Sunday, September 16, 2007

Whatever... So Long As John Travolta Doesn't Do The Movie

The Way to Happiness Foundation

So I saw the tail-end of this soft-focus, Mormon-esque commercial running this evening on MSNBC for something called "The Way to Happiness."

Hmm... What's that, I wonder? Point, click and there we are at the website. Turns out it's the "first moral code based wholly on common sense" and it's written by L Ron Hubbard.

Now, personally, I've always turned to Ben Bova when I'm seeking an ethical code composed by a science fiction writer, but to each his own.

Look, I'm all for ethics and morals. Good old L's 21 precepts seem, on the surface at least, pretty straightforward and positive. Still, do we really need a scifi writer to restate the Golden Rule? After all, we already have it on pretty good authority.

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