep. That bad. Um... Turns out that Ray Boltz is alive and that he didn't write that song. Still, let's not be tied down by details.

Okay, so boring old Uchenna and Joyce are gone. Now if the midget and the shrew can just be next.

The bloglet rolled over tonight. Biggest thing to happen in these parts in quite awhile.

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