Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oink Oink Oink

Education chief: Schools crucial to recovery - Yahoo! News

Don't kid yourselves, folks. The pigs are at the trough and they're about to drown in all the slop. I could make a suckling at the teet metaphor if you'd prefer. Either way, this "stimulus" package is NOTHING more than interest group payback from the Dems. Or maybe it's the Lefties first chance to cream their pants in God only knows how long.

"Stimulus" is to 2009 as "defense" was to 1957. Back when we liked Ike, the surest way to get your pet project passed was to figure out some way for it to be tangentially related to national defense. Want to fight the Soviets? Build a highway. Want to strike a blow against godless communism? Pass the National Defense Education Act.

Today, it's all about stimulating the economy. That's why The Dear Leader's basketball buddy, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is trying to convince you that "if we want to stimulate the economy, we need a better-educated workforce."

Newsflash, Arne... The recession is going to be over in six months or a year or however long. By the time your $140 billion gets to the teacher's union... Sorry... To the children, the economy will be chugging along again.

If you want more federal money for schools then fine, whatever. But don't give us some cock and bull story about stimulating the economy. The Secretary of Education should not be insulting our intelligence.

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