Monday, March 31, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

Kathie Lee Gifford Joins "Today", TV Host Returns To The Small Screen As Co-Host Of Morning Show's Fourth Hour - The ShowBuzz

Can't we ever get any frigging peace? Not that we need 4 hours of Today in the first place, but Kathie Frigging Lee? Dear Jesus make it stop.

Oh, and we won't be using the newsbabes tag for this one, folks.

The Changing of the Seasons

Ah Spring... When short skirts return. Yes, the boots disappear, but the legs return. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

A few select shots of our Miss Amy from this past Saturday:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where To Begin?

Gay youth's killing sparks tolerance debate - Education-

Larry King was a gay eighth-grader who used to come to school in makeup, high heels and earrings. And when the other boys made fun of him, he would boldly tease them right back by flirting with them.

Okay, let's get this out of the way first... This young man's parents basically screwed him for life when they named him Larry King. Things were not going to go well for young Larry no matter what.

Let's also say that people shouldn't be shooting other people because they're gay. Generally speaking, people shouldn't be shooting each other for any reason. Kind of goes without saying.

All of that being said, someone did this young man a grave disservice by indulging him in his desires to be a semi-transvestite in the 8th grade. IMHO, a truly loving parent or guardian would not do so. Rather, they would seek counseling for a child who is showing indications of a gender malfunction.

If you're planning on leaving comments about how intolerant I am and how everyone needs to be allowed to be themselves then go right ahead. If they're reasonably clean and moderately intelligent then I'll let them go through. If they're not then I won't. Simple as that.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What Was That About The Eye of a Needle?

Church builds $1 million mansion for Wright :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Business

Suddenly I don't feel quite as bad about the $110,000 my former pastor was making.

Well, actually I do, but at least I know some other Christians are getting screwed even worse.

Peerless Piers

I have to admit that I was very skeptical about The Celebrity Apprentice. The entire show has taken a downturn in recent years and I figured the Celebrity incarnation would be the last nail in the coffin. First, because a lot of the "celebrities" were... Well, questionable would be a polite word for it. Second, because Omarosa is an arrogant, worthless bitch. Third and finally, it struck me as even more rigged than usual.

I have to admit though that the interplay among Piers Morgan, Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin and (for too short a season) Gene Simmons was really fun television. Well worth watching...

If you missed out on this season, allow me to favor you with a few highlights... MediaBlog style!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some Much Overdue Blogporn

A Little... Make That Very Little... Humor

How does one oyster say good night to another oyster?
"Shell you later!"

Yeah, I know... Pretty lame, isn't it? Well, one thing that definitely is not lame is the great taste of Gulf oysters. If you want to learn more about oyster safety along with some really great recipes for new and exciting ways to enjoy these tasty treats from the deep blue sea, then take a look at the BeOysterAware website. You can get there by clicking on the link above. Once there you will find everything you need to know to make the most of your oyster dining experience.

So, forgive the bad joke, but be sure to check out BeOysterAware!

Touchy, Touchy, Touchy

Chelsea Clinton Startled by Monica Query

Seems Miss Chelsea is a delicate flower who doesn't like to be reminded of the fact that Papa loved sodomizing the interns.

A questioner asked the shrinking violet whether Hillary's credibility was hurt by the Lewinsky scandal. Chelsea took offense, was startled that no one had asked her before and said that it wasn't "any of your business."

Newsflash, horseface... It's ALL our business. Mommy Dearest wants to be the leader of the free world. Politics ain't beanbag. It is certainly relevant to ask whether someone who could be snowed by another one of Bubba's lip biting sessions is really tough enough to sit across the table from the North Koreans. Or, if you believe that Hillary knew all along, it's worth knowing whether Americans are interested in electing a woman who would look America straight in the eye and lie to us. You know, just like Dear Old Daddy did.

See, here's the thing, Chels... However much Mommy and Daddy may want to trot you out on the college campus circuit and have you connect with the utes while simultaneously pretending that you are a private person, it ain't going to fly.

Your Daddy's a pervert, your Mommy's a liar and you're a shill. Get used to it, honey.

You Need A Makeover

I really like my house.

It's comfortable, it looks pretty good I think. Mostly, I love it because it is where my family is. Still, all the mushy stuff aside, I think I have a pretty great place to live and I like it just the way it is.

