Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Think African-Americans are Worth Less

Officials say Fla., Mich. delegates will get half-votes - Yahoo! News

My Black Brothers,

As we all know, the Constitution of the United States originally defined a Black man or woman as only 2/3 of a person.

Today, the Democrat Party showed that as far as they are concerned, everything old is new again. In fact, they aren't satisfied with calling you 2/3 of a person. They only think you are half a person. That's why they are only giving your delegates in the states of Florida and Michigan half a vote. White people in Mississippi, the sons and daughters of segregationists, will have their votes counted fully while your votes go only half-counted.

Are you going to sit still for this kind of treatment? Are you going to let the White man Howard Dean, leader of the Democrat party, treat you like this? In less than 150 years you've gone from being 2/3 of a person to being half. That's a loss of 1/6. 1/6 less of a man. It's an insult from a party that relies on your votes, that counts on them to have even a prayer of winning.

Make your stand, my friends. Tell the White man Howard Dean that you will not go backwards. Tell the White man Howard Dean that you expect your vote to count fully.

In solidarity,
The MediaBlog

A Little Saturday Pick-Me-Up

It's been a long, hard week folks. You've been at the old grind for 40 long hours, taking it from The Man. Now it's time to kick back and enjoy a couple of well-earned days of relaxation. To help you out, here's a little Saturday dose of our favorite weekend news hottie. Yes, you got it, friends... A little slice of Miss Amy. Enjoy!

Paris Is Worth A Mass

Obama quits Chicago church after long controversy - Yahoo! News

And, apparently, the White House is worth going without one.

I'm the first to admit that Obama can't really win in this situation. If he stays in the church then he is criticized for what goes on there, if he leaves it he is criticized for waiting to do so until the political firestorm drove him to it.

The fact of the matter is that on this matter his fate was sealed when he decided to stay in the church for 20 years. Maybe he didn't agree with what went on. I have no idea. My suspicion is that he agreed with some of it, disagreed with the rest but accepted all of it as his way of making nice with an urban Black community with which he had very little acquaintance by virtue of his own life story.

In other words, political expediency more than anything else is what kept him in the pew. And it is also what is taking him out the door. Profiles in Courage-material, he ain't.

Gratuitous Sexual Exploitation

Got your attention? Yeah, thought so.

So I was surfing the web this morning... My usual thing... Looking for... Um... The latest industrial production figures from the Commerce Department... Yeah, that's what I was looking for. Anyhoo, I just happened on these pictures of Fox Newsbabe Megyn Kelly. Giving credit... I mean blame. Blame! Where it's due, these caps come via TV Anchor Babes. They feature such shameless and gratuitous sexual exploitation as close-up shots of Megyn eating a grape (or something) and her putting a long-necked beer bottle to her open mouth. See for yourself:

See? We here at The MediaBlog were outraged by all this shamelessness. To say nothing of the gratuitousness. Shocked! We felt like it was our duty to share that outrage with you, our loyal readers. Oh, we don't like having to post things like this... God knows we don't. It makes us feel like dirty, dirty boys who need Miss Megyn to put us over her knee and give us.... Ahem... Sorry... Where was I? Oh yeah! Shock. Now you know, friends. Now you know.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little More of Our Favorite Soon-to-Be Jailbird

I've said it before... Baby, if anyone ever steals my identity, ruins my credit, empties out my bank account and leaves me eating ketchup soup I hope she's as hot as you are. Yowza!

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

Harvey Korman

Tim Conway always cracked Harvey Korman up. Try as he might, Harvey couldn't keep a straight face when Conway went off script. Well, Korman cracked me up.

It's Only 200 Shopping Days Until Christmas

Or something like that, anyway.

Black Friday

Two words that can inspire dreams of deals and nightmares of standing in line and getting knocked down while you try to grab the last 80% hi-def DVD player off the shelves.

If you're not familiar, black friday refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving. Traditionally it is the busiest shopping day of the year as turkey-gorged Americans race out to hit the after Thanksgiving sales. I think the term technically refers to the fact that it is a big sales day for retailers and is the point where they are sure to get out of the red and into the black if they have not already. For me, however, the "black" part is a sign of the doom, horror and despair that is the natural result of parking 3 miles out in the mall parking lot, fighting your way through maddening throngs and still finding that the stores are sold out of what you came for.

Thankfully, there is a better way. (linked above) is a site that will let you plan your efforts on this busy day and, even better, purchase some of those deeply discounted items without actually having to hit the stores. They give you the chance to see some of those Black Friday discount ads ahead of time. That way you know whether to visit a particular store or if it would just be a waste of your time.

Yeah, I know it's only May, but Christmas is coming. Get a head start on your holiday shopping by bookmarking

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fatboy Takes the Traitor's Path

Exclusive: McClellan whacks Bush, White House - Yahoo! News

Take your advance and hit the all-you-can-eat buffets, Chubby. Your little scrawl will come straight through the doors and hit the bargain tables.

