Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In re Oddo

Since a lot of folks are finding their way here when searching for Oddo and the Phile, I thought I should say a little something about what I think about the whole thing. I know you're just dying to know. Yeah. Sure.

Anyhoo, obviously I hate to see Oddo kicked to the curb. He's been with the Phile for longer than anyone except, I think, Mo and of course Jim. He deserved better but when the corporate ax falls loyalty and tenure don't count for beans. I think we all know that.

I would imagine the decision came down to dollars and cents for Clear Channel. Given his tenure, I would think that Oddo made a healthy living. Very few people are getting rich in radio and I'm sure Oddo is not an exception to that rule, but tenure alone probably meant that he was doing okay.

If there was anything beyond tenure that figured into the decision, I'm going to speculate that The Powers That Be might have thought along the following lines. Don't want to get rid of Moira or Jana... Doing so would destroy the male female balance. That leaves you with either Jack or Oddo. I have a feeling that some folks may have found them to be interchangeable and maybe redundant. As for why Oddo was chosen rather than Jack? Who knows? Money? Or maybe Jack does a lot of other things around the station? We know about his weekend sports show. He also seems to be the replacement host when Jim is out (Moira was for awhile but that never seemed to really work very well). It could be almost anything. Hell, Oddo is out sick a good bit. It might even be that.

Because they don't make widgets we sometimes forget (or I do anyway) that this is basically an office.

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