Still, I wouldn't turn down a chance to win a $20000 home makeover. I mean, I'm content, not stupid, you know? Right now, TriScents has a great contest going. Enter and you have a chance to win a $20000 home makeover.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

The MediaBlog Explains It All

Yes, friends... You know it, you love it, you've missed it. We're back with another episode of The MediaBlog Explains It All. You know the drill. We look at our traffic logs, we see what you typed into Google to get here and we answer your questions.

And awaaaaay we go!

-We have no idea whether Alex Trebek is or is not circumcised. Good God what is wrong with you people?
-We have no idea whether Ray Boltz or Jenna Wolfe are gay.
-We have no idea whether or not Jenna Wolfe is an atheist... Though she certainly makes us doubt the existence of a loving God.
-We have no idea whether Amy Robach smokes. We hope not.

Hmm... Didn't really explain much, did we? Oh well... We may not be smart but we're sure as hell cute!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

While other blogs are wasting your time covering Obamagate or the collapse of Bear Stearns, we here at The MediaBlog are going to give you something far more relevant to your day to day life. We call it news you can use. Well, we don't really, but we could. Hell, we can call it whatever we like. It's our blog after all.


We are now going to rank, from worst to best, the acting abilities of the Star Trek captains:

Worst - Avery Brooks/Captain Benjamin Sisko/Deep Space Nine

The funny thing is that DS9 is (IMHO) the best, most complex, deepest of the Trek series. That being said, Avery Brooks chews the scenery more than any man alive. His... diction... is so... affected. Shatner gets mocked for it, but Brooks is much, much worse.

Almost As Bad - Scott Bakula/Captain Jonathan Archer/Enterprise

There are lots of reasons why nobody watched Enterprise. The fact that Scott Bakula is amazingly dull as an actor probably wasn't one of them. Still, it's as good a reason as any. You can blame the writers too since no one ever really bothered to develop a character for Archer (or any of the other cast members). Still, Bakula's acting came across more as bored than intrepid.

Could Have Been Worse - Kate Mulgrew/Captain Kathryn Janeway/Voyager

Kate Mulgrew is not a bad actress. If you forget that she is constantly lost somewhere between being herself, channeling Katherine Hepburn and doing a bad Bette Davis impersonation. I always sort of expected her to walk on toe the bridge and go "Petah, Petah, Petah." Still, like the man said, she could have been worse.

Actually Fairly Decent - Patrick Stewart/Captain Jean Luc-Picard/Next Generation

Okay, I know what you're thinking... You put Patrick Stewart second? Are you frigging insane? He did Shakespeare for God's sake? And that can only mean that you-know-who is first!?!?! Wait. Don't get ahead of me. We already said that Patrick Stewart was actually fairly decent. His problem was that he tried too hard. There is nothing natural about Patrick Stewart's acting style. He clearly thought of the bridge as a stage on which he performed. He never came off (to me at least) as natural. He was always an actor rather than a character.

The greatest of Them All - William Shatner/Captain James T. Kirk/Star Trek

I know, I know. Shatner? Hear me out. The more I watch William Shatner, both on Star Trek and subsequently, the more impressed I am by his abilities. Yes, he has a unique style. It wouldn't work for everyone. It does, however, work for him. Is ironic the wrong word? Maybe. I don't know how to explain it. He seems natural on stage. Maybe his style is less to create a character and more to inhabit one by making the character more like himself rather than trying to make himself into the character. Whatever the explanation, Shatner is the greatest of the Star Trek captains.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Glenn Beck is a Frigging Idiot

The express train into coo-coo land continues. This morning Glenn is telling you that the dollar is going to collapse. His response? Pay off your debt, save money and store food.

Okay, see here's the thing about that. Let's think logically. Let's say the dollar is going to collapse. Hyper-inflation, cats sleeping with dogs... You get the idea. If the dollar is going to be worth less and less, why would you want to pay off your debts now? Why not wait and pay them off with devalued dollars later on? For that matter, why would you pile up those worthless dollars in the bank? Spend them now while they still buy something. The something you buy will still be valuable when the green paper is only good for the bathroom.