I mean really, Bush bashing is pretty much a cottage industry and you're late to the game. Nobody gives two sharp short shits what you thing, Tubby. You're nothing more than a weak-kneed interregnum between Ari Fleischer and Tony Snow.

I have zero respect for these folks who take the king's shilling and then piss in his cereal bowl. Tubby would be nowhere if it weren't for Dubya. Actually, that's not true. He could still be back working in Mommy's office like he was previously.

Buh bye, Lard Ass. Enjoy well-earned obscurity.

And Sometimes We're Just Stupid

With the TV season winding down, I'm going back and watching some things I've had stored on the Tivo. Tonight it's the American Experience's biography of Bush the Elder. It's kind to him, laregly portraying him as a moderate against those evil conservatives who undermined him.

What I take away from it mainly is this... How stupid were we? We had the choice among a competent, responsible, sure-handed leader, a serial sex addict with (to put it kindly) a truth problem and a deranged billionaire... We chose badly.

I've gone though a political transformation in the years since then. I admit it freely. In 1992 I voted for Bill Clinton. Hell, I voted for him in 1996. They are both votes I would take back if I could.

Get Your Gear On

Are you in the market for police or military type equipment? Maybe you are a hunter or maybe you are just into this style of equipment. Whatever the reason, you don't need to go anywhere other than for all of your tactical gear shopping.

They have a complete selection of gear... Cold weather gear, backpacks, GPS units, holsters... Really a complete selection of everything you might need. Check out their complete assortment by clicking on the link above.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Hans and I'm Franz...

IOL: Father learns kids don't inflate

Today's father of the year candidate is Ty Sienghym of beautiful Phonm Penh, Cambodia. Dear old Dad was playing with the tykes. Having a catch? No. Maybe a little wrestling. Not for this dad. Ty knows that tossing the ball around may be good enough for some kids, but there's nothing his youngsters enjoy more than having an air hose shoved up their ass and turned on. I remember the good old days when my dad would take me down to the gas station, pump a couple of quarters in and stick that tire gauge where the sun don't shine... Ah... Good times.

Seriously, dad was "playing" with his son by sticking an air hose up his rumpus and switching from suck to blow. Turns out little Sok Sambo (I'm sorry, Barack, that's his name) doesn't inflate so well. But, after a little trip to the ER he's just as right as rain.

Daddy won't face harsh Cambodian justice, of course, since (in the words of the article) the incident was a result of "pure stupidity, against which there is currently no law."

You know, in today's modern Western nanny state, it's good to know there's still a place where you can still sodomize your son with a hose without having "the man" come down on you.


My pants go a long way between when I get up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. I go with them, of course. My pants don't go anywhere without me and I don't go... Well, you get the idea.

My office is business casual so my favorite pair of pants are my Dockers khakis. I spend a lot of my time out in the field and my Dockers hold up great through the entire workday. They look great in the office and they hold up well in the field. I put them through their paces: standing, bending, sometimes even crawling but they always look like they came straight off the hanger.

Want to tell your pants story? Make a video about a day in the life of your pants and submit it to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. The Dockers contest will give you the opportunity to tell your pants' story and win. You can enter the Dockers contest by clicking on other of the links above.


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Friday, May 23, 2008

And The Problem Is?

Bollywood starlet Tania Zaetta accused of sex with soldiers in Afghanistan - Times Online

You know, sometimes you can't win for losing. I mean, they sent her there to entertain the troops. She gets there. She entertains the troops. Did anybody say how she was supposed to entertain them? Were there any limits placed on methods?

Anyway, if I'm a soldier in the desert sands and I've got a choice between Bob Hope and a Hindu hottie who doesn't think I'm untouchable... Hooray for Bollywood as far as I'm concerned.

Here's a little sample of this ravishing taste of the Raj...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

It Begins

Friends, we don't often ask for your pity... We take a hard line hear at The New MediaBlog. We give no quarter and we ask for none. However...

Yes, there's always a "however." Today we come to you to ask for your sympathy. In 24 hours the entire mass of Mrs. MediaBloggers family will descend upon MediaBlog HQ. 19 of us in a 1700 square foot house. Yours truly is an only child so this is the closest thing to hell I'm likely to find this side of the grave.

Not to burden you with my troubles, mind you... But life is not all blogporn, you know.

If Gas Prices Keep Going Up

Meals on Wheels is going to become Eats on Feets.

Idiot Congress-critter Quote of the Day

I can't say that there's evidence that you are manipulating the price but I believe that you probably are so prove to me that you're not.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz - D (FL)

The Congress-folk got to have their jollies again today by grilling oil execs. The above-quoted Ms. Schultz got the rare chance to be both an idiot and a bitch simultaneously when she was questioning an Exxon executive. Now, Neil Cavuto is asking her about drilling for more oil to which she responds with the leftist truism that "we can't drill our way out of this problem."

