Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jeff Zucker Brings A Knife to a Gun Fight

Newsvine - NBC affiliate in Boston nixes new Jay Leno show

Beantown's WHDH isn't convinced that Jeff Zucker's latest "brilliant" move is going to fly. Consequently they have decided to run a local newscast at 10pm rather than Jay Leno's early late show.

In response, Zuckee's minions are threatening to kick WHDH out of the clubhouse. Yes, sports fans, they are threatening to kick WHDH out of the NBC network.

Way to go, Jeff... I'm sure this has the local station manager quaking in his boots. I mean, what will he do if he loses out on being a part of the network whose programming geniuses have come in fourth every night out of the last seven? Oh... Sorry... They were second on Tuesday thanks to the fatsploitation show The Biggest Loser.

Yeah, it would be a real shame if the good people of Boston lost out on gems like that. And people say the golden age of television is over.

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