If Glenn knew his ass from a hole in the ground he would recognize that hyper-inflation is always bad for savers. It's always bad for lenders. The people it actually helps, at least a little, are people who owe money. That $200000 home loan is a pretty sweet deal when people start taking wheelbarrows of cash to the grocery store. If you really believe that hyper-inflation is coming then the last thing you want to do is get out of debt or save money. If anything, you want to incur large amounts of debt purchasing things of real value. You can then pay off that debt using debased currency.

As for the food storage thing... That ties in very well with Glenn's Mormonism since it is something the LDS church always counsels, whether the greenback is tanking or not. Personally, since I live in Florida, I think a minimal amount of food storage is a wise precaution for everyone. Not because of the collapse of the economy but because you never know when a hurricane is going to shut everything down for a few days. That being said, I'm not going to encourage anyone to lay in a year's worth of Spam. First because it isn't going to help you all that much if the economy goes in the tank. That pile of food will end up on your lawn when they come and foreclose on your house. Food is a relatively small portion of most people's budgets. Even if it grew into a larger share because of inflation in that sector, it isn't likely to cause anyone to starve to death. Laying up a huge supply of food doesn't make sense as a response to an economic downturn, even a severe one. It only makes sense if you believe that a genuine collapse of civil society is on the horizon. In other words, pile up the canned goods if you think nuclear war is scheduled for next Tuesday, but not otherwise.

Please understand that I am not discouraging minimal precautions. Being cautious with your spending is wise. An emergency fund is a good idea. A shelf in the garage with some canned goods, bottled water and batteries is worth having. What I am suggesting is that people like Glenn Beck who are telling you that the end is nigh, who counsel extreme measures and then run a commercial for buying gold are fearmongers and nothing more.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Crack of the Bat

It's almost here!

Yeah, Easter. Great. No, you know what I'm talking about: opening day. The long, dismal winter is almost over and the first games are right around the corner. I can hardly wait.

If you enjoy getting a little more into the game than just watching from the stands then you are probably a fantasy baseball player. I did a fantasy league a few years ago. To be honest, I was lousy. I had a special knack for moving my players around at exactly the wrong time.

If you're up for a little fantasy sports this season then maybe Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is just what you need to play and win. It's a great tool for keeping track of your players and stats. This amazing software helps you to rank players based on more than just instinct. In fact, it uses rankings based on predictive modeling techniques. The same sort of techniques used by scientists. It gives you all the stats and tools you need to draft smart at the beginning and play smart throughout the season. Even better, it is web-based so you can access it from wherever you happen to be: home, the office or on the road. Never miss a day. This is the one key tool you need to play and win.

Now, we all know the score. Yeah, fantasy baseball is fun but there's usually the little matter of cash also. Most fantasy leagues sweeten the deal a little with cash prizes. A little money invested in this great software tool can pay off... Literally.

Interested? Want to know more? All you need to do to learn more about this exciting fantasy baseball package is click on the link. Before you do, however, remember this... If you use the promo code BMC200 you can save $10 on your purchase.

See? This is paying off already. Get started. Click on the link above. The season is right around the corner.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Off The Deep End

This has gone beyond ridiculous. Art Bell is Louis Rukeyser compared to this crap. He actually had a guy on this morning who was recommending that people stockpile food, razor blades and shaving creme because the economy is going to get that bad. He's essentially predicting hyperinflation a la Wiemar Germany.

I am souring very quickly on a lot of talk radio. Rush spent weeks going off the deep end about John McCain. Ditto for Sean Hannity. Glenn Beck, of course, gets more paranoid with each passing minute... And not fun paranoid like Art Bell... Scary, the world is ending, load the shotguns kind of paranoid which makes for piss poor radio.

Thank God for the Philips Phile. Yeah, Jim's a lefty but I can deal with that. For that matter, thank God for Dave Ramsey. Ramsey's show is repetitive since people call over and over again with the same questions and, consequently, get the same advise. Still, at least it's practical, somewhat entertaining and doesn't go off on political or apocalyptic tangents. Hell, I even listed to Dennis Miller and Neal Boortz for awhile before the station they were on locally went belly up.

