Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Other Advice From President Obama

Chew with your mouth closed.
Keep your napkin on your lap.
Don't wear your hat indoors.

In re Oddo

Since a lot of folks are finding their way here when searching for Oddo and the Phile, I thought I should say a little something about what I think about the whole thing. I know you're just dying to know. Yeah. Sure.

Anyhoo, obviously I hate to see Oddo kicked to the curb. He's been with the Phile for longer than anyone except, I think, Mo and of course Jim. He deserved better but when the corporate ax falls loyalty and tenure don't count for beans. I think we all know that.

I would imagine the decision came down to dollars and cents for Clear Channel. Given his tenure, I would think that Oddo made a healthy living. Very few people are getting rich in radio and I'm sure Oddo is not an exception to that rule, but tenure alone probably meant that he was doing okay.

If there was anything beyond tenure that figured into the decision, I'm going to speculate that The Powers That Be might have thought along the following lines. Don't want to get rid of Moira or Jana... Doing so would destroy the male female balance. That leaves you with either Jack or Oddo. I have a feeling that some folks may have found them to be interchangeable and maybe redundant. As for why Oddo was chosen rather than Jack? Who knows? Money? Or maybe Jack does a lot of other things around the station? We know about his weekend sports show. He also seems to be the replacement host when Jim is out (Moira was for awhile but that never seemed to really work very well). It could be almost anything. Hell, Oddo is out sick a good bit. It might even be that.

Because they don't make widgets we sometimes forget (or I do anyway) that this is basically an office.

Rises and Falls

When you think about Sea World your first image probably isn't of roller coasters, am I right? Killer whales? Check. Dolphins? Check. Penguins maybe? Check.

Yeah, they've got all the great animal shows that you probably are thinking of, but they have great roller coasters, too! Their latest and greatest, Manta, opens in just a little over three weeks and you can be at the front of the line to ride.

When Manta opens the lines are going to be long, but there is no reason for you to wait when you can get a pass that will take you straight to the head of the line. By going to the link above you can visit the Sea World Manta site. You can learn more about Manta and participate in six fun activities. Take a quiz, share Manta with your friends on Twitter. That sort of thing. Complete any two of the activities and you'll get a free electronic picture of yourself when you ride Manta. Complete all six and you can go straight to the front of the line when you are ready to ride.

When you see this thing you are not going to want to wait a second longer. Visit the site, complete the activities and you won't have to.


But It's Still Open Season On Straight White Men

Gays would get new protections under House bill

If you beat someone up you should go to jail. If you murder someone you should go to jail. If you threaten or terrorize someone you should go to jail.

So stipulated.

It doesn't matter if it is black vs black, white vs black, straight vs gay, lesbian vs blind... Do the combinations as you like. There is something wrong with punishing people more for hurting certain protected groups.

A Long Shot Used and New: Sid Meier's CivNet

Don't suppose there's anyone out there who still plays CivNet, is there?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Closed Circuit to Oddo

Scott Maxwell's Taking Names: Oddo Fired From The Philips Phile

Good bye and good luck. You will definitely be missed.

Not That It's A Competition, But...

Carla Bruni makes Michelle Obama look like a leper. I'm just saying.

How That Whole Swine Flu Thing Got Started

No Further Comment Needed

Don't Let The Door Hit You, Arlen

Specter switches to Dems; 60-vote majority is near

You know, we've gently chastened Mrs. MediaBlog when she has referred to Colin Powell as a coward. She can call Arlen Specter whatever she likes.

Arlen was going to lose the primary. It's as simple as that. Rather than retire beforehand to spare himself the embarrassment, he decided to turn his coat and run as a Democrat.

The worst part, of course, is that he didn't even have to do that. He could have followed the Lieberman path which is a hell of a lot more honorable and decent. Of course, honor and decency are probably not the most important values to a baby-killer-lover like Arlen.

Screw you, Arlen.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Honesty... Is Such A Lonely Word

Yeah, I know...  Billy Joel...  I'm dating myself.

Anyhoo...  Watching Today this morning (gots to get my Miss Amy fix...  Maybe some screen captures later)...  I see this commercial talking about the Dosal family being threatened by this new tax that the Florida Legislature is proposing.  Seems that these Dosals are hard-working, salt of the earth type folks.  Lost everything in Cuba after Castro came to power, moved to America and lived the American Dream.  Started a business here in Florida, hired people...  Even gave the employees (as they are very quick to point out)  "comprehensive benefits."  And now those bastards in the legislature want to tax these good people and throw their employees out on the street.  It's even called the "Dosal Tax"!  Got to love the fat cats in Tallahassee.  Those Dosals are just trying to run a business, damn it and, like every other business, their main goal is to hire people and pay them and give them health benefits.  Now, they don't really say what exactly it is that the Dosals do for a living.  They run a business and employ people, I get that...  Give them benefits.  Not entirely sure what it is that they do though. 