See. Here's the thing, Congresswoman... I can't say that there's evidence that we can drill our way out of this problem, but I believe that we probably can. Prove to me that we can't.

And while we're at it... I can't prove that you're a fracking moron... Oh wait... That I can prove.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cowboys and Watercolors

Let's just be perfectly honest... When you think about the state of Texas, art museums may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe the Alamo. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe cattle and oil. But canvas and oil paints? Probably not so much.

That's okay. Really, I think that's probably the case for most of us. Certainly it was for me. Still, Texas does host a really great museum of art which explores the diversity and beauty of the uniquely American art of the West. Located in beautiful Orange, Texas, the Stark Museum of Art houses distinctive collections of American art including Western art, American Indian art, Decorative Arts, and a collection of rare books and manuscripts. Whether you are talking about landscapes, portraits, sculpture or any other artistic style and medium, the Stark Museum hosts beautiful collections that portray the rich variety of American art.

The Stark Museum of Art is one of several cultural initiatives financed through the Stark Foundation. This non-profit foundation, founded by H.J. Lutcher Stark and his wife, Nelda C. Stark, focuses on promoting and preserving the cultural heritage of the American West and, more particularly, of Southeast Texas. Along with the Stark Museum, there is also The W.H. Stark House, the Frances Ann Lutcher Theater for the Performing Arts, and Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center.

Orange, Texas, the home of the Stark Museum of Art, is a great place to visit if you want to explore the culture, arts, heritage and history of Texas. Located in the Houston area, it is convenient for day trips and makes a great educational visit for your family.

So, if your travels are taking you to Texas, don't let your journey end with gunfighters and rodeos. Check out the cultural heritage of the Lone Star State. Visit Orange, Texas and the Stark Museum.

Mark McKinnon: Wuss

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - McCain adviser steps down to avoid working against Obama � - Blogs from

Somewhere, Lee Atwater is spinning in his grave. What's with Mr. Wuss? He can't stand up like a man and fight the good fight? Talk about hardball politics... This guy isn't even softball. He's whiffle ball.

Newsflash, Marky Mark. This is for the highest stakes in the world. If you're too much of a wuss to stand up and fight then you can screw yourself. Is there any candidate out there who is ever going to hire you after this?

Actually, there probably is, but they're idiots. This guy is too much of a loser to finish the job. Nobody told him he had to put out a commercial showing Obama eating watermelon. It's a frigging campaign. Part of that involves pointing out how screwed up your opponent is.

Buh bye, Marky Mark. Don't let the door hit you in the rumpus on the way out.

Get Away From It All

Mrs. MediaBlog and I love Atlanta. Now, the in-laws live in the area so most of our visits to the A T L involve sitting on the couch and talking. Not all that exciting. Still, we've managed to get up there a time or two and enjoy the place in the way it ought to be enjoyed.

One time, for example, we decided to check out downtown. We went to a fancy restaurant that is sort of in the Gone With the Wind style (best venison pot pie I ever ate, by the way), took a carriage ride at night, went to some of the museums and stayed in a downtown hotel with a floor to ceiling window that gave us an outstanding view of the cityscape below. Just gorgeous. Now, it wasn't bar hopping or clubbing, but you have to understand that we're not that kind of people. For us, that was a really wild vacation.

If you are interested in finding some great things to do in Atlanta. This will take you to Trusted Tours & Attractions, the one and only place you need to go to find great vacation experiences in cities across the country.

Along with sightseeing tours to great cities like Atlanta, things to do in Chicago, things to do in Las Vegas or dozens of other cities, Trusted Tours & Attractions also offers a great newsletter that you can sign up for at absolutely no charge. When you sign up for the newsletter you will be entered for a chance to win a $150 iTunes gift card.

Check them out using the links above.

Where Has All The Robach Gone?

You may have noticed that the Miss Amy blogporn has dried up lately. I know that you folks rely on me as your one-stop source for all things Amy so I felt like I should explain myself to you.

See, here's the thing... When you do get screen caps from me you get REALLY good screen caps. That's because they are full size HD. The upside of that is that they are extremely high quality. The downside is that because they are HD it takes FOREVER for me to be able to download the bloody things. Getting you just a handful of HD caps is a job that takes up about half of my Saturday. Okay, not quite that long, but it is a very involved process. And it's one that, quite honestly, isn't justified every single week. I mean, Amy is always hot, but sometimes she's hotter than other times, right? Just stands to reason. Given that, I'm not inclined to devote the time to it on an ordinary hotness week.

So, there you are. That's my excuse. Now, I will still pledge that I'm going to deliver high quality HD caps when she looks especially great. For those other times, however, I'm going to recommend that you check out ReporterCaps. They have fan forums (fora?) devoted to all your favorite news hotties. You can even find shots of Jenna Wolfe if you have some sort of sick compulsion that requires it.

So, keep checking here for occasional high quality shots of our Miss Amy, but go there for your week-to-week fix.