The Loan You Need

It's kind of a tough real estate market right now. I guess that is true everywhere. I know that it is the case in Florida where MediaBlog HQ is located. Still, even in a tough market there are always people buying and selling. If you are a buyer, you always want to make sure you get the best deal when you finance. That's why it is important to do your homework when you are getting a Mortgage. is a great place to do your homework if you are in the market for a Florida mortgage or, for that matter, financing in any other state.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

You Take The Good, You Take The Bad

It's been a rough weekend in the news ogling game. First, Amy Robach wore a gray pantsuit that didn't show a bit of leg. Then the news tonight that Laurie Dhue left us without even so much as a goodbye. Still, so the weekend won't be a total waste, we give you a couple shots of the lovely Megyn Kelly. Yeah, they're shots from her wedding which is totally a bummer since we were convinced that we had a genuine shot with her. All we had to do was get her to acknowledge our existence and then we would be so there. Oh well... Lots of fish in the sea. Still, a hottie in a gown is a hottie in a gown, am I right?

Oh Come On!

Bad enough we lose the Dhue but they've got that idiot Julie Banderas filling in for her tonight. Julie Banderas is not only a moron, she dresses like a call girl, albeit a Spitzer class whore but even so.

No, stupid, this isn't good television. It's incredibly dull television. If the frigging Tahoe explodes, that might be good television. This is boring television with you making inane comments throughout. The Fed cuts by a quarter and Bear Stearns sells for $2/share all within the last hour and you're sitting there prattling away about some asshole in LA driving a frigging Tahoe with a half dozen cop cars behind him. It isn't even good car chase you stupid bitch.

I'd almost rather flip over and watch Andy Rooney instead of this. Almost.

And does CBS rally have to call it the CBS Sports Viagra Update? Why don't they just go ahead and put the "Up" in quotation marks and be done with it? I'm no prude but do we need to have a Viagra commercial every five minutes? Remember the good old days when they didn't even say the word pregnant on TV? Now we're blindsided with five hour erections every few minutes.


TVNewser: Laurie Dhue Leaves FNC

What the frack is this? You don't even say goodbye? We have to find out online??? Is this any way to break up with us? It was something we said, wasn't it? Wait! Don't go away angry. Can we at least talk? You won't even talk to us? You owe us that much dammit! We give you the best years of our lives and now you just want to walk away like this? Fine! Go! We don't need you anyway! You think we need you? We don't need you. We... We...

Wait! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry. Come back. Please.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


TVNewser: Will Passover Pass Over CBS Debate

So Mrs. Bill may not want to take part in a CBS-hosted debate on April 19th. Why? Because it's the first night of Passover.

Does this make sense to ANYONE?

Why on earth would the Methodist Hillary Clinton care that it is Passover? For you secularists out there, most of us Christians don't take a pressing interest in the feast of unleavened bread. Oh, maybe as a curiosity from time to time... After all, the last supper was a Passover seder, but other than that it isn't too high on the priority list.

Why on earth would this matter to her? Does she think that Jews might not tune in? I just don't get that. Anyway, Hillary? At this point, worrying about the high holidays (yeah, I know) should be the least of your concerns.

Be Very, Very Careful, People

The Obamessiah parade continues. I fully expect him to ride on a donkey with people laying down palm fronds tomorrow.

In remarks at a megachurch last year (yeah, I'm late to the party... I only just found this quote), Obama said the following:

"We're going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth."

No, Senator, we can't. He can, we can't. People who promise to bring you the Millennium usually bring you only one thing: bloodshed.

I've said before that one of the major problems with the Left is their belief in the perfectibility of Man and, by extension, of the world. If we only do A, B & C then we can make of this world a paradise. The Founders knew much better than that. They understood just how fundamentally flawed we are and they did not expect that to change on this side of eternity. For that reason, they created a balanced, limited government to restrain the passions of men.

In the words of John Adams, "Trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty." No matter what he promises you, no matter the paradise that seems just across that bridge to the future... Do not place your faith in men. It always, always, always ends badly.

A Taste Treat on the Half-Shell

Nothing beats eating some good oysters. However you like them... Whether it's broiled, fried as part of a great recipe or even raw, Oysters are one of life's little treats. Personally, I draw the line at eating them raw but I know there are plenty of people who say that nothing beats some raw oysters and maybe a little beer to chase them down.

