Thursday, September 13, 2007

Notes From Thursday Night TV

-Glitter Gal looked stunningly HOT tonight. And that rock Les gave her must be the size of a frigging asteroid.
-Unintended (?) off color comment of the night? "I officially broke Dick."
-Does it make me some kind of creepy perv if I want to see Glitter Gal star as the Dragon Lady in a tawdry B-movie? Don't answer that.
-Hmmm... Maybe Dick will vote Danielle out. Or maybe not.
-You know, the Donatos really did have an unfair advantage. Unlike the other "enemies" they had a bond that actually meant something. Yeah, you might be angry with your dad, but he's still your dad. As opposed to your worst enemy from junior high or your sodomite relationship gone south.
-Watching Zack describe his "strategy" is like watching a tard explain astrophysics. Why did this moron have to be a FSU alum?
-Yeah, Danielle is hot, but that voice is enough to make me cut my knackers off.
-Why is Fox using that weird aspect ratio for Dubya? Okay, they fixed it.

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