This message posted in the public interest.

P.S. Here's a shot from ReporterCaps to give you an idea of what to expect:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free Tunes for You

Do you love downloading free music?
Do you hate the idea of being sued, losing your house and going to jail?

Yeah, me too. Thankfully, there is a legal way of downloading great music. Get Free Music From is a fast, fun site where you can download the music you love at the price you love: zip, zero, nada.

How can this be legal? It is actually pretty simple. MPFree gives you the music you love, but they also pay musicians and artists the royalties they deserve. Everybody is entitled to be paid for their work, am I right? MPFree does that. They pay artists for the music you download.

And they have a great selection of music you are going to love. Over three quarters of a million songs from great artists. And not old junk you have never heard of. They have the latest hits from the hottest artists.

Find out more by clicking on the link above. The free music awaits.


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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Closed Circuit to McCain Speechwriters

Feel free to use this:

Unlike Senator Obama, I do not believe in sitting across the table from evil. My life has taught me the lesson that you do not "discuss" with evil. You do not "sit down" with evil. You do not bargain with evil. You resist evil. You fight it with every last ounce of your strength. You stare evil in the face and you say no. You do not let your resolve weaken, you do not allow yourself to be beguiled by promises. You resist force, you resist threats, you resist fear... And you stand strong.

Cashing In

If you are a small business owner. Or maybe if you have a home-based business or one that operates online... If you are any of these, you may find it difficult to accept checks and money orders from your customers. I mean, it is such a hassle, am I right? You have to prepare them, take them to the bank, wait in line or at the drive-thru. Time is money for you and you are wasting a lot of it.

What if I told you there is another way?

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Now, I already told you the scanner is inexpensive. As for the price of the service? That's designed with you in mind. Every business is different and DepositNow knows that. Why should a small business that only processes a few dozen checks a week pay the same as a big business that processes hundreds? With DepositNow you pay for what you use and nothing more.

Sound interesting? Visit the site to sign up for a trial. In fact, I can even get you a better deal. Just say that you were referred by The MediaBlog and you will get a $25 discount on the price of the scanner. See? You're saving money already!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

I Thought We Baptists Didn't Drink

Huckabee quips about gun aimed at Obama - Yahoo! News

How else to explain the Huckster's very weird joke at the NRA convention? Personally, I think we make too much out of offhand comments politicians make. This one though was just weird.

In a nutshell... There was a loud noise offstage and the Huckster said the following:

"That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he — he dove for the floor."

Now what the hell is that? It isn't a joke. I don't mean that it isn't a joke because it's in poor taste. I mean that it isn't a joke because it isn't funny. I don't know what it is. If I had to guess, I would say that the Huckster started to tell a joke of some sort, realized that it wasn't funny, realized that it was in really poor taste but didn't know how to extricate himself.

Is this a big deal? Of course not. But it is sort of interesting. Or maybe not.

Help Them Win

Wouldn't you love to win a $20000 home makeover?

I know that Mrs. MediaBlog and I would love to. Not that MediaBlog HQ is down at heel. Far from it. Still, 20 big ones could make some great changes. Maybe a new kitchen. Some bathroom upgrades. Lots of tinkering around the edges.

One lucky winner is going to have a chance to make just these sort of changes or whatever other additions or alterations they might like by winning the Renuzit TriScents “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” Promotion. And you can have your say in deciding who the lucky winner should be.

All you have to do is visit the semi-finalist gallery to view the contestants videos explaining why they should be the ones to win this exciting prize. You will get your chance to vote on the video of your choice. The video with the most votes will win the $20000 prize.

My favorite video is this one:

I just find it touching. I think this is a deserving family and I hope they win.

Now, you can vote once per day through June 9th so head over to the gallery using the link above, view the videos and start voting for your favorite.

On Second Thought... Nevermind

So I'm tuned into Glenn Beck yesterday. As usual, I expect to be told to buy gold and bury it in my backyard right next to my canned goods.

Imagine my shock and surprise when Glenn announced that the worst of it is over and that we can resume our discussions of movies and executive dating services.

Huh... And here I was in the middle of digging my bomb shelter.


Have you heard about the soon to be released movie DeathNote? It will be coming to select theaters across the country, some near you, in just a few days (May 20 and 21). This is an exciting Manga movie only it is live action. Sounds great, doesn't it?

If you are interested in this movie then you can find a theater that will be hosting it by clicking on the link above. Even better, you can go ahead and make an advance purchase to guarantee that you will have a seat. If this is your thing then it would be wise to get your tickets in advance because seating is limited.

In a nutshell, DeathNote is a story of good versus evil. A student finds the key to ridding the world of evil but soon finds that things are getting a little out of hand.

I usually enjoy things that focus on the supernatural and superpowers. If I could have one superpower or supernatural ability it would be to be able to fly. I know, not that original. Still, it's true.