However you enjoy your Gulf oysters, you want to be a smart consumer. You want to Be Oyster Aware. Thankfully, there is a great website that will make sure you have all the facts you need, plus a lot of great tips and recipes, to make sure you really enjoy your next oyster feast. The link above will take you to so you can find out just what you need to know. You can find out about Oyster safety and how to know if maybe you are one of the few people who needs to think twice before enjoying a nice plate of raw oysters.

Okay, now for my favorite way to enjoy oysters. Personally, I'm not a big fan of eating them raw, but I do love to eat a few oyster cakes. Think crab cakes but with... Yeah, you get it. Crispy, spicy and oh so good. You just can't beat them.

If It's Saturday, It's Today

You may have noticed that we haven't posted many pictures of Amy Robach lately. There is a reason for that. No, we haven't lost our lust... I mean love... Love! For the alluring Miss Robach, it's just that she hasn't dressed to impress the last couple of weeks.

Last week she had her flowing, golden locks pulled back into a severe style. This week it's a frigging gray pantsuit.

Come on, girlfriend! You know we love you but you need to give us something to work with here. Help a brother out!

A Great Start on Life

I love it when people don't take themselves too seriously.

Everything doesn't have to be serious and sober and corporate and safe, am I right? Sometimes, even when you're talking about something serious, it's okay to take a lighter approach to it. For example, Kettering University is all about getting you the education and the training you for a great career. Still, they are not afraid to throw a little humor into the mix. For example, take a look at one of their recruiting videos:

See what I mean? A serious subject but lightly handled. Don't get the wrong idea about Kettering though. This is a great place to get a great education. I mean, US News and World Report ranked Kettering University as "the #1 University in the nation for Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering" in its annual "America's Best Colleges Guide for 2008". That's about as good as it gets.

If you are looking for a great career in a high-paying field like
mechanical engineering then Kettering is definitely a place you should check out. You want to get the most for your education dollar and the fact that Kettering is one of US News Best Colleges pretty much guarantees that you are getting a great value.

So, take a moment to find out more about Kettering University by clicking on any of the links above.

Will Someone Please Bring Miss McPhee the Rest of Her Dress?

You might have noticed... Or maybe not... That we haven't talked much about American Idol so far this year. There is a reason for that: none of the contestants are particularly drool-worthy. We're not hear for singing, people... We want skin! That's why we were happy to see Kat McPhee back again. Even if she did only bring half of her dress with her.

Still, if you're interested in knowing our favorite, that would be Brooke White.
If, however, you'd rather know our prediction, that would be David Archuleta.

See? Don't you feel better now?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Your Big Day

I remember when Mrs. MediaBlog and I picked out our wedding invitations. Well, I was there anyway. Mrs. Blog did most of the actual picking. I was consulted... Briefly. Probably just as well. Still, I do know what I like and I can tell you that if I were in the market for Contemporary Wedding Invitations (I'm not honey, put the knife down) then I would go to

This site has a great selection of classy, modern-looking wedding invitations to suit just about every taste. Even better, they make it quick and easy to customize them to fit your needs and wishes.

For example, 1st Class Wedding Invitations has a great design they call Waterflower Color Windows. Very traditional, but I think sort of classic at the same time. Elegant even. Their site makes it SO easy to customize the text, the style and so much more. You start off with a great invitation and then you make it your own to fit your special day.

There are so many decisions to be made when you are planning a wedding... Ceremony, caterers, music, dresses and tuxedos... At least one of those decisions can be easy. Go to 1st Class Wedding Invitations and your shopping for invitations is done. It really is that easy.

I Would Not Abort Them Here, I Would Not Abort Them There...

Horton Hears an Abortion Protest - - Entertainment News, Celebrity Gossip and Hollywood Rumors

I would not abort them anywhere!

But hey, that's just me. Seems a group of anti-abortion protesters decided to chant anti-abortion slogans at the premier of Horton Hears a Who after the movie ended. The theme of the movie is that "a person is a person no matter how small" which the pro-lifers found to be a good match for their own beliefs.

First of all, cheers for waiting until the movie was over. That's a lot more classy than your average (usually Left-wing) rabble who tries to gum up the works. Still, I have to wonder whether this was really the place for such things. Free speech or not, I'm not that big a fan of random demonstrations no matter whether I like the cause or not. Protest in front of an abortion mill? Great. Go for it. Movie theater? Maybe not so much.

