Saturday, April 04, 2009

Feeling Safe

Each of us wants to feel safe in our homes.  It is not about your possessions, not really...  Those things can be replaced.  Rather, it is about your family.  You want to make sure that your home is a safe place for those you hold most dear.

Shortly after Mrs. Mediablog and I got married.  I woke up one night to a loud rattling at the front door.  I was convinced, absolutely convinced, that someone was trying to get in.  I will be the first to admit that I sort of stood there in a panic.  Should I call the police?  Grab the baseball bat?  It's more than a little terrifying to think that someone is trying to violate your personal space like that.  Violate the sanctity of your home.

Now, calling the police is always a good idea.  For that matter, the baseball bat may not be the worst idea in the world either.  What is even better, however, is to be prepared for the night (or day) when something like this happens.  A home security system can help you be prepared for that very thing.

Protect America can help you find a wireless security system which will help to keep your family safe.  I know I would have felt better that dark night if I had known that we had a security system which might have frightened an intruder away or alerted the police if I were unable to do so. 

Protect America has a variety of security packages, one of which is guaranteed to meet your needs.  Better yet, they have them at a price that will not break the bank.  Even there top of the line system, the Platinum Package, only costs $249.  Some of the other alarm providers won't even cover your front door for that amount of money.  The platinum package will cover as many as twenty entry points.  It has a battery backup, a siren...  Even a lawnsign to warn away prowlers.  All of that security for such a low price.

Don't let your family's safety wait another day.  Visit Protect America right now.  Or, if you would rather, contact them by telephone at 877-470-2751. In fact, if you call them you are eligible to receive two keychain remotes with your security system order. Talk about making a good thing better!


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