Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strategy by General Olbermann

Olbermann: Go to Iraq and fight, Mr. President - Countdown with Keith Olbermann -

General Olbermann's (predictable) take on the Iraq War:

The selection of the wrong war, in the wrong time, in the wrong place — the most disastrous geopolitical tactic since Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia in 1914 and destroyed itself in the process — that had nothing to do with the overwhelming crisis Iraq has become. It isn’t Mr. Bush’s fault.

You know, Keith, I'm always the first in line to defend your right to be an asshole. You might, however, want to read a little history before you start drawing broad historical conclusions.

Let's accept the arguable notion that invading Iraq was a mistage. Do you think there might just have been one or two greater strategic blunders in the last 93 years? Hitler invading Russia, Hitler declaring war on the US, Hitler not finishing off the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk, Hitler invading Yugoslavia (and thereby delaying the attack on Russia), Japan attacking the United States... Just as a start.

Hyperbole is all well and good, but don't be surprised when people call you on it, Keithy.

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