Wednesday, August 29, 2007

But Hey! The Second One Is Free!

Vatican talks of 'eugenics culture’ after abortion of wrong twin -Times Online

So Italian woman discovers she's having twins. Joyous day, wonderful blessing, how swell. She subsequently discovers that one of the two has Down's syndrome. Naturally, she does what every loving mother would do: she calls the doc and tells her to warm up the vacuum. Mother of the Year visits her local socialized clinic, they get the Hoover ready and THWOOMP out comes little reject.

Well, maybe not quite that quickly. I mean, the first piece comes out that quickly. It might be an arm. Hard to tell at this point. Hmm... That looks like a leg. Anyhoo, eventually all of the little second class non-citizen is in the bucket.

Um... Rome, we have a little problem. Turns out we may have sucked out the wrong little sucker. Turns out we scrambled the healthy one. Hmm... Geez... This is awkward. What's a girl to do? Oh well, hook up the attachments and shoot for two.

Of course, Doc isn't taking any responsibility. Her "conscience is clear." Mommy is a little troubled, Having trouble sleeping. One wonders how well she would be sleeping if they'd managed to hit the target on the first pass.

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