Saturday, June 30, 2007

Drawing Conclusions

Flaming SUV rams U.K. airport; 2 arrests - Yahoo! News

And here's your trifecta. Two failed car bombs in London and a semi-failed attempt in Glasgow. I think we can draw some conclusions fairly quickly:

1. These are not top notch operatives. They didn't do a very good job on any of these three efforts. That doesn't minimize the importance of these events. It certainly doesn't mean we should not take them seriously. It does likely mean one thing, however, which leads us to...

2. These are homegrown. British citizens or, at least, residents. They are part of the "franchise" nature of current terrorism. Local groups, inspired by bin Laden and his ilk, art trying to pull off operations. Because they lack the skills and the money, they do a half-assed job of it. That shouldn't be all that comforting to anyone. Practice makes perfect.

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