Saturday, September 15, 2007

The MediaBlog Explains It All

Yes, friends, we're here again to answer (or mock) your questions as discerned from our visitor's log. You typed something into a search engine to get here and we don't want you to leave unsatisfied. So...

-Paula Zahn is gone from CNN. We expect her to eventually turn up on MSNBC, thereby completing the trifecta.
-As far as we know, Megyn Kelly isn't bisexual... But we can all hope.
-I don't know if Laurie Dhue does karate.,.. But I wouldn't mind if she chopped my wood.
-I also don't know if Danica McKellar is gay... Am I detecting a pattern here?
-We know nothing about Jeff Probst's penis... Nor do we wish to.
-I neither know nor care what James Dobson has to say about Halloween.

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