I think I've said before that I live in the Tallahassee media market so when the legislature is in session we get a good number of these advocacy ads.  Maybe you get them as well in other parts of Florida.  Not sure if they are statewide.  Almost all of them have the voiceover done by one of about three people and this commercial is no exception.  They are usually paid for by some group that his a generic name that no one could really disagree with.  Floridians for Healthy Kids or Citizens for Understanding or, as in this case, Floridians for Tax Fairness.  Now, you never really know what these groups are or who finances them or whatever.

Let's do a little Googling, shall we?

Turns out the Dosal family is the Dosal Tobacco Corporation based out of South Florida.  They make cheap cigarettes and have been able to undercut the big guys because Dosal wasn't part of the tobacco settlement.  While Phillip Morris and whoever else is having to pay billions to the state and, naturally, passes that cost along to the smokers, Dosal is able to undercut them and seize market share.  As you might imagine, the big buys aren't real happy about that.

Now, Florida's budget is way out of balance and the legislature is scrambling to find money they can steal raise in order to even the scales.  As always, tobacco is an easy target because everybody hates smokers.  The big tobacco companies have indicated that they are willing to accept a larger tobacco tax if the legislature will even the playing field by imposing a fee on Florida tobacco manufacturers like Dosal...  Thus, the "Dosal Tax."

Now, I'm not a big fan of taxes in general.  I'm also not a fan of imposing taxes that target certain unpopular groups.  It's a little too close to Hitler taxing Jews.  Yeah, I know.  I'm playing the Hitler card.  Still, there is a parallel there.  Anyway, I'm not crazy about this sort of thing.

On the other hand, I'm also not crazy about advocacy ads that don't give you all (or even most) of the facts.  If the commercial mentioned that, oh by the way, the Dosal's make cheap cigarettes, you think maybe people might not be quite as sympathetic?

I ignore advocacy ads because I always assume that there is an ulterior motive:

Sick kids?  It's about money.
Teaching kids?  It's about money.
Health care?  Money.

It's always about someone making or losing money depending on what the government does.

Oh, and Floridians for Tax Fairness?  Did a little web search at the Florida Division of Corporations website.  Here's the mailing address for Floridians for Tax Fairness, Inc:

SUITE 1900
MIAMI FL 33131

and here's the mailing address for DOSAL TOBACCO CORPORATION:

STE 1900
MIAMI FL 33131

Hmm...  The ad probably wouldn't have been as effective if they had told us that, too.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raising Children: Only Stupid People Raise Their Own Children

Julie Chen Expecting Her First Child - TVNewser

Our second story of the day on the Moonves-Chen Spawn. The first focused on Miss Julie's hotness. This one will focus on her arrogance and stupidity. Yeah, I know... We go from love (or lust anyway) to hate quickly. Color us fickle.

Anyhoo... We quote Miss Julie's response to a question for her co-anchor, Harry Smith, regarding the reaction of Julie's parents:

"Oh, they're so happy," Chen said. "I mean, my mom's like, 'Quit your job!' I'm like, mom, you raised me to get a college education and become a working woman. Now you're like, throw it all away? Oh, please!"

Way to go, Jules. Nothing like telling stay-at-home moms that they are ignorant sluts. Sure seems like a winning strategy to me.

Newsflash, Jules... Mrs. MediaBlog has a degree. She had a career. She chose... CHOSE... To stay at home and raise the bloglet. She didn't "throw it all away".

Since you're not taking any maternity leave, be sure to write a little note for Junior telling him how happy you are to have him in your life but that doing a chooking segment on the #3 morning show in America was just a little more important than he was.

Maybe the nanny (who he will probably think is his mommy) will read it to him.

Damn You, Les Moonves!

Julie Chen of CBS' `The Early Show' is pregnant

You couldn't wait until the Fall to get her knocked up? We look forward all year to seeing our favorite dragon lady torturing morons during the summer on Big Brother while looking oh so svelt and stylish. But because you couldn't keep your zipper up now we're going to get to see her looking like a snake that ate an egg.

We all knew Jeff Zucker was a moron but do we have to add you too, Les? Geez... Work with me here, people!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Send Her Back to Local News Hell!

Fire Susan Roesgen of CNN!

She might do an adequate job covering the car crash on Highway 9.  Anything else is way out of her league.

