Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't Stand So Close To Me

First things first: I carry no brief for Senator Larry Craig. I pay pretty close attention to politics but if three days ago you had asked me to name either senator from Idaho I could not have done so. He has a conservative voting record so I'm politically on his side, but beyond that he means nothing to me. I can judge the political winds as well as the next man and I will say categorically that Larry Craig is toast. Tomorrow, next week... He's gone.

Okay, with that said...

The release of the audio tape of his questioning by the police actually makes him look better in my mind. Not because I think he was taking a dump. I don't. I think he was probably doing precisely what he is accused of doing. I've said before, however, that I don't think this sort of sting is an appropriate use of police officers' time. Arresting people and prosecuting them on the basis of hand gestures seems like a very bad idea to me. When you listen to the recording, it is the police who look silly, not Senator Craig. The officer involved is arguing, and getting quite worked up, about the direction Craig's hand was facing, whether it was his left or his right hand, how long their feet touched. It comes off as very silly, in my opinion.

I am the last person in the world to accuse anyone of homophobia (since I don't even believe in it), but the officer involved in the interrogation does seem to be taking things very personally. Maybe that's a standard police tactic. I honestly don't know. What I do know is that he seems very agitated by the whole thing while Craig seems quite (perhaps too) calm.

I'll also say this in passing. The officer makes a comment, I'm paraphrasing, about how disappointed he is that Senator Craig is lying (his word, not mine). The officer says (again, paraphrasing) that he expects that from someone from "the hood" but not from a man like Senator Craig. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds sort of racist? The hood? I point that out for only one reason... If this were Senator Schumer (D-NY) or Senator Dorgan (D-NY), one thinks that more would be made of that. One suspects that the Democrat political-media Machine would be tarring the officer as a racist and a homophobe.

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