Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dogs... On The Edge of Madness

PETA: Don't Take Pets to See Fireworks

PETA apparently thinks your dog and cat are inches from going postal. All it is going to take to turn Benji into Cujo is one firecracker. That's why you need to leave the pups and kitties at home.

In fact, even leaving them at home is not enough to keep them from going postal. You also need to pull the drapes and turn on the classical music station so the furry ones won't be disturbed by the distant sounds of the bombs bursting in air.

Meanwhile, assuming Planned Parenthood doesn't take the day off to honor life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, about 3500 babies will have been scrambled before the last firework explodes tonight.

Yeah, we've definitely got our priorities straight.

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