Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rudy: The Federalist Candidate

Giuliani defends abortion stance in S.C. - Yahoo! News

, I asked that as a question. Now it is a definitive statement. Rudy Giuliani is presenting himself, at least as far as abortion, gun control and gay marriage are concerned, as a federalist. We have suggested that before as the responsible, logical, ethical choice for him (as opposed to Mitt Romney's shifting-sands position). Rudy seems to have embraced it by saying that states should be making these decisions regarding the legality of abortion and the even more controversial notion of public funding for them.

The difficulty for Rudy is that this is a complex position to take and it's hard to sell in a sound bite. It's also very open to willful misinterpretation by his opponents. Fundamentally, however, this is a position that should be enthusiastically embraced by conservatives. Even, and perhaps especially, religious conservatives.

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