Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Legacy of the 60s

This post is about the Woodstock-ification of the global Left.

As part of their creation myth, the Left has as its basis the idea that Woodstock was something important. That it was a moment when a generation announced its arrival as a force to be reconed with. In fact, Woodstock was little more than a bunch of over-indulged, drug-addled children wallowing in the mud. Still, as a symbol and as a myth, it has power to many on the political Left.

This is the reason for the Left's penchant to "concertize" problems/issues/events. Famine in Africa? Concert. Farm foreclosures? Concert. Dead Princess? Concert. And now, of course, "climate crisis"? Concert.

I suppose the argument is that a concert of this sort draws attention to an issue. Really though, is anyone unaware of the fact that many people believe there is a problem regarding climate change? Is a concert, or a series of concerts, going to influence people in any meaningful way? Of course it isn't. Like so much of what the Left does, it will merely confuse talk with action.

Not that I believe that any action on climate is needed, of course. The point is that THEY believe it is needed, but instead of actually doing something, they hold concerts. Corporations and media conglomerates pay their requisite homage... It's really the equivalent of protection money. Pampered celebrities show up by private jet, drink bottled water, sing a bit and can leave feeling as though they've "done something" and "given back." It assuages whatever liberal guilt they feel about how they live the other 364 days of the year and simultaneously gives them the ability to feel as though they are activists rather than merely performers. So much the better than merely singing for your supper.

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