Saturday, August 18, 2007

There's Hope

For some people, diet and exercise are only going to be part of the solution to their weight problem. These folks, try as hard as they might, are going to need a little extra help. You've probably heard of stomach stapling. It's a surgical procedure that essentially closes off a portion of the stomach so you feel full faster. It's definitely an invasive procedure and it carries some risks. Maybe it's right for you, but there are also some other, less extreme options.

For a lot of people, lap-band surgery may be a much better option. Instead of the big incision from stapling, this process allows for a much smaller incision. A band is placed around the stomach to shrink it. It's faster, there's less discomfort and there may be a quicker recovery.

Obviously, whatever decisions you make should be made in consultation with your doctor, but the link above will let you find more information about this exciting new procedure.

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