Some Unsolicited Advice for the Colonel

If the best you can do for an endorsement of your new grilled chicken is Sandra Lee then you might as well hang it up.  This is a woman who's recipe for Hot and Spicy Southwest Chili starts off with opening a can of Hormel chili.

Oh...  And "Chef Sandra Lee"?  Not so much.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Searching for a job can be frustrating. There are so many false leads and dead ends. It gets frustrating very quickly. The key to a successful job search is in intelligently focusing your efforts. LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH can help you to do just that. They can help you navigate the path to the perfect career for you.

Here is a testimonial from one of their very satisfied customers:

I quit using recruiters since I ran into Lightship Research the “reverse headhunters”, now I found a way to control my own destiny instead of chasing black holes. I must say in these days, its seldom I find any business or service doing anything right. These guys are an anomaly. When I first hired them, my computer got stolen at a Starbucks, they gave me good advice on how to get reimbursed by my insurance company. My Team Leader drove 35 miles on a Sunday to get a copy of my resume emailed to Kinkos, so I could get it printed for a Monday interview that they had helped me get. This is the best investment I have ever made. They showed my how to get a job and helped me with every detail along the way. I am now a Vice President of Business Development for a fast growing banking software services firm.

T. Ogden, LA

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Breakthrough!

Iranian scientists claim they have cloned a goat

It's kind of like the Iranian version of eHarmony.

A Question... Or Two... Or Three

Ex-Bush (Dick Armitage) official says waterboarding is torture

Can someone explain any or all of the following to me?

1. Why Dick Armitage feels the continuing need to undermine the Bush Administration? Wasn't ruining Scooter Libby's life enough for the man?

2. Why Dick Armitage feels the need to go on Al Jazeera and say this sort of thing? Is CNN not anti-American enough for him?

3. Why Colin Powell gets to skate while letting his minion Dick say the things he is actually thinking? Oh, I forgot... It's because Colin and Dick love to leak and so the media treats them like saints.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Someone Get the Tranquilizer Gun!

Glenn Beck has apparently mutated from crazed paranoid to life-force absorbing alien space monster. Watch as his mere proximity is enough to consume his defenseless "guest."

The Best Thing About American Idol This Year

Much hotter than Paula and much saner to boot!

Hooray for Bollywood!

I for one welcome our new Indian overlords! Yowza! Here's more than a little hotness from the subcontinent. The lovely Shilpa Shetty!

Natural Ways

Are you interested in eating fresh, natural healthy food?

I'll be very honest, until I had a child, I never really gave it that much thought. When you are responsible for that little life, however, your perspective changes on a lot of things. You want to give her the best. You want her to have healthy, wholesome food.

Of course, the problem is knowing just what is best. Isn't that always the way? Whole Foods Market, the leading supermarket in the world for natural and organic foods, is running a podcast which just might help you know. The series focuses on natural health alternatives, starting off with alternative ways of dealing with season allergies.

Don't you hate the sniffing and sneezing? The watery eyes? There are ways to deal with it that don't require loading yourself down with drugs. Natural formulas which can provide relief. Some simple lifestyle and diet changes can make a real difference.

Interested? Learn more by clicking the link above.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An Open Letter to Jeff Zucker

I hope you didn't get too attached to Kings - TV Squad

Dear Dumbass,

How much more do we have to put up with from you? Bad enough that your idea of creative genius is to give us Jay Leno in primetime 5 days a week. Worse yet that the only real ratings winner you have is a show that exploits tubbys. Now, you're adding to the suckage by taking one of the best programs you've managed to come up with in years and shit-canning it.

Buy a clue, Sherlock. You're going to be the #4 network for the foreseeable future so you might at least have quality. Since you're a dollars and cents sort of guy (I guess... You're certainly not an artistic guy), let's put it into terms you can get through the bald head of yours... If you're going to be a store that no one actually shops in, wouldn't you rather be a tony boutique rather than a down-at-heel flea market?

Why am I wasting my breath? You could at least try to put Kings over on SciFi. Sorry... SciFy... I don't know... Whatever the braintrust at Universal is calling it.

One Pissed Off Kings Fan

Chart(er) A New Course!

Tired of boring television on your boring television? Ready for something more?

Get Charter and get the best cable TV has to offer. Better yet, Charter gives you a chance to replace that old, bulky TV with a brand new 22" flat screen HDTV. They are giving one away every day in April and you could be a winner! The contest is open to new Charter customers or existing customers who upgrade.

You can find out more about the contest at Charter's website. Along with a chance to win this great prize, Charter gives you a chance to learn more about all of their information services. You can check out their offerings and find the bundle that makes the most sense for you.

As if a 22 inch HDTV isn't enough, Charter is giving you a chance to win even more. Their grand prize is a full entertainment package consisting of a 52” LCD flat screen HDTV with a Home Theater System. And to make sure you get the most from the entertainment package, they throw in a year of Charter Digital Cable service with the best in HD programming.

All current and new customers are automatically entered in the drawing upon installation. This could be you. Use the link above to find out more about this great contest and the great entertainment you can get through Charter!



200 0 Years Without Losing A Ship To Pirates

Somali Pirates Seize American-Flagged Ship

Upon returning from his first European trip Wednesday — at about 3 a.m. — he got word that a U.S.-flagged cargo ship was in the hands of Somali pirates. The seafaring hostage takers were holding a 20-member crew, all Americans. Historians said it was the first time in 200 years pirates had taken control of an American-flagged vessel.

Way to go, Mr. President. You promised us change and gosh haven't you delivered. Congratulations for pissing on the grave of Stephen Decatur. Jolly good show!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Feedback Loop

Gizmodo - Star Trek Mural Transforms Any Room Into Nerd Womb - Star trek wall mural

If I put this in my room I will never have a woman but I'm married now so I can put this in my room but if I put this in my room I will never have a woman but I'm married now so I can...

Illogical. Illogical. Does not relate. Norman, coordinate!

Yeah, I'm A Nitpicker... Stuff Like This Matters Though

Newsflash, Shep...

The battleship is the Yamato.
Yamamoto was an admiral.

Get it right, folks. Get it right.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

I Guess She Didn't Love His Nuts

Brutal Mugshot in ShamWow Case -

An Odd Question

Can someone explain to me why Sir Richard Attenborough felt the need to dub over John Ratzenberger's voice in Ghandi?

I mean, I can see how, in retrospect, hearing Cliff Clavin passing through might be a little disconcerting, but he wasn't the know-it-all postman at that point. This was pre-Cheers. I suppose his voice is sort of distinctive, but it wouldn't have been recognizable then.

What gives, Dick?

Feeling Safe

Each of us wants to feel safe in our homes.  It is not about your possessions, not really...  Those things can be replaced.  Rather, it is about your family.  You want to make sure that your home is a safe place for those you hold most dear.

Shortly after Mrs. Mediablog and I got married.  I woke up one night to a loud rattling at the front door.  I was convinced, absolutely convinced, that someone was trying to get in.  I will be the first to admit that I sort of stood there in a panic.  Should I call the police?  Grab the baseball bat?  It's more than a little terrifying to think that someone is trying to violate your personal space like that.  Violate the sanctity of your home.

Now, calling the police is always a good idea.  For that matter, the baseball bat may not be the worst idea in the world either.  What is even better, however, is to be prepared for the night (or day) when something like this happens.  A home security system can help you be prepared for that very thing.

Protect America can help you find a wireless security system which will help to keep your family safe.  I know I would have felt better that dark night if I had known that we had a security system which might have frightened an intruder away or alerted the police if I were unable to do so. 

Protect America has a variety of security packages, one of which is guaranteed to meet your needs.  Better yet, they have them at a price that will not break the bank.  Even there top of the line system, the Platinum Package, only costs $249.  Some of the other alarm providers won't even cover your front door for that amount of money.  The platinum package will cover as many as twenty entry points.  It has a battery backup, a siren...  Even a lawnsign to warn away prowlers.  All of that security for such a low price.

Don't let your family's safety wait another day.  Visit Protect America right now.  Or, if you would rather, contact them by telephone at 877-470-2751. In fact, if you call them you are eligible to receive two keychain remotes with your security system order. Talk about making a good thing better!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jeff Zucker Brings A Knife to a Gun Fight

Newsvine - NBC affiliate in Boston nixes new Jay Leno show

Beantown's WHDH isn't convinced that Jeff Zucker's latest "brilliant" move is going to fly. Consequently they have decided to run a local newscast at 10pm rather than Jay Leno's early late show.

In response, Zuckee's minions are threatening to kick WHDH out of the clubhouse. Yes, sports fans, they are threatening to kick WHDH out of the NBC network.

Way to go, Jeff... I'm sure this has the local station manager quaking in his boots. I mean, what will he do if he loses out on being a part of the network whose programming geniuses have come in fourth every night out of the last seven? Oh... Sorry... They were second on Tuesday thanks to the fatsploitation show The Biggest Loser.

Yeah, it would be a real shame if the good people of Boston lost out on gems like that. And people say the golden age of television is over.