Monday, July 30, 2007

I Need a Colortini

Tom Snyder Dies in San Francisco

Driving into work this morning I heard of the passing of Tom Snyder from complications related to leukemia at the age of 71.

I have something of a history of being a fan of second or third-tier personaliities. Robert Culp is one of my favorite actors. Likewise, Tom Snyder is one of my favorite talkshow hosts. He's not Johnny or Dave, he's not Merv or Oprah. He's not Larry King. He's somewhere further back in the pack. That never mattered to me. I liked his attitude, I liked his informality and I liked how he dealt with his guests. Whether on his CNBC show or when Letterman gave him the Late, Late Show (I was too young to watch him on Tomorrow), Tom Snyder was always a treat to watch. I can remember a show he did on the Oscars... Or maybe it was the Emmys... His guests were Bonnie Hunt and... Someone else... Bonnie stole the stage as she always does. Bonnie Hunt can make even a misanthrope like David Letterman seem as though he is having a good time. With someone like Tom Snyder, someone who already seems as though he is having a good time, Bonnie made him seem like he was on laughing gas.

I should not have stayed up as late as I did watching Tom Snyder. I had class the next morning. Still, I don't regret a bit of the lost sleep.

Good night, Tom.


  1. Tom Snyder had been on my mind, lately, for no particular reason. Maybe it was seeing David Letterman's mom on his show recently; made me think of Tom's stories about "Mother Snyder." I have wonderful memories of all those wee hours spent watching "Tomorrow."

    I realize now -- how did it take so long? -- that Tom was my "proto-Rose": Charlie Rose, that is, who has the best hour on television, bar none. There's nothing better than smart, lively conversation, and I developed a taste for it early on, thanks to Tom Snyder.

    Part of the pleasure was the sheer unpredictability. Mr. Rose has that wonderful Southern civility, whereas Tom had some good Midwestern bite, and when things didn't go his way, that's when the fun began.

    Thanks, Tom, and good night.

  2. I fired up the colortinis. Many of them. Tom's fav was Absolute.

    Best memory is from tomorrow when Tom had on Wendy O Williams. I still can't believe they did that.

    I was so happy when he came back on CBS. And I was kind of pissed when he left. Not at him. No one does long form like he did. That was just so damn interesting when Tom was at the helm. There was no one who could take the baton and run with it.

    And yes, GOODNIGHT Tom.