Not surprisingly, it would seem the Hollywoodies at the premier weren't thrilled by their guests. A quote from TMZ:

Shouts of protest were returned by some in attendance, including, "This is a kids premiere," "How dare you," and "Do you really care that much about this?"

I have to agree that kids don't need to be hearing from anti-abortion protesters. I mean, they might start asking Mom uncomfortable questions about all those brothers and sisters she had sucked up into heaven because she was trying to get her career going and couldn't lose the chance to be victim #4 in a horror flick in the late 80s. As for whether they really care that much... Is being willing to yell a little at a movie premier really evidence of such an overwhelming level of commitment? I mean, yes, I would say that those folks care at least enough to do that.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Don't Miss Out

Have you ever considered trying Viagra?

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Curious? Want to know a little more? Click on either of the links above to see whether is right for you.

Continuing the Theme

Every now and then I watch an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and wonder why I watched it in the first place. This morning's episode has several plotlines, as do they all. One of them is Ahhh-drea has the drapery attachment put where the sun don't shine... Well, one of the places were it don't shine, to suck out her little seedling.

Now, of course, she doesn't go through with it. Still, the opening scenes are of her at the local Planned Parenthood clinic getting all Lefty defensive when the murderess doctor on duty tells her that she won't be able to be sucked out today.

Why? My body my choice! I know my rights! I'll call NARAL! Get me Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Sayeth the sucker to the suckee... Unfortunately, they have a lot of folks who want to be sucked out but not enough suckers to get the job done. You'll have to take a number and wait. Now murdering #22!

I always loved the "issues" shows on 90210. Superficial coverage of the heavy-duty topic du jour in only 42 minutes. Can't beat it.

Still, the show is not without its redeeming virtues. For example, in this morning's episode, the lovely Dina Meyer portrayed radical feminist professor/naughty fantasy nurse Lucinda Nicholson.

Normally, I'm not real big on the mouthy, leftwing femiNazi type. Still, the lovely Miss Dina can be on top anytime as far as I'm concerned

My Chad Is Not Dangling

Personally, Katherine Harris was never totally my thing. Girlfriend wears too much makeup for my tastes. That being said, I wouldn't mind being this bright, young college reporter.

I think you're trying to seduce me, Mrs. Harris

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anybody Want to Buy Some Tulip Bulbs?

Goldman Sachs raises possibility of $200 a barrel oil - MarketWatch

I can be just as arcane as the next man.

Anyway, here's a little prediction for you folks. Crude oil will close at or below $50/barrel on March 8, 2011.

The Devil and Mr. Obama

Dammit! Why didn't I ask Satan for the heat vision rather than the golden tongue???

And Now... A Moment With Michelle Obama

To this point, I think I've pretty much avoided comment on candidate spouses. Well, with the exception of Bubba who always manages to make himself the story somehow. Still, I've pretty much left the others alone. I've done that consciously because I honestly don't think that we need to spend too much time on what the wife (or, yes, the husband) of the candidate believes or says.

That's why when Michelle Obama made her comments about being proud of America for the first time I gave her a pass. I actually started writing a snide little post and then I thought better of it and decided to leave well enough alone. Plenty of other people were going to plow that ground.

I do, however, want to make a quick point about the New Yorker piece on Mrs. Obama that is making the rounds. It's fairly fawning as you might expect. Playing up how "normal" she is. Normal, it seems, is the highest complement one can pay to a candidate or candidate's spouse. Though we seldom hear any of them referred to as abnormal. Anyhoo... It's not a puff piece, but I would call it friendly. Most of it is about how accomplished she is and how she isn't willing to just sit there and look adoringly at Barack.

Some of it, however, points out just what sort of world view this woman has. One suspects her husband may share it. To Michelle, America is "mean" and "guided by fear." It's a land filled with "struggling folks" and it's not getting any better.

America is even tough on people who went to Harvard and Yale. Working couples who have dual six figure salaries but struggle with student loan debt until they somehow manage to write a best-seller that can clear their bills with Sallie Mae. Thank God for that book contract. It's hard to make it on the salary of a US Senator and a hospital executive.