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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Things You Think About On Rural Roads

Do they still make kids memorize the multiplication tables? When I was in elementary school we had to memorize all the way up through the 12s. If so, do they still go all the way up to 12 x 12?

Do they do the same thing in Europe and, if they do, do they only go up to 10 x 10? I mean, if you're on the metric system you probably don't care that much about 12 x 12, right?

Things that make you go "hmmm."

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Who cares about the action on the field? I'm watching the hotties in the stands!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sing Us A Song

We're not big fans of David Archuleta around here. We find him dull. That being said, his performance of "And So It Goes" was absolutely dead spot on.

Have they ever had a Billy Joel theme night? Why not? Seriously. Why not? They've had fracking Mariah Carey for God's sake. Billy Joel may not be the greatest driver in the history of the world, but he's a heck of a songwriter. Does he get his just due? I would say no.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Brother Can You Spare a Pizza?

So I'm on the Domino's Pizza mailing list. I get emails with coupons and watnot. Fine. Great. Whatever.

Today I got one offering to sell me 3 mediums for $4 a pop. Great. Sign me up. Here was the header for the email:

Your Recession Buster Deal from Domino's has arrived!

We're not in a recession, dumbass! You know, this is further proof of something that has become pretty obvious. "Recession" doesn't mean anything anymore. It is a word which has absolutely no meaning. Of course, it still has a definition just like any other word, but when people start throwing it around without regard to its actual meaning then it loses all descriptive value.

Hit the Roads

Ready to hit the roads this summer?

It's great to get a little time away... Relax, see the sights and enjoy the family... Nothing like a roadtrip for family together time. Still, with gas prices being what they are you need to make the most of your vacation dollar. That's where Advantage comes in.

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Look... You don't care what the name is, right? All that matters is a quality car, a good price and great service. That's what Advantage Rent A Car guarantees you. Find out more by clicking on any of the links above.

Survive This!

We don't talk about Survivor a lot around here anymore. Did we ever? We watch it every week, of course, but is there really all that much to say now that we're on season 358 or whatever it is? I mean, it's the same game over and over again. Always entertaining... Usually anyway... But there's nothing new under the sun.


Has there ever been a bigger fracking idiot than Erik? I ask you? Your loyal blogger is not immune to the charms of the fairer sex. Far from it. Still, to hand over immunity like that? Buddy boy is touched in the head. Now, if Parvati...

Yeah, that's the one... If she wanted to share in my reward after winning a challenge. And if that reward featured chocolate covered strawberries and skinny-dipping under a jungle waterfall... If that's what she wanted then okay, fine... I'm all over that... But girlfriend isn't getting my immunity necklace. And that goes in spades for the rest of the lesbian alliance.

Oh Erik... Delilah has clipped your locks.

Hide Your Shame!

What's the matter with you people? Do you just want everyone on the street staring in through your front windows? God only knows what you've got going on in there. Show a little decency for the love of Pete.

Seriously, don't you hate walking by a house that either has nothing on the front windows or maybe just a set of ratty curtains. I live in a college town in the Deep South so around here you can see just about everything on the windows from aluminum foil to a Confederate flag.

If your tastes run a little more... Well... Tasteful, then you need to check out Select Blinds. This is your one and only stop for window shades and coverings. They have a huge assortment to suit just about every taste, style and budget.

Now, I'm not the decorator in the family... I usually leave that sort of thing up to Mrs. MediaBlog. Still, just a quick look at their site shows lots of choices that I think would look great in our home. For example, they have some gorgeous Signature Wood Blinds that I think would look spectacular. They're a little pricey but there are lots of great selections that fit every budget. I'm a sucker for that genuine wood thing. Old world charm and all that sort of thing.

Anyway, if you're tired of the neighbors oggling you every time you walk through the living room on your way from the shower then take a moment to check out this site. You'll find just the thing to keep out prying eyes and peeping toms.


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Newsflash for the Whitney Wannabe

Dry up the waterworks, honey. You're going down next week because you're dull. You did a piss-poor Tina Turner impersonation. That's it. Get over yourself.

And while you're at it, you can take your "change" and shove it. Did you ever stop to think that rather than being poised to elect a woman or a black guy, maybe we're poised to elect a white geezer? Ya think maybe?


The Morning After

I was hunting and pecking my post about yesterday's primaries on an iTouch (not the way you want to blog, by the way) so I thought I would revisit the subject briefly today just to provide a little more depth. After all, if I don't tell you what to think about this, who will?

Seriously, if you watched any of the morning television this morning you know that it's just about over for Hillary. The media has decided (finally) that she is done so the pressure to get out is going to get more and more intense. Obama has started making to turn toward the general election. Very shortly he is going to stop talking about Hillary and focus totally on McCain. That sort of dismissal is the death blow to a campaign. When your opposition starts ignoring you it means they aren't afraid of you anymore.

