Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Friends, it's the mid-80s. The Cola Wars rage, parachute pants have not yet been finally defeated and I'm playing Pirates! on my Commodore 64.

As part of the concerted effort to defeat international Communism, led by President Ronald Reagan, Elton John gives us the song Nikita. It is the powerful story of a Russian East German Border Guard who is being romanced by a bi-sexual pop singer who tries to blend in at Checkpoint Charlie by driving around in a red covertable, wearing a fez and making hearts in the snow. The aforementioned Nikita considers sending him to a gulag, but instead returns his flirtacious advances until her boss tells her to go back to the guardhouse.

The end.

Still, La Femme Nikita est tres hottttt!

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