Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do They Even Try To Vet These People?

Obama's choice for top security posts withdraws candidature - International Herald Tribune

The Obama appointment train wreck continues. This time it's Chas Freeman, The Dear Leader's selection for chairman of the National Intelligence Council. Mr. Freeman self-destructed primarily over a number of comments which seemed rather critical of Israel and more than a little friendly toward the Godless butchers our strategic partners in Beijing.

I'll leave it to you to decide where Mr. Freeman came by his distaste for the Jewish state. How fondness for the Chicoms, however, is perfectly understandable...


Mr. Freeman served for four years on the board of a state-owned Chinese oil company. Why on earth would The Dear Leader select someone like this for a prominent post? Assume for the moment that the man is a patriot who could never be swayed by money. He may very well be. Do they not see how awful this looks?

My personal opinion is that if you serve on the board of a state-owned company operate by the Communist Chinese you have put the prospect of further public service behind you. Permanently.

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