Like I said last night though, while I understand at a practical level that Hillary is through, I just can't imagine her conceding. I can't picture it in my mind. What does that say about the machine that Bill and Hillary have managed to create? And does that machine survive? I don't think it does. I honestly don't. It's the thing about if you're going to kill the king then KILL the king. Now that Clinton Inc has shown weakness I think they're finished. A lot of Democrat activist types never really cared for them that much to begin with. Of course, I'm sure Bubba will rise again, but Hillary? Not so much. Oh, she'll hang around in the Senate till Doomsday (paging Ted Kennedy) but she has reached her peak.

As for Obama. I was and wane in terms of how much he frightens me. He speaks well, but there really isn't any substance there. Surely that is going to become clearer to people as time goes on. Right? Tell me I'm right.


Do you like to be frightened?

No, we are not talking about "real" fear. With the way the world is these days we get more than enough of that without wishing for it, thank you very much. No, what I am talkign about is fun fear. The kind you get from a great roller coaster or, even better, from a really great Horror movie. Do you enjoy that kind of fear?

Most of us do. I certainly do. That's why a movie like Frontier(s) really gets me excited. Yeah, it is not for everyone. Children and the faint of heart probably don't need to be watching this sort of thing, but for the rest of us it looks like a heck of a ride. You can find out more about it using the links I've enclosed. You can also find a theater near you where this unrated and uncut movie will premier this Friday, May 9th.

What's that? Yes, I said unrated and uncut. You are going to see everything the filmmakers wanted you to see. No editing for content. No cuts to please the censors. It's all there. Do you have any idea how rare that is? It is the next thing to unheard of these days when everybody in the movie industry is so concerned about the bottom line. They'll cut a movie to ribbons in order to achieve the rating that the marketing folks think is necessary in order to turn a profit. Whatever. You've got to do what you've got to do, but I like the idea that this movie doesn't have any of that. You get it all. The question is, can you handle it?

Can't handle it on the big screen? A little too intense? Or maybe you're spending this weekend with Mom and she's not quite up for something like this? That's okay. No worries. You can catch it on DVD when it comes out. Probably take 6 months or so. That's typical for DVD releases, right?

There is NOTHING typical about Frontier(s). This movie hits theaters on Friday and is available on DVD four days later on May 13th. That is were everything is headed, folks. It is what people want. This movie is just ahead of the curve.

So, if you think you can handle it, check out Frontier(s) either this week in a theater near you or next week in your own living room.

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And the Beat Goes On

So it looks like Obama took North Carolina by a very wide margin while Hillary wins in Indiana by a much narrower spread. Not quite a skin of her teeth sort of thing but much closer than she would have liked. Does this change anything?

Not much. Obama is still going to get the Democratic nod. Barring a dead girl or a live boy the numbers pretty much speak for themselves at this point. That being the case...

Why can I still not picture Hillary giving a concession speech?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Need Cash?

Got junk? Most of us do. Or maybe it isn't junk. Actually, maybe it's something quite nice that you just don't need any more. Or maybe you no longer have the room for it. Art? Maybe a nice camera. Golf clubs? Maybe that exercise equipment you swore you would actually use but... Well... Yeah, I know, me too.

Whatever it is, why let it sit around just taking up space. Wouldn't you rather get a little return on it? I know I would. For example, I have this taking up way too much space in my way too small living room:

Yeah, I know. It's actually a very nice piano. I just don't have the room for it. It was my grandmother's and I have a sort of sentimental attachment to it, but the fact of the matter is that I should probably get rid of it. I can't play it, it takes up space that I don't have and, to be honest, it looks better in the picture than it actually is. It hasn't been that well maintained. Still, I'm sure it would have value to a lot of people.

The problem, of course, is selling it. It's such a hassle trying to sell this sort of thing yourself, you know? You may have to spend money advertising it. Even if you do advertise it, what are the odds that the right person is going to see the ad? Plus, I don't really like the idea of strangers coming into my house to see the thing. Particularly if I'm not here and Mrs. MediaBlog is by herself. Just makes me uncomfortable.

A much better solution would be to take it to iSold It. iSold It stores make it easy to sell your stuff. Easy and profitable. All you do is drop the items off at your local iSold It store. They do the rest. Listing it on Ebay, handling the transaction and everything. So simple.

You can find out more about iSold It by clicking on the link above. Get rid of what you don't need and get the cash you do need. Check them out.

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Your Wife Is Screwing You Over

No, not like that. Well... Maybe like that. She does seem to be unusually happy lately. And what about that pair of bikini briefs you found in your underwear drawer... Hmmm... Something's not right in Denmark.

Anyhoo, where was I? Oh, right... No, this is a totally out of the blue post on economics. You know, the dismal science. I was an econ major for about five minutes in the early nineties so I feel completely qualified to share my take on macroeconomic issues affecting each of us.