Anyway... I'm not going to get into all of this in any depth. Read the article if you like. It sort of speaks for itself. What I wanted to mention was just one little quote from Mrs. Obama. She's talking to a group of women and someone happens to bring up the eating habits of American children and suggests that she "really, really hope[s] that Barack will jump on" that.*** Mrs. Obama immediately goes off on a stream-of-consciousness riff that concludes with:

"She’s not gonna eat the brown banana or the shrivelledy-up things. It’s got to be fresh for them to want it. Who’s got time to go to the fruit stand? Who can afford it, first of all?”

This, friends, is Michelle Obama's idea of what America is like. It's a land filled with people who cannot afford fruit. I'm the first to admit that there are people out there who have trouble making ends meet but is their really a fruit crisis in America? And we're not talking about something exotic here. Bananas are cheaper than dirt. They're also covered by food stamps or whatever other programs there are out their for children's nutrition. Mrs. Obama's vision of America is so dark as to be unrecognizable.

***I'm afraid this may be the typical Democrat voter. The sort of person who wants the President of the United States to take a leading role in figuring out what kids should eat.

Give Em Hell, John

McCain clashes with NYT reporter - Michael Calderone's Blog -

There are things not to like about John McCain. We've always pointed that out. Nothing new about that. There are also a lot of things to like about him. This is one of them.

A lot of the media is trying to act like McCain started screaming, pulled a knife, punched her in the face. He didn't. What he did was to get irritated with a reporter who was covering well-worn ground by asking (or trying to ask since McCain kept interrupting her) the same question over and over again in different ways.

If you've ever sat through a deposition, you know what presidential candidates deal with. Reporters will ask the same question over and over again in different ways to try to either get a response from someone who is unwilling to give them the sort of answer they want or in an effort to draw out some sort of contradiction. Attorneys do more or less the same thing in depositions. It is an incredibly annoying process and it is very, very difficult for an intelligent person with any sort of temper at all to hold their tongue.

John McCain doesn't suffer fools well. That is blatantly obvious. It's one of the reasons to like him.


I mean Wiiiiiiiii!

I really would like a Wii. I wanted to get one at Christmas but good luck trying to track one down. You would have better luck finding the holy grail. You may be in the same boat. At this point, you may have just given up and bought a checkerboard. Still, if you are still in the market for a Wii then I have a great deal for you:

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You can find out more by clicking on either of the links above.

I May Surprise You Here

Anti-war judge rejects foster teen's bid to join military - LA Daily News

Sometimes I like to mix it up. Get out of the box. I don't want you people thinking you know me too well. I'm a man of varied and eclectics passions.

Anyhoo... 17 year old foster kid wants to join the Marines. By the article, this is a really great kid. Really great. He wants to take the delayed entry route into the Marine Corps. Sign up at 17, spend his last year in high school getting ready and then off to boot camp. Seems he saw Full Metal Jacket and that is what confirmed in him that he wants to join the Corps. A judge of pronounced anti-war and anti-military tendencies told him no as did a court bailiff.

Okay... Now, like I've said over and over in this article... This is a great kid who is going to make something of himself. That is nothing less than outstanding. The United States and the military are blessed that kids like this are out there. But...

Number one (and this is a minor point), if watching Full Metal Jacket makes you want to join the Marine Corps then you need someone to sit you down and set you straight. I saw Full Metal Jacket at about this same age and it is NOT a pro-military movie. In fact, Marines come off as insane. It is also, if you haven't seen it, an amazingly violent movie. I'm not squeamish where violence is concerned but this is on the high end of even my tolerance range.

More importantly, I think we would all agree that joining the military is an extremely serious decision. It is often a very good one, but it is not a decision to be made lightly. Now, I don't believe this young man is making a snap decision. The Full Metal Jacket thing aside, he seems like a smart kid. Still, I don't think it is particularly unreasonable for a court that has the child in its charge to say that he has to wait until he is 18 to make the decision. Do I think the judge should allow anti-military bias to color the decision? No. Still, I don't think it is wholly unreasonable for a judge to do this.

See? I'm full of surprises.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Catch the Buzz

I just registered at a really interesting site called In a nutshell, Buzzfuse is a fast and fun way that you can drive additional traffic to your blog and even earn money while doing so. Great combination, right?

