Saturday, July 21, 2007

The First Boobs

Hillary Clinton's Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory -

Well, the once and (hopefully not) future first uns anyhoo. You know, we've spent some time in the past commenting on the odd fashion-type things that find their way into the Washington Post. There was the time when they critized Dick Cheney for wearing a parka at Auschwitz, for example. And then there was the one where the author seemed to want to give Mistress Condi's boots a little tongue action. Now, we're spending several column inches on Mrs. Bill Clinton's ta-tas.

In all three cases, it was the Post's Robin Givhan who took us down the rabbit trail. I have to say, however, that it just gets stranger and stranger as time goes on. I've never really spent any time thinking about Hillary Clinton's chesticles.

Oh, and if you really do care about this (God help you) the link takes you to the original article which has a C-SPAN-AFTER-DARK framegrab.

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