Here's what I'm thinking... And this isn't rocket science, it's basic supply and demand. In fact, it's a generally acknowledged economic truth, it just isn't talked about very much. If you want to have a clearer idea of where pressure to keep wages down is coming from over the last 40 years, it isn't hard to find. It isn't call centers in India. It isn't little Malaysian kids earning $0.08/hour. Well, it is partially, but not entirely. In fact, in a lot of industries, those things have nothing at all to do with it. Rather, it's a form of outsourcing much closer to home.

Male jobs have been outsourced to women.

Never thought about that, did you? Riddle me this, friends. 40 years ago there weren't that many women in the labor force. Over the last four decades, more and more women have entered the labor force. Now, basic Econ 101... When you have a larger supply of something, be it widgets or laborers, the cost goes down. More workers in the market means employers can pay less. As women enter the labor force, wage growth slows or turns negative. That puts pressure on families which pushes more women into the labor market which drives down wages which... Yada yada yada. Shower, rinse, repeat.

If the number of women in the labor force gradually declined, wages are going to naturally rise. They have to. There are lots of ways to accomplish something like that. You can create societal expectations for women to stay home and raise children. You can do things to make it easier for women to stay home and raise their own children (like, for instance, tax credits for stay-at-home Moms rather than just tax incentives that permit you to deduct the cost of child care).

While it's an obvious economic truth that is recognized by economists, it isn't one that you hear about very often in the press. Why? I think it's because it is easier to blame (take your pick) evil corporate fat cats, outsourcing, free trade. When you start saying that women need to return to more traditional roles outside the paid labor market you are going to get screamed at. I mean, we've got the head shrew running for President for God's sake. Are you going to be the one to tell her to make you a sandwich and iron your shirt? No, me neither.

In the interests of full disclosure... Mrs. MediaBlog is staying home to raise the Bloglet. That's a choice we made for the macroeconomic health of the republic.

No. Of course it isn't. It's a choice we made for the Bloglet. Still, it does help to prop up wages for the rest of you by just the slightest little degree. One woman out of the labor market means more money for the rest of you. So would it kill you to click on one of the ads every now and then? After all Mrs. MediaBlog and I have done for you?

I'm just saying.

New from Izea!

Izea, the folks who brought you the best money making plan in the history of the internet (eat your heart out, Google!) has another new trick up their sleeves. This time around it's called SocialSpark. Yes, it is an advertising program. Yes, it is a way for bloggers to make money. Yes, it is a way for advertisers to promote themselves through the blogosphere. So what makes it so new and interesting, you ask?

Glad you asked! Seriously, Social Spark brings sort of a social networking element to the whole paid post meme. It has maybe a bit more of a Facebook feel to it if that makes any sense. For example, you create a profile for yourself so your fellow bloggers can get to know a little more about you. Here is a link to my profile. I haven't done much work on it yet, but you get the idea.

I've got to admit though that the chance to make friends is not what draws me to the site. Hate to sound greedy but I'm all about the green, baby! I like making money. I mean I really like making money. That is what PayPerPost has done for me (over $3000 to date with more on the way) and I am very hopeful that I will be just as successful with SocialSpark.

Now, I'm inclined to give Izea the benefit of the doubt because they have done so well by me so far. Still, they asked for some honesty from this post and if I am being completely honest then I have to admit there are some problems that need to be resolved. Personally, I find the site a little hard to navigate. When you want to take an opportunity (i.e. when you want to make some money) it can be difficult to sort through the opportunities to find the one you want. I think that is because the site is flashier than PayPerPost but not quite as functional just yet. Also, I'm not crazy about how opportunities are reserved on SocialSpark. What that means is that you often have to wait for an opportunity to become available. I'm okay with that but what I don't like is that once it becomes available you only have 12 hours to take the reservation. Now, if it became available at 8am that would probably be okay. If it becomes available at midnight, however, it's a little more complicated. I have a day job I've got to get to in the morning. I don't have time to post something at that hour.

Still, I'm just quibbling and I'm pretty confident that Izea will sort this thing out pretty quickly. They have proven themselves to me in the past and I expect nothing but good things going forward.

Oh, and by the way, if you hadn't realized it, this is a paid post for PayPerPost!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's Not What You Say...'s how you say it.

Like, for instance, when you take raw economic data that is factually accurate, say it in a somber tone of voice, lead with the most negative part of the report, add in a little commentary which is unsupported by facts and downplay the positive. That's what we got this morning on Today when Tamron Hall lead the newsbreak at the bottom of the hour by reporting yesterday mornings release of jobless numbers. Now, we could quibble about whether or not 24 hour old economic data is really news, but we won't bother. Here's what Tamryn said:

"For a fourth month in a row there has been a loss of jobs. More evidence that we may be in a recession. The Labor Department reports unemployment in April was at 5% a slight dip from March and 20000 jobs were lost during the month of April. That’s far less though than the 75000 economists were predicting."