All you have to do is create some original content... Say a song or a photo... Maybe an article on your blog. Buzzfuse markets it, drawing in interested people and helping you to earn from your creations.

It's fast and fun. Check it out at the link above.

Yeah, I'm Probably Going to Burn

In about six weeks I'll probably find out that he has terminal throat cancer and only has 3 months to live. Still...

Dennis Miller had Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on his show this morning to talk about some eco-Imax movie rfk jr (lower case, get it? hee hee hee... I know, it doesn't take much) has made. Whatever. Fine. I couldn't get past the fact that he sounds more and more like Katherine Hepburn every day.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Dirty Little Secret About This TV Season

Journeyman, Eli Stone and New Amsterdam are all variations on the same show.

One is about a time-jumping reporter, one about a possibly delusional attorney and one about an undying cop but they're more similar than they are different.

Monday, March 03, 2008

I Swear By The Living God

I have not watched The Big Give.
I will not watch The Big Give.

A Few Choice Words About Gloria Steinem

Clinton Surrogate Steinem Attacks McCain's War Record

As far as I'm concerned, that dried-up, filthy slut can go fuck herself up her fucking ass with a goddamn motherfucking two by four. Filthy, syphilitic cunt isn't good enough to suck John McCain's dick. Hopefully the cancer that is eating up her brain to make her into such a fucking ignorant bitch will do its work quickly. She can take her shriveled up pussy power and drop dead as far as I'm concerned. Miserable, two bit tramp. Worthless cock-sucking low rent trash piece of motherfucking shit.

Ah... That feels so much better.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Um... Joel?

You may want to think about keeping your very hot wife away from Bubba.

Just a thought.

A Little Thing That Makes Me Happy

No, not that. Geez, people, what am I going to do with you? You always head straight for the gutter.

Anyhoo... You have to take your happiness where you find it. I'm happy that during the upcoming season, Battlestar Galactica will go back to airing on Friday nights (10pm). Last season they moved it to Sundays. Now, there's already plenty of TV on Sunday nights but that isn't the point. BSG on Friday night was something to look forward to. A great way to start the weekend. BSG on Sunday night, however, was just one last flicker of fun before the workweek started up again.

Yeah, I know... It's such a trivial thing. Still, like I said, you take your happiness where you find it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Do You Drink Light Beer?

Okay, second question... Do you want to win $300?

There... Now that I have your attention, let me digress for a moment. The last time I had a light beer I was sitting with some friends. We were sitting on the loveseat becoming intoxicated. We had a good time, shooting the breeze and enjoying the great taste of one of America's high-quality light beers. Yep. Beer. It's fantastic!

I don't have a particular favorite among light beers. If it's beer, and especially if it's light beer, then I am so there, man. So there.

Now, if you're a light beer drinker too (and if you're over 21), then you can participate in a fast, fun survey using your mobile phone. Everyone who completes the 10 question survey will be entered for a chance to win a $300 gift certificate to Amazon. You're not going to be going up against millions of other people so you're odds of winning are actually pretty darn good.

Sound interesting? Okay, you can get started right now by texting the word beer to 247365. Instructions will come back to your mobile phone. Complete the survey and you have your chance to win.

Good luck and enjoy that light beer!

Stop Apologizing, John

McCain seeks distance from pastor - Yahoo! News

You know, I wondered from the beginning why John McCain would even want John Hagee's endorsement. His ministry, to the extent I know anything about it, focuses pretty heavily on Biblical prophesy. End Times and all that stuff. That's fine. Whatever. Personally, I think it's a waste of time and distracts from what we as Christians should be doing, but whatever.

Still, McCain needs to stop apologizing for the people who support him. Hagee, that talk radio host... It doesn't look good, Senator. It makes you look weak and it pisses off your friends. I mean, take that radio host... Was it Bill Cunningham? Maybe. Anyway, he is asked to come to a rally to introduce McCain. He shows up and gives a bit of a stem-winder. He commits the cardinal sin of pointing out Obama's middle name. McCain not just distances himself, he repeatedly condemns the whole thing.

Senator, if you're ashamed of your supporters during the campaign, they're going to be ashamed of you in the voting booth.