Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photos, Photos Everywhere!

Sometimes we give it to you in dribs and drabs. And then other times we shoot the whole load. Ahem... Okay, that probably wasn't the best metaphor. Anyhoo... Shall we begin with the loveliest of the Fox Newsies. Your friend and mine, Miss Megyn Kelly:

And staying in the same vein, lets give you a little of our Miss Julie Banderas. Yeah, she's dumb as a post. Do we care? We do not:

One more newsie? Let's turn back to our favorite Saturday morning pick-me-up, Miss Amy Robach:

Okay, that will do for the newsies. Everything doesn't have to be all who, what, where, when and why... Let's move on to our favorite Friend. We miss seeing her every week. However, we never got to see this much of her. You know, Brad Pitt really is an idiot. Okay, no more stalling... Jennifer Aniston:

Oh yeah... That'll cure what ails you. But we're not stopping here, friends... We now move on to the lovely Dayna Devon.  We think she's on some Hollywood show.  We don't know.  We don't care.  We saw her doing a bit part on a rerun of Enterprise and we immediately went to warp.  Yowza!

And, finally, we have the beautiful-in-blue Corinna Allen. We think she's a local newsie in Atlanta. Whatever. She's hot. That is all you know and all you need to know:

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