With the exception of the second sentence, all of that is accurate. The second sentence is meaningless commentary unsupported by truth. We are not in a recession. First quarter economic growth was positive. We are now in the second quarter. The definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth. Let's say for argument's sake that the economy goes negative during this quarter. If that is true, it will be one quarter. We will not be in a recession unless the same thing happens in the third quarter. News copywriters need to not throw around terms (recession) that they clearly do not understand. Unless, of course, they understand them perfectly well and are just trying to make political points.

Here's a question though... When economists had predicted job losses, which is the actual news: that there were job losses or that the losses were much lower than predicted? Wall Street seemed to think that the latter was the bigger story since the market rallied on the news. Tamron and NBC apparently think otherwise since they led with the predicted part of the story rather than the surprising part.

Here's how the paragraph should have been written:

The unemployment rate for April dipped to 5% according to reports released yesterday by the Labor Department. While 20000 jobs were lost, the fourth consecutive month of job losses, this number was substantially lower than the 70000 job losses economists were predicting.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Amy Robach in Paradise

Those of you who could care less where in the world Matt Lauer is missed out on a treat this morning. Our Miss Amy joined him in the beautiful Seychelles. She was under-used (what else is new) but at least she was there. White sand beaches, sapphire seas and the lovely Amy Robach... What could be better?

Never fear, gentle reader... The MediaBlog, your first (and, often, only) stop for Amy Robach coverage will be providing you with hi-def caps. Tonight. Tomorrow at the latest. Check back soon.

Want to be updated whenever we post about Amy? Shoot a note to us at and we'll send out a quick update whenever we have Amy content.

If You Were A Whore, What Sort of Whore Would You Be?

Barbara Walters reveals past affair with US senator

So Baba Wawa decided to make it with the Senator for Massachusetts. Let me ask... Other than a little bit of vomit in your mouth, does anyone really care? I mean seriously. Walters is not a figure with whom the world is greatly fascinated. At least, that's my take on it.

So, way to go Babs. Congrats on airing your own boring (but dirty) laundry. Are you going to interview yourself as well in order to promote the book? Are you one of the 10 most fascinating people for this year?


A Tale of Showering Horror!

I'm a dead man.

Okay, maybe that's a little over the top but you sort of feel like you're going to come down with plague sometimes when you are in an unfamiliar bathroom and you touch the wrong thing. I stayed in a hotel one time... Well, hotel is probably too kind a word for it. Rat trap would be more accurate. Still, I was on the road and it was the only place with a vacancy so I did not have much of a choice. Any port in a storm, right?

When I got to the room it was disgusting. The carpet was filthy, the bedspread tattered. The toilet... Well, it looked clean but given everything else... When I got into the shower, the shower curtain had mold on the inside. If it had ever been cleaned it had been a very, very long time. And you know how the showers are in these little motels. There is barely enough space to turn around. I spent more time in the shower doing everything I could to avoid touching the shower curtain rather than actually showering. It was just disgusting.

If this place had installed a ShowerBow I would not have had this problem. The ShowerBow is the easiest way to get the shower curtain out of the way. You won't touch it, it won't cling to the shower. It will serve its purpose but stay out of the way otherwise. That's all you are asking of a shower curtain, am I right? Find out more about the ShowerBow by clicking on the link above.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jim King Hates Black People and Jews

Abortion ultrasound bill fails on tie vote - 04/30/2008 -

I mean, he must, right? He's a member of the Florida Senate. He's a successful businessman. Surely he's a consistent, logical man. Right?

So, naturally, being a consistent man he is going to take no position on the Holocaust or on Jim Crow. After all, he's a gentile and a white man so he really has nothing to say about either of those subjects. I mean, it only seems right. After all, Big Jim believes that because he is a dick... I'm sorry... I mean because he has a dick, he has no right to say anything at all about a woman's decision to suck her baby's brain out with a Hoover.

Nope, in Big Jim's words "unless you ovulate or have ovulated, you have no business regulating female decisions on reproduction." Way to wash your hands of the whole thing, Jimmy. Nope, none of my concern. See, I've got a dick so as far as I'm concerned you womenfolk can do as you please. Suck their brains out, dismember the little bastards. It's ladies choice. A regular Sadie Hawkins day for the pussy power crowd.

Newsflash, Senator Asswipe... You're don't get to take a pass on making moral judgments about life and death just because you've got different equipment. Of course, it isn't as though this is Big John's first time around. He wasn't a big fan of keeping Terri Schiavo's husband from offing her either. Big Jim has a track record of being in favor of killing the innocent.

The bill failed on a tie vote (20-20). Maybe it's unfair to single out one of the twenty for special blame. Still, his comments gall me so I'm going to pick on Big Jim on this one. This wasn't a bill to ban abortion. It wasn't a bill to restrict abortion. All it did was mandate that women seeking abortions have an ultrasound. They would then have to either view the ultrasound or sign off on not viewing it. Nothing more cumbersome than that. A very, very small price to pay if it gives even one woman a chance to have second thoughts about murdering her child. But that doesn't matter to Big Jim.

Senator, I hope the screams of dead babies haunt you in your sleep.