Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please Tell Me This Isn't April Fool's Day?

Andy Richter is rejoining Conan on The Tonight Show - TV Squad

You know, when I watched Conebone's last show Friday night I wished this could happen. And now it has!

Think what would happen if I used my power for evil?

Seriously, I think this is a really, really, really great thing. I can't say that I was ever a religious viewer of Conan's Late Night, but I definitely watched it more when Andy was on there. That probably had more to do with my being young and single than with anything else, but Andy's presence helped. Conan and Andy play off each other SOOO well. Even on Friday night when the chemistry was a little rusty, it's still there.

I always regret it when people with a good gig go off to try something that you just know isn't going to work. I'm glad Andy's back.

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