Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An Open Letter to Jeff Zucker

I hope you didn't get too attached to Kings - TV Squad

Dear Dumbass,

How much more do we have to put up with from you? Bad enough that your idea of creative genius is to give us Jay Leno in primetime 5 days a week. Worse yet that the only real ratings winner you have is a show that exploits tubbys. Now, you're adding to the suckage by taking one of the best programs you've managed to come up with in years and shit-canning it.

Buy a clue, Sherlock. You're going to be the #4 network for the foreseeable future so you might at least have quality. Since you're a dollars and cents sort of guy (I guess... You're certainly not an artistic guy), let's put it into terms you can get through the bald head of yours... If you're going to be a store that no one actually shops in, wouldn't you rather be a tony boutique rather than a down-at-heel flea market?

Why am I wasting my breath? You could at least try to put Kings over on SciFi. Sorry... SciFy... I don't know... Whatever the braintrust at Universal is calling it.

One Pissed Off Kings Fan

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