Monday, July 16, 2007

It Begins

Quindlen: Hillary Should Make Barack Her Running Mate - Newsweek Anna Quindlen -

Actually, it started awhile ago, but it will only continue to build. Let me be among the first to suggest what an enormous disaster this would be for the Democrat party.

No, not because America isn't ready for a Black VP or, for that matter, a female President. Though, of course, when they lose that will be the story. Just like it is with Katie Couric. It's never THEIR fault, it's always OUR fault.

Anyhoo... The knock on the Democrat Party has long been that it is a collection of quite disparate, largely single-issue interest groups that are cobbled together to form a party. The Mrs. Bill Clinton/Great Black Hope ticket would be the purest example of just that sort of mindset.

It's also a rehash of the wildly successful 2004 Democrat ticket: polarizing and lacking in political skill at the top, light-weight but good-looking on the bottom. Worked really well last time, didn't it?

Still, the chattering class is already moist for the ticket. To wit, Anna Quindlen:

...the excitement that would ensue if you eschewed your customary caution and asked Obama to join you in creating the first real 21st-century ticket. It's not simply that with one fell swoop you would solidify the two largest blocs of Democratic support, but that the historic nature of the pairing would galvanize the race and make any Republican slate seem so same-old.

Here we go again. It's all about "excitement." Remember when everyone on screen seemed so disappointed that Dubya picked Cheney because he was... Wait for it... Competent. BORING! Quindlen even admits that it's about shoring up the chicks and the Blacks.

This ain't going to fly.

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