Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pay For Performance, Not Promises

Are you tired of paying for what people tell you they will do rather than what they actually do? I know I am. I've been sold so many times on a promise and found out that the company in question couldn't really deliver.

In the field of SEO, that's what sets apart. They are a search engine optimization company that charges you based on results, not promises. They let you pay for success rather than for effort. Let's face it... You don't care how hard they work, you care how well they deliver. Am I right? Etrafficjams delivers by getting your site, your business, at the head of the line when people hit the search engines. Moving up to the top means more visits, more clicks, more sales.

If they don't hit the target then you don't pay. It really is that simple. Call it a new deal in SEO. Check it out at the link above.

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