Friday, July 06, 2007

The American Voter Has The Attention Span of a Flea

Leniency for Libby and the '08 presidential race |

Come on. Does anyone really think that people are going to close the curtain in November 2008 and vote against the Republican nominee because Dubya pardoned Scooter Libby? The only people who are genuinely pissed about this already hate Dubya and, by extension, all Republicans.

As for the idea that the conservative base is pissed because Dubya gave them half a loaf... I'm sure there are people out there who are unhappy that it was a commutation rather than a pardon. I think their numbers are fairly small, however. Anyway, however many they are, they are conservative diehards who aren't going to vote Democrat and, if the opponent is Mrs. Bill Clinton, they aren't going to stay home.

As with so much of what you read in the press, this